View from the pit 2016 week one

The draft is done for another year, no rookies this time and an upgrade to both our competitiveness and our tech meant there was a lot of heads down looking at devices.
Much as some folk will be secretly, or not so secretly  thinking they’ve got a steal there somewhere, its a long season, and there’s no team immune from a year changing injury, not always for the worse.

This year also sees a resident league ‘bad guy’: You’ve naw been away fae hame that lang that ye cannae mind that nae’in likes a smart erse, eh Jimmy? Anyhow, with rules changed away from ‘fast or last’ waivers, we’ll see if it makes any difference. The pressure is off one team with their name on the trophy before the jjj’s so pick it up the rest of you!

With no rookies and rule changes to a slightly more serious league – lets hope we can all cope with the pressure.

Let’s get down to it then, untouchable glory awaits

Its derby week in the league with both the 2 earlston  and the 2 kelso teams against each other.We’ve also got last seasons lowest placed teams in action so at least one of them is starting with a loss.

 Bohemians at  Earthquakes

Earlstonian Bohemians play the Earlston Earthquakes at The Cauldie.

Our first derby game will see one of these coaches take the lead in what has been an even battle over the last 3 years.

Earlston Earthquakes can expect a 16.22 point effort from Tyrod Taylor in week 1, who is expected to sneak past the Baltimore Ravens defense for 178.24 passing yards and 1.11 passing TDs in addition to 41.11 rushing yards.

Coach Ally, , who went RB heavy in the draft made his one exception in the first 7 rounds to take QB Russel Wilson, expect him to put a big dent in the Scoreboard this week with the Seahawks hosting the Dolphins.

Elsewhere in this matchup its pretty close, Ally has a choice of his 6 RBs but that’s left him a little open at WR, Amari Cooper should light up the Earthquakes side of the board at that position.

All in its pretty close, but the pit gives it to the Bohos this time.


Tigers at Pirates

Tranent Tigers challenge the 0-0 Tweedbank Pirates at Gun Knowe Stadium.

A tough week for these two bottom of 2015 teams, but a big incentive to salvage some pride and show that 2015 was just a ‘blip’

These teams have met just twice and its one a piece, with honour to salvage for both coaches from last year, neither of them will want to start with a loss- but that’s the way its going to have to be.

Tranent Tigers can expect a 17.80 point effort from Jameis Winston in week 1, who is expected to get by the Atlanta Falcons defense for 263.35 passing yards and 1.32 passing TDs in addition to 14.3 rushing yards.

Tweedbank Pirates can expect a 18.05 point effort from Matthew Stafford in week 1, who is expected to get by the Indianapolis Colts defense for 272.64 passing yards and 1.83 passing TDs in addition to 8.08 rushing yards.

Tigers went with an autodraft on Saturday, which produced some ‘interesting decisions’ but there is depth at every position, though i guess we’ll not be surprised if there are some wavers on Wednesday morning. Coach Paul on the other hand went against most of the internet and chose an RB, Todd Gurley, with pick one of the draft. its not all that surprising as Paul had to wait a whole 22 picks before his next chance at a running back but we’ll see if that decision to pass on a star Wideout comes back to haunt him.

MFL gives it to the Pirates by 5 or so (note to coaches, gonnae submit at least a tentative lineup on monday, makes this a load easier as its all on one page!) but looking a bit deeper that doesn’t give any of the wideouts a whole TD except Antonio  Brown for Nicky – I suspect there will be at least a couple and its a case of which side of the fence they fall. Nicky looks to be struggling the most at flex, and that really could be his downfall this week.

For that reason the pit is giving it to the Pirates for week 1, but sneaky touchdowns could really mess with that.


Panthers at Pickaxe

In this Shatner divisional clash 0-0 Pilton Panthers challenge the 0-0 Nitten Pickaxe at New Victoria Park.

Nitten Pickaxe can expect a 20.33 point effort from Ben Roethlisberger in week 1, who is expected to beat the Washington Redskins defense for 337.31 passing yards and 1.86 passing TDs in addition to 2.57 rushing yards.

No Lineup is yet in pace for the Panthers, but we suspect that Pip Rivers will be leading them out, a tough matchup against the Kansas DST though and Big Ben should set the balance in coach Gav’s favour at QB.

Elsewhere in the lineups its fairly balanced, perhaps a slight advantage at Wide Receiver for Gav. Coach Rab will be asking for some fortunate TDs from his outfield players, Gary Barnidge could deliver a surprise at the Eagles.

All in though the outfield is balanced, Rab has an advantage at DST but it will be Big Ben who brings home the bacon for a pickaxe win this week.

Fife Fire at San Fran Gordon 69ers

69ers coach Richie has been all over the chat with excuses (ahem) ‘reasons’ why making the playoffs is no big deal. Coach Shaun has stayed quiet on that one, but with his first year behind him is it time for the fire to really get started?

Aaron rogers is a good start – he’s top ranked QB this week against the Jaguars. Richie is not far behind with Andrew Luck hosting the Lions, he’s third top of play  callers for week 1

Its pretty balanced across the board,  a slight advantage at RB for Fire and WR for 69ers. but flex and kicker could be the death of Shaun’s Fire, where Richie has a bigger advantage.

The Panthers DST could end up saving the day for Fire, and of course they are first up on Friday morning, so either way we should have a good indication of where this game is going before the weekend.

Richie’s Julio Jones is number one ranked WR for the week, and a couple of long TDs for him would put this game out of reach. Brandon Marshall also has a good chance to put some numbers up for the niners. De Andre Hopkins for the fire wont be far behind though – at least in yards

with Doug Martin and Eddie Lacy at respective RB spots, there’s some guaranteed points on both sides too.

Steven Hauschka has saved more than one game over the last 3 years, and that could eb how it goes this time, the pit is going with the 69ers to start their playoff run, not that Richie cares about that of course!

187s at Avengers

Kelso 187’s face off against the  Kelsae Avengers at Samuel Sawyer Memorial Park.

Our second ‘derby’ game of the week sees the Kelso Rivals, will the Avengers ‘Iron men’ be able to fend of the hail of bullets from the 187s

Unfortunately, MFL puts this as a pretty low scoring game, that’s good news for the coaches though as it means Euan or Stuart can sneak a win here. MFL has a problem though, like the Tigers Pirates game there’s less than a whole TD for the Avengers Wideouts or the 197 RBs, there must be a couple between the 5 of them surely?

Can Newton for the Avengers and OBJ for the 187s are the stars though – Stuart being unhappy with any less than 20 and Euan with under 15 for OBJ – if either of them fail to reach those targets it could be goodnight for their respective team. Cam and kicker Brandon McManus are up Friday morning for Stuart so that could set him up for the weekend, and of course the pairing of QB and opposition kicker allows them both to score big…

Kelso 187’s can expect a 16.52 point effort from Eli Manning in week 1, who is expected to get by the Dallas Cowboys defense for 258.41 passing yards and 1.91 passing TDs in addition to 2.86 rushing yards.

Kelsae Avengers can expect a 23.09 point effort from Cam Newton in week 1, who is expected to get by the Denver Broncos defense for 238.75 passing yards and 1.78 passing TDs in addition to 43.17 rushing yards.

MFL gives it to the 187s by a point or 2, it wont be that close, but I thin, there will be some TDs for Manning, Beckham and Watkins and I don think the Avengers can keep up – its a win for 187s.

Fog  at  Jaguars

Fog on the Tyne challenge Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars at Greendale Stadium.

Stuart has the unenviable task of taking on the Jags and helping the rest of the league by putting them to the sword in week 1 – history doesn’t help – it’s 1-6 to the Jags

Jimmy has landed a host of Wide receivers this year and and theres at least 4 worth a punt as starters this week, his RB places look to be well covered by players well within the top 25 for the week.

Stuart will be asking a lot of Derek Carr at QB, and to have any chance this week he’s going to have to top JJJ’s Blake Bortles by 7-10 pts. Devonta Freeman could help as well, after mining a massive seam of TDs over a few weeks last season he went a bit quiet towards the end – the internet seems a bit undecided on his prospects, lets hope for the leagues sake that he can pull a couple out of the bag.

Fog on the Tyne can expect a 18.71 point effort from Derek Carr in week 1, who is expected to get by the New Orleans Saints defense for 279.66 passing yards and 2.04 passing TDs in addition to 7.46 rushing yards.

Rob gronkowski has been the only TE worth drafting before the 5th round for a number of years now, can he continue in 2016 for Fog – we’ll see, but the Pit is backing the Gronk all the way  – its a win for Fog this week.





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