A view from the top.

So here we are, the final.

Like a rag tag bunch of misfits straight from the pages of an 80’s kids sports movie, Mercy Flush is in the final.


How we made it here is a mystery to most, but is mainly a story of good planning, excellent draft strategy and luck… a shit ton of luck.  I say with authority that my journey to the final has been equal to a visit to the lavvy the morning after taking down a 12oz steak & chips.  That ‘gazelle in a greased up sleeping bag’ took some odd turns, appeared to be tearing apart from the inside and left teeth marks on the side of the sink but ultimately got into the bowl with a huge sigh of relief, ridiculous amounts of satisfaction and the desire to take photos to show my friends who (in the main) will be confused, uninterested and in most cases a little disgusted at how i spend my free time.

But this season hasn’t all been about poop jokes, no sir! I have learnt alot this year, I can safely say i have definitely performed less research this year than i did in my rookie year.  Thats not to say I couldn’t be bothered or didn’t want to read everything i could lay my hands on, but I did do alot of analysis in the off season this year trying to work out which sources were accurate last year and which were less so, I also looked at why some of the sources were less accurate?  Where they better at predicting QB performances over TE’s?  Did the weather screw them up? Could they predict yards but not TDs? Was it the fact that there are so many resources that sometimes people just make stuff up?  So, after all this reading and analysing I started this year ignoring the ones that were usually wrong, absorbed EVERYTHING the good sources gave me and only looked at the stuff in the middle if i had a spare 5/10mins here and there… otherwise known as the ‘Morning motion’.  In the main this has served me well… with a couple of errors that in hindsight were silly mistakes but I was confident in my sources and i played the best lineup (to my knowledge) at that time.  I plan to perform this same analysis in the off season this year in the hopes to find some trends and more accurately pin down my sources and perhaps add some new ones.

So thats it for now.  I had started to write a post about why i have chosen the team i have for this weekend but remembered that the Jags sometimes field a team based on their opposition so i stopped short and put it to one side to finish another day.

So i say good luck to Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars and thanks to all of the EFFL for another awesome season.  See you all at Superbowl!



One thought on “A view from the top.

  1. Better late than never! Looking forward to seeing what you think of the sources out there. It’s taken me a while to find one i’m comfortable with and you can see that it my lineup performance this year.


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