Week 04 Review- Hooters, Mojito and Tight-Ends

Apologies for the late posting this week. Half the league was on our first annual outing to London to watch the Oakland Raiders lose badly to the Miami Dolphins. We return woozy, tired and a little lighter in the wallet.


Non -Divisional Games

(2-2) Earlstonian Bohemians 90.12 – 97.22 dodgy touchdown (3-1)

Top Scorers:A Luck 29.62 (EB), J Nelson 22.80 (dt), M Ryan 20.12 (dt)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (6.9) touchdown (12.6)

Two decent performances from two evenly matched teams. On fire A Luck led the scoring in this game, but with only K Benjamin reaching the double digit mark the Bohemians just didn’t have enough firepower to pip dodgy touchdown. Coach Russell will be pleased with his team’s consistency with M Ryan and J Nelson again leading the way. There were also strong performances from RBs M Forte and A Morris (17.1 and 15) despite their teams heavy defeats.

(1-3) Pilton Panthers 77.70 – 129.08 SanFran-Gordon 69ers (2-2)

Top Scorers:A Rodgers 28.88 (SF), J Charles 28.80 (PP), F Gore 23.4 (SF)

Points left on bench: Panthers (16.7) 69ers (7.1)

A dominant performance by the 69ers over a badly fading Panthers team who just can’t seem to get a consistent team performance. The 69ers led by 20 point scorers A Rodgers (28.88), F Gore (23.4) and E Royal (22.5) fueled the weeks top performance with 3 other starters also making double figures. The match hinged on the Sunday night Eagles-49ers game with a +45 point swing in favour of the 69ers.

The Panthers face their former team mate Travis Kelce next week who has quietly become the 5th best scoring tight end in the league. His release is symptomatic of the Panthers fading fortunes.

(2-2) Nitten Pickaxe 89.08 – 118.30 Kelso 187’s (3-1)

Top Scorers: M Asiata 28 (K), P Rivers 27.08 (NP), S Smith 25.9 (NP)

Points left on bench: Pickaxe (8.9) 187’s (2.66)

A 3 game win streak continues for the 187s as they comfortably disposed of last years champions. The Pickaxe had a number of good performances but just couldn’t match the Kelso teams firepower.

The 187’s were led by traded M Asiata 28, top WR A Brown 25.78 and A Smith 22.72. After a stuttering start and some serious personnel issues the 187’s have appeared to completely turned their season around and must surely be the favourite for the TJ Hooker division title?

After a great start to the season the Pickaxe have cooled down somewhat, but hope and reinforcements arrive next week.

(2-2) Tranent International Tornadoes 84.40 – 55.52 Oakbank Oddities (2-2)

Top Scorers:E Manning 32.1 (TT), C Kaepernick 20.52 (OO), M Bennett 13.4 (TT)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (8.8) Oddities (19.9)

Worst game of the week? Certainly the lowest scoring as the Tornadoes produced their 2nd highest score of the year with a sensational E Manning performance on TNF accounting for nearly 40% of their final score. RB continues to be an Achilles heel for the team from Tranent with just a total of 5 points from all 3 players. Double digit performances from M Bennett, T Hilton and D Bailey helped prop up an otherwise anemic team performance.

After flying high for most of the season the Oddities came back down to earth with a disastrous performance lodging the second worst performance in league history. C Kaepernick, A Bradshaw and F Jackson were the sole bright spots and accounted for over 70% of the team output.

(0-4) Fog on the Tyne 76.6 – 105.54 Earlston Earthquakes (3-1)

Top Scorers:L Donnell 23.40 (EE), D Brees 20.2 (FT), J Cutler 17.14 (EE)

Points left on bench: Fog (19.12) Earthquakes (13.7)

For some the misery continues. The performances have improved slightly for Fog on the Tyne, but unfortunately nowhere near the level required for a competitive season. To add insult to injury star man Drew Brees was outscored by London star Ryan Tannehill. The Tyne need a miracle it just doesn’t look like one is on the horizon. We can’t fix your roster, but here’s something from London to take the pain away.


The Earthquakes picked up their performance after last week’s defeat and had more than enough ammunition to see of their bogey team. Led by TNF and waiver wire hero L Donnell and 4 other double digit scorers the Earthquakes are now the highest scoring team in the league.

(2-2) Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars 89.98 – 111.88 Mercy Flush (2-2)

Top Scorers:D Murray 27.5 (JJJ), T Romo 24.48 (MF), T Williams 19.7 (MF)

Points left on bench: Jaguars (0.0) Flush (9.1)

The final dominant performance of the week was left to the resurgent Mercy Flush who continued their win streak to 2 games. Led by a now fit T Romo and 6 double digit players the Flush could even absorb a dismal Panthers performance without failing below the 110 point mark.

Despite the loss Coach Jimmy will be pleased with the performance of his makeshift Jaguars team. A number of last second coaching decisions in Wembley Stadium (aided by mojito and a less than helpful Coach Ally and Cozy) allowed the Jaguars to play the “perfect” lineup.




You still have a chance to vote for which division the EFFL champions will come from!

view from the pit – week 4 preview

Week 4 sees the start of the dreaded byes. No bye weeks in EFFL of course, those NFL guys don’t know how lucky they are. It is a non divisional week though, so the divisional leaders on Tuesday morning are hard to predict.Plenty of interest this week starting tonight with the Washington vs giants game, and of course the London based dolphins raiders game on Sunday.

It looks like coach Ally’s Bohemians have the worst of the bye week woes with no less than 4 players having a wee rest,  Russel’s Touchdown, with just Ben Tate on a bye, are predicted to romp home by a huge margin, still it could do wonders for coach ally’s actual vs ideal lineup ratio!?!. Russell starts tonight with RB Morris in action for Washington. Sundays London game has interst for both coaches, Bohemians with the Raiders dst and Dolphins kicker, touchdown have Dolphins Wr Mike Wallace.

Stuarts mighty Fog on the Tyne, last years regular season champs, are hoping to get off the starting block in another non divisional game. It could have been coach Stuarts week as he’s played it canny with just one player on a bye, however Chris’s Earthquakes have a full roster to choose from. Fog are missing star WR Demaryus Thomas, but they are still predicted a win by a good 10 points. Chris is starting tonight with giants RB Rashad Jennings, fresh off a stellar performance in week 3. Quakes finish Sunday, but stuart may have to wait till Monday to see if he’s broken that duck.

Next up its Jags vs Flush, Paul had to wait till week 3 to finally get to say ‘you’ve been flushed’, but will be hoping to repeat that against the jags. In a way, both coaches should have lucked out, as they both have 3 on a bye, so it should have been a  fairly even match up, however, jimmy is really struggling with josh Gordon suspended and reed out for 3 weeks now. Flush are predicted to take the lead this evening and keep building till Monday night but Washington WR Desean Jackson may have something to say about that for the Jags. It’s all over by Sunday for Jimmy, and with the predicted thumping, he may want to look to next week ASAP. Jimmy at least has something to look forward to in London on Sunday by choosing Lamar Miller and the Dolphins dst.

Nicky’s  Tornados scraped a win against Pickaxe last week to get their season rolling, and will be hoping for a repeat performance against Harry’s Oddities. Tornados have to turn around a predicted 10 point win for Oddities, but the tone of the match up will be set early as  Nicky’s QB Eli manning leads the giants against Harry’s  Washington defense tonight. With a no turnover game, that 10 point deficit could easily be wiped out. Alternatively it could just about be over if the Washington secondary get their game on, and Harry could be watching star boot man Steven Gostkowski just for kicks On Monday night. Just one of the tornados has flown over the pond, Marcel Reece, but predicted just 1.2 points Nicky may wonder why he bothered getting off the plane on Sunday.

Roberts Panthers take on rich’s 69ers. No action here till Sunday and no one in London, but an interesting Monday night. Although the 69ers are predicted a sizeable win, Monday could see the return of Robert’s round 1 pick, star RB Jamaal Charles, which would mean a nail biting finish. Shane Vereen is predicted a double digit score Monday for the 69ers, which seems unlikely, based on previous weeks, but if Charles is playing and gets some numbers on the board for the chiefs, the patriots may have to think  a bit more creatively so maybe there will be  a surprise for both.

Lastly it’s Gav’s Pickaxe vs Euan’s on a 2 win roll  187s. Both have 3 on a bye week, so again an even match up. No starts tonight and nothing in London, so where is the interest? Well both teams line their flex up against the opposition dst. Cecil shorts for Pickaxe against the chargers on Sunday and then Joe McKnight for 187s against the Patriots on Monday. Pickaxe have a real interest in Mondays patriots chiefs game, giving Stevan Ridley a turn as RB2, bumped from flex in this heavy bye week. Euan will be focusing attention on the steelers as they take on the buccaneers in a watchable early Sunday game with 2 key players, RB Le’veon Bell and WR Antonio Brown.

enjoy London folks, sniff sniff 😦

Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 3

This is the first blog I’ve had to write after a defeat in the league this year. I knew it had to come but it didn’t make it any easier when it did. You could say I was asking for it, my confidence was high, I was top of the league, my scoring had been high, my opponents had been low. There was very little for me to be worried about. Now granted I took these signs to mean that I could partake in a little bit of “sledging”, and I’m not going to say that I didn’t enjoy that part, but when it all goes wrong you don’t half look like a tosser. I’m here to make the mistakes so you don’t have to people.

Anyway, here is where I get to run through my decisions and pick over the bones of the aftermath in time to dust myself down and rise from the ashes this Thursday.

I had a couple of dilemmas going into this week. My workhorse number one running back, Arian Foster, had tweaked his hamstring and was day to day. This is were you have to be proactive with tour decision making. If playing, he would have less of a workload and possibly do more damage. If not then you need his “handcuff”. Now,at the start of the season, that would be Jonathan Grimes(drafted him) but now it was more apparent that it was the rookie Alfred Blue(needed him). I had already let go of Grimes but hadn’t set about getting Blue so it was all hands to the pump to set about getting him. He was available, can’t say that for many in our league, and I had to figure out who to drop. I had 2 players, Ingram(out with a broken hand) or my boy Green(love him). Ingram had earned the right to stay while banged up but Green was my Jimmy Graham for the latter half of the season. After much deliberation I chose to trade Ingram, out for another 3-4 weeks with up and comings getting the chance to shine, I don’t see him coming back to the same workload that he was enjoying in the first 2 weeks. Turned out I did the right thing as Foster was a non starter and Blue did a decent job on the night.

Next one was a bad match up. The Texans faced the Giants and I had too many conflicting issues tied up in this one game. Now you could say everyone could have scored well but here was my scenario. I had a running back from both teams, both starting in my line up, both to good to bench, a Giants tight end who had showed he could get me points till my boy Green was promoted in San Diego and the Texans defence who had been putting up numbers. Yes, without doing anything I could have done ok, but ok isn’t what we are after. In my reckoning the best way out was to change my defence, last year I streamed my “d” to varying results and was always envious of others who had picked up a top end “d” and didn’t have to worry about their “d” until a bye, but this year I had picked up a decent defence and now had to drop a player to keep hold of my unit. It was time to say goodbye to my boy Green and hello Colts “d”. I used last years rule of thumb, find out whose playing the Jaguars and if you can get them then you play them. This one worked aswell as Jennings was my top scoring running back, Larry Donnell did ok(tight ends need touchdowns to escalate them above the durge) and the colts got me a nice 17 points(texans 8pts).

Word on the street was that Brandon Marshall was going to be good but then he turned out questionable so I picked up Kerley from the Jets as someone to change if Marshall didn’t go on Monday night. Remember my “play your studs rule”? Well he went, I did, he dropped a td pass, had one called back, came out the game, came back in and ended up getting nothing worth anything at the end of the game, Kerley got 14ish points and would have secured the victory.

That wasn’t my only coaching mistake but, to me, it’s the one that cuts the deepest. Fantasy can be a whirlwind romance when the graph is moving but she can also be a cruel mistress when you are waking up every hour on a Tuesday morning to find your go to guy letting you down.

This weekend it is Wembley, week 4’s blog may be slightly different.


From behind the Purple door.

Week 03 Review

The last week of the divisional games saw a number of big wins, sore losses and a couple of upsets. The chance for revenge or further pain will return in Weeks 11-13.

Divisional Games


(2-1) Earlston Earthquakes 80.60 – 88.26 Mercy Flush (1-2)

Top Scorers: J Jones 28.10 (MF), R Jennings 23.6 (EE), Colts (17.0)

Points left on bench: Earthquakes (28.08) Flush (17.62)

Another crunching Kirk division matchup saw Flush outlast the high flying Earthquakes to tie all teams at 1-1 in the division. Both teams will be disappointed with their lineup choices, but the Earthquakes will find it particularly galling as they had the firepower to win this matchup and go 3-0.

Flush got off to a great start to the week with Julio Jones’ 28.1 points on TNF. Three other players broke the double digit barrier, but yet another tough matchup for E Lacy and the Panthers nearly left them vulnerable to a Earthquakes Monday night comeback.

The Earthquakes will curse themselves for leaving K.Cousins on the bench especially with J Cutler facing a strong Jets D at home. Last weeks heroes turned into this weeks villains with B Marshall and D Sproles only scoring 3.8 points and despite some inspired waiver wire pickups including the Colts and A. Blue scoring well it was just not enough to get them over the winning line.


(1-2) Tranent International Tornadoes 83.54 – 82.44 Nitten Pickaxe (2-1)

Top Scorers:P Manning 20.02 (TT), M Bennett 17.40 (TT), D Bryant 14.9 (NP)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (2.7) Panthers (22.6)

Another 2-0 team tastes defeat that it could have avoided with better lineup choices. Coach Nicky played his perfect starting 9 relying on great performances from P Manning and M Bennett. Only 1 other player made double digits (M Bryant 10pts). A nasty looking head injury for L McCoy stunted his teams output but thankfully mistakes by the Pickaxe allowed the Tornadoes to register their first win.

The Pickaxe will be cursing the 1.1 point loss and much of the blame will fall on frustrating QB M Stafford who had a number of disastrous performances like this to hamstring the Bohemians last season. Last year’s Pickaxe QB P Rivers (19.34) was left helplessly watching the action from the bench as some great performances from D Bryant, A Green and A Vinatieri were wasted.

TJ Hooker

(1-2) SanFran-Gordon 69ers 56.88 – 75.78 Kelso 187’s (2-1)

Top Scorers: P Garcon 19.80 (SF), L Bell 15.7 (K), M Crabtree 14.4 (K)

Points left on bench: 69ers (21.7) 187’s (27.1)

The weekends lowest scoring game could have been considerably better with some more inspired lineup decisions. Nearly 50 points were left on team benches.

After an excellent win last week the 69ers came back down to earth with a crushing defeat and a top 10 worst output. Some poor RB scoring was largely to blame with Vereen, Gore and Grimes grossing a combined 8.5 with S Jackson and I Crowell on the bench scoring 22.90 points.

Coach Euan will breathe a sigh of relief after some of the worst lineup decisions of the week including two of the league’s top scorers A Brown and A Sanders left on the bench. Sometimes elite performers should be played, regardless of matchup. But in the end an important divisional win and a 2 game winning streak in hand despite the turmoil the team has had to maneuver.


(2-1) dodgy touchdown 77.24 – 118.22 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (2-1)

Top Scorers: M Lynch 24.8 (JJJ), M Ryan 23.64 (dt), R Wilson 22.02 (JJJ)

Points left on bench: touchdown (16.6) Jaguars (10.3)

A powerful win for the Jaguars as they take an early and commanding 2-0 divisional lead. Dodgy touchdown took an early lead, but star Jaguar performers R Wilson and M Lynch powered them to victory. WR and TE play continues to plague Coach Jimmy this time with D Jackson contributing 17.7 points on the bench while starters Jackson and Cooks posted a decent combined score of 14.9.

Coach Russell will be disappointed with his score after a strong start to the season, but he can at least take solace in his players scoring well despite some tough matchups. In particular A Morris was victim to some TD vulturing.

Non-Divisional Games

(2-1) Earlstonian Bohemians 103.50 – 63.30 Pilton Panthers (1-2)

Top Scorers: A Luck 32.30 (EB), N Foles 26.20 (PP), J Maclin 21.40 (EB)

Points left on bench: bohemians (13.1), Panthers (0.7)

A really tough matchup for the Panthers this week with both of their top RBs out with injury and then losing Danny Woodhead in game to a suspected fractured leg. Nick Foles put together a superb 26 point game, but unfortunately with the Bohemians owning main target Jeremy Maclin (21 pts) this was offset.

The Bohemians can thank A Luck (32.30), Maclin (21.40) and K Benjamin (17.50) for supporting yet another pitiful display from the Bohemian RBs (5.70 and 12.6 on bench). The Bohemians will need to generate some production from this position if they are to defeat next week’s opponents dodgy touchdown.

(0-3) Fog on the Tyne 77.92- 110.10 Oakbank Oddities (2-1)

Top Scorers: D Brees 19.52 (FT), C Kaepernick 19.20 (OO), G Bernard 17.40 (OO)

Points left on bench: Tyne (9.3) Oddities (7.5)

Another crushing defeat for the Fog on the Tyne as yet again they failed to break the 80 point ceiling. Drew Brees, although scoring well, has failed to live up to high draft status and despite some improved performance from their RBs (notably waiver pickup K Davis 17.20) some pedestrian scoring from the rest of the team has left them in both the Uhura and league basement as the only winless team.

The Oddities manage to correct some of the horrendous lineup decisions from last week and put out a very strong starting unit. With 6 double digit performers at every position except WR and TE the result was never really in doubt.

Picking a lineup- Method in the madness?

Apparently there’s a science to selecting your fantasy football lineup each week. “i ain’t no guru” as someone once said, but i thought it would be therapeutic to give you my weekly routine. Perhaps it’ll help you or perhaps it’ll make you feel less like the only person using small statistical samples to base decisions on.

Week 3 opponents: Pilton Panthers

Generally i pay absolutely no attention to my opponents lineup. I have no control over my own so why worry about theirs. The only time that’s not the case is where we share QB-WR/TE on the same team. If that’s the case then it’s usually worth playing the match just to ensure you vulture points of their star.

  1. Visit http://www.fantasypros.com/. I use their myplaybook facility (free). It gives me an idea of my opponents lineup and what is the general consensus for my own lineup. I also use their target stats for receivers. It’s handy knowing who’s actually being targeted. Was that high week 2 score game planned or his he really the #1 receiver on the team now?
  2. Visit http://www.footballguys.com/. I have a subscription here and that gives me content you can’t access elsewhere. It’s good value and gives me a nice set of easy access list or more in depth content if i need it. Generally I need the in depth content. It makes me feel like i’m making informed decisions. Whether they are or not is the subject of another day!
  3. I then visit http://www.footballoutsiders.com/. Their stats aren’t the most accessible but they’re VERY good. They let you know which teams are actually performing well by averaging out performances. I find their team defense stats particularly helpful as it breaks down performances by #1, #2 and #3 WRs, TE and RB.

So how did i select this weeks lineup?

QB Andrew Luck– He’s my star player. He’ll be playing every week regardless of matchup. 15pts is the minimum i’ll expect from each week. This week should be a good match up against Jacksonville so i’m hoping for something in the low 20s as a minimum because….

RB1 Montee Ball – Ball has a tough match up against the Seahawks in Seattle. I think he’ll do ok, but I’m not expecting too much 6-10 points will make me happy, but i would be surprised if it’s around the 3-5 mark.

RB2- Joique Bell- I’m actually expecting Bell to have a better day than Ball this week. GreenBay can be run on and Bell should be the back to get the bulk of the carries. A 10 point haul should be his minimum

RBs on the bench- Toby Gerhart, Darren McFadden and CJ Anderson- Anderson is my Ball handcuff so i’m not expecting to use him. I had toyed with Gerhart or Mcfadden as my flex, but here’s why not. Gerhart was my 3rd round pick and has been a disaster. On the face of things the Colts are a good running game match-up, but that’s perception not reality. They’ve played two decent running offenses in Philadelphia and Denver and have given up just 229 yards at 3.0 avg. Jacksonville are averaging 2.5 yds per rush at the moment and are the worst rushing offense in the NFL (just 89  yards). Even when things got ugly in D.C. last week there was nothing for the Jaguars running game. Gerhart can take a well earned rest on the pine until some life returns to their attack. As for McFadden? He killed me picking up 15 pts last week, there’s a good chance he’ll do great this week, but equally he could spit out a week one 2pt performance. The Panthers are a good team. I need consistency not hope.

WR1, WR2 and FLEX- Jeremy Maclin, Kelvin Benjamin and Reggie Wayne- Maclin is the most targeted receiver in the Eagles offense. Panthers have Nick Foles therefore he’s a definite starter. He’s more of a steady scorer than a red zone threat but the matchup is good so something in the region of 8-10 points should be possible. Benjamin has been targeted 16 times this season and should be a threat against a Steelers secondary that has given up 90+ yards against #1 receivers. I have high hopes and think i can pick up 8-10 points here. Wayne is up against Jacksonville and is the #2 target after Hilton in the colts passing attack. I’d expect a decent game somewhere in the region of 6-8 pts.

TE- Gronk An elite player at the position even when injured. The game last week got ugly quick and the Pats took the opportunity to rest him. I’d prefer that not to happen again, but if he’s playing he’ll score and i think i’ll need him this week. He’s predicted to score in the 12-15 range. I’m expecting a more modest 9.

K and DST- Hauschka and Arizona Hauschka is a kicker on a winning team. I drafted him high because i wanted consistency from my kicker this year. I’ve had that so far. If he’s scoring in the 6-10 pt range i’m happy. I’m using matchup defenses this year, but not this week. The Cards are a good DST and I’m taking a risk with them against the 49ers, but I have a feeling they’ll come good…..there it’s not all about stats!

My prediction. I should be looking at a score of around 85-95 pts without TDs if my players perform to their matchups. Anything on top of this is a bonus but as we all know it’s an ART not a Science.

Week 3 match ups – any lessons learnt?

Week 3 sees some EFFL teams quite different from the start of the season. Everyone has by now been active on the waivers by the look of things, and we’ll likely have our first trade go through on Saturday morning, a few wives and kids will already be moaning, lets hope commissioner Reid can keep the troops happy with a few more ideas to get them on board.

No teams are guaranteed to go either 3-0 or 0-3 so it is a good chance for some to get back in the game – next week sees the start of the bye’s where good bench management will be vital, so make the most of your full rosters.

TJ Hooker division looks to have the most significant divisional game this week, with all three teams  on 1-1 its a numbers game for 69ers (1-1) vs 187s (1-1). It’s too close to call according to the nfl.com predictions, and both teams have spread themselves over a swathe of NFL teams, so there are few match up issues, perhaps Euan is the more likely to boom or bust with both kicker and DST from the Bills.

In Kirk and Shatner there are match ups for the early leader against a team hoping to break the duck

In Kirk, Earthquakes (2-0) vs Flush (0-2) looks close, with Paul’s Flush going Thursday to Sunday whilst Chris’ Earthquakes start Sunday with a potential game winning performance from Bears QB/WR combo Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall on Monday night. Paul should hope to get a big score on the board Thursday night with Falcons WR Julio Jones predicted close to 20. Chris may have divided loyalties as RBs Rashad Jennings and Arian Foster go head to head in the Texans/Giants game, with the Texans DST on the quakes books too, it could be a problem for the division leaders….

In Shatner: Pickaxe (2-0) go up against Tornadoes (0-2) in a match that will be decided by Monday morning barring any last minute waivers or team changes, both coaches have Monday night bench players if necessary. Pickaxe Coach Gavin is hoping that Andre Ellington is fit for this match up with a bit of a problem at RB otherwise. Tornadoes coach Nicky needs Raiders QB Derek Carr (unsigned in EFFL) to work some magic past the Patriots DST and get the ball yards upfield to his WR James Jones, if not the the New England Defense could yet sneak a win for coach Gavin,

In Uhura: Russel’s Touchdown (2-0) and Jimmy’s Jaguars (1-1) will both be hoping to be the divisonal leader come Tuesday morning. Russel has players right through from Thursay to Monday night while Jimmy will be done by early Monday our time.There’s no real issues in the match ups, no conflicts and both teams have even numbers of players in the top 25 scorers so far, though currently Jimmy is choosing to play just half of the so far devastating Seahawks pairing of QB Wilson and RB Lynch

Non league – Bohemians (1-1) vs Panthers (1-1) – of these Robert’s Panthers look most likely to gain more from a win, with the possibility of being Shatner division leaders if Pickaxe lose. However, Coach Al will need all the points he can muster if he is to have any chance of catching early Points leader Chris with the Quakes. Ally may have a problem at WR with Decker only probable and any scores for Jeremy Maclin likely to also benefit the panthers through QB Nick Foles. A good Game for the Titans could see Robert through here, with Delaney walker and Kendal Wright both ready for receiving yards. If Decker is out, then it will all be over by 9 on Sunday.

Fog (0-2) vs Oddities (1-1); Stuart’s Fog are predicted to win this game on Monday night with Jets RB Chris Johnson and Bears WR Alshon Jeffery, that might only work out if the Jets go ahead though. Harry’s Oddities are predicted to lose, however with 5 players predicted 1-10 points – it won’t take more than a couple of touchdowns to really boost the score in Harry’s favour.

all in another fun week for EFFL –

Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 2.

Week 2, what a week, and not just for fantasy. Here is not the place for me to address the bigger issues of the week it is the place were I can look back at a weekend of mayhem within the games and come out on Tuesday morning to one of my most glorious wins in the history of the Earlston Earthquakes. Going into the weekend my projections did not look good, the Boo-hoo-mians  had it firmly stacked in there favour to gain there first ever victory against the Quakes since the league began (3-0 now though) and I was worried.

My team issues going into week 2 were many, firstly, my best receiver was looking doubtful and as he went in the late Sunday game something had to be done, up step young Mr Holmes who would get a serious upgrade if either Jeffrey or my man Marshall were to be sidelined. Next up was my issue with a certain Antonio Gates, my tight end for the majority of last season, at 34 years of age with his best years behind him he was turning out to be a thorn in my side. This wasn’t because I was up against him, he wasn’t even starting for Nitten Pickaxe, but he was stopping my lad, Green, a chance of any points. My whole draft philosophy this year was to let everyone take a tight end and I would get Green late, which I did, the Chargers would then take to the field against the Cardinals, who are terrible at defending against that position, Green would have a better game than Gates and hey presto I am a fantasy genius with a top 5 tight end all season long. WRONG. Gates is still a tremendous player and had the best game since 2005 against the Seahawks on Sunday, well done to you Mr Gates! But I digress, I needed a tight end so I went with Larry Donnell, or Lonnie Donnigan as I like to call him, for the simple reason that no one else can catch a down-field pass from Eli Manning right now and he can even do it in the end zone. Lovely.

Then I thought I would try a little bit of deception to try and get my opponent thinking that he was up against a mere fool. Last year I made the fatal mistake of dropping a certain Mr Andrew Luck, I am a buffoon I know, and picked up the smoking hot Ryan Fitzpatrick, lovingly known as Shitzpatrick in my house, to sail me through the play-offs and to victory. I was derided for the move, I was being heckled on the streets, barraged on social media and pointed at at the awards ceremony.

I set the plan in motion, pick up Shitz, bench Cutler, get Ally all comfy thinking this was in the bag and at the eleventh hour, BOOM, switcheroo, Ally craps his pants and I win every battle known to man! I forgot I was away till late on Sunday and had to change it way before the eleventh hour but I would like to think that in a parallel universe there is an Ally who did indeed crap his pants, and one were I win every battle known to man too, which is nice.

So, Sunday night scoring was sssslllllooooooowwwww. When it came to my moment of the big decision, the twitterverse was still not fully behind Marshall but he was definitely starting so I applied the rule of “always start your studs” and took my phone to bed and watched the Bears/Niners game till 2.30. At that point I was beaten, the Bears couldn’t move and both Marshall and Jeffrey looked slow. To sleep is to dream. Monday morning brought glad tidings, nearly 50pts from my Cutler/Marshall combo. I was ahead by 50+pts but he still had 3 to go, including Mr Luck, against my 1.

I needn’t have worried Darren Sproles almost outscored his 3 on his own. Highest tally of the week, 2-0 for the season and still unbeaten by the Boo-hoo’sisis. Better Luck next time Ally, I see Shitzpatrick is available. Oh by the way everyone, from up at the top of the league, I can see your bald spots.

Week 2 done,

From Behind the Purple Door.

Week 02 Review

Divisional Games


(1-1) Earlstonian Bohemians 78.28 – 124.34 Earlston Earthquakes (2-0)

Top Scorers: J Cutler 25.54 (EE), D Sproles 23.80 (EE), B Marshall 22.80 (EE)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (7.8) Earthquakes (9)

A crushing victory for the Earthquakes in this Kirk divisional game. Powered by four 20 point performers the Earthquakes blew the Bohemians modest score out of the water. Both coaches will be pleased with their lineups with very few points left on the bench, but Coach Ally can breath a sigh of relief that D. McFadden (15.0) being cut on Saturday night wouldn’t have made a difference to the tie. Although Coach Cozy had a couple of underperformers it’s Coach Ally who’ll have a number of questions to address on Wednesday morning…..Toby Gerhart you have been warned.


(0-2) Tranent International Tornadoes 74.28 – 91.64 Pilton Panthers (1-1)

Top Scorers:P Manning 21.58 (TT), D Walker 20.20 (PP), R Cobb 18.50 (PP)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (20.6) Panthers (5.1)

A real crunch match for these divisional opponents went convincingly in the favour of the resurgent Panthers. The Panthers were able to overcome the early loss of J Charles with good performances from waiver wire pick up D Walker (20.20) and R Cobb. Solid outings from N Foles and the Ravens helped ensure they stayed at arms length from the rookies. Coach Nicky will be kicking himself after leaving over 20 points on the bench especially when they had an advantage in a number of positional matchups, but the real problem lay in the lack of production from WR.

TJ Hooker

(1-1) Oakbank Oddities 91.52 – 93.14 SanFran-Gordon 69ers (1-1)

Top Scorers: A Rodgers 28.64 (SF), J Graham 23.80 (SF), G Bernard 22.90 (OO)

Points left on bench: Oddities (36.0) 69ers (6.4)

A close divisional game with contrasting coaching peformances. The 69ers lost only 6pts on their bench and got maximum production from their starters and especialyy their stars A Rodgers and J Graham. WRs continue to cause Coach Richie concern and he may need to scour waivers on Wednesday to add some reinforcements.

The effective coaching of the 69ers was contrasted by the abysmal coaching of the Oddities who left over 36 points on the bench. The Oddities had top performers in 7 of the 9 starter positions but failed to get them on the field. Coach Harry will need to pick up his performance to avoid a repeat of this week’s disaster.


(2-0) dodgy touchdown 95.44 – 65.18 Fog on the Tyne (0-2)

Top Scorers: J Nelson 26.9 (DT), A Morris 20.5 (DT), D Brees 15.78 (FT)

Points left on bench: touchdown (11.5) Tyne (12.5)

Another disappointing outing by the Geordies as they yet again failed to crack the 70 point mark. Despite leaving 12 points on their bench they still didn’t have enough fire power to come close to the high flying dodgy touchdown. Coach Russ had a few line up problems of his own leaving nearly 12 points on the bench and with M Ryan struggling 1 week after his career performance, but strong outings from J Nelson, A Morris and J Tucker capped a strong team performance. TE Zach Ertz has been an inspired late round selection contributing to their consistent peformances.

Non-Divisional Games

(0-2) Mercy Flush 86.26 – 103.84 Nitten Pickaxe (2-0)

Top Scorers: Patriots 24.00 (NP), D Bryant 16.3 (NP), T West 15.0 (NP)

Points left on bench: Flush (6.08), Pickaxe (44.22)

Pickaxe cruise to victory and move to a commanding 2-0 in their division with a win over Mercy Flush. Coach Paul will again be left cursing the performance of a number of his frontline players including T Brady 9.96 and E Lacy 6.10 who suffered game plan and matchup limitations. A good team performance that just lacked an elite performer. On the other hand the Pickaxe will be more than happy with their team performance that managed to support injured superstar A J Green. A real warning performance for the rest of the league by the defending champions despite leaving over 44 points on the bench.

(1-1) Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars 86.88 – 87.86 Kelso 187’s (1-1)

Top Scorers: D Murray 21.30 (JJJ), Bills 18.0 (K1), R Wilson 17.88 (JJJ)

Points left on bench: Jaguars (4.16) 187s (14.7)

An absolute cracker of a match ended with P Dawson unable to find a last point to win the game for the Germans. Although the Jaguars had a number of strong performances they were ultimately undone by an injury to D Jackson. Kelso who had to make a number of last minute changes to cope with the absence of No.1 pick A Peterson got several solid performances led by a strong showing by the Bills D.