View From The Pit 2016 week 2

So how was it for you? Week one is done and all that draft preparation is either being sealed in your mind as genius tips for next year or forgotten about as you frantically scour the waiver wire.

Anyway, in a new feature for 2016 I’ll be picking tunes based on the scores of the week, in fact I lucked out when the Lions scored 39 pts last week, as it was this song that made me wonder whether there was a tune for every NFL team – probably yes – answers on a postcard. However, little did I know that this youtube gem exists, KISS and Scooby Doo – what’s not to like?

With our new blind bid waiver system in place there were perhaps a few lost and lonely stars who were wondering why they weren’t getting a spot in an effl team,  midweek  I thought that I could maybe get a pretty good team out of our locked players in week one; let’s take a look.

  • QB Kirk Cousins 9.96
  • RB Darren Sproles.  3.6
  • RB Dion Lewis.   0
  • WR Will Fuller 16.7
  • WR Chris Hogan    12
  • TE Will Tye   1.6
  • Flex Michael Thomas 5.8
  • K no kicker dropped so best available kicker Jason Myers.  13
  • DST Seahawks.  9
    So, all in not the worst team you could have picked in week 1 by a long way. 71.66 pts, which, unfortunately for Rab is not the lowest score of the week. I can’t see this happening that often, but clearly with the locking of players there will be unplayed stars in every week. How many in the league were looking at these guys on Thursday and Friday, maybe some of them will get snatched up in the waivers tomorrow. Of course there were players still on the waivers who scored even higher than this – but since any of us could of grabbed them they don’t count!

You’ve all no doubt scrolled past this crap anyway, so lets get on with the previews. We’ll start with the two games that will unfortunatley leave at least 2 of our coaches facing 0-2

Tigers at Panthers

0-1 Tranent Tigers play the 0-1 Pilton Panthers at Pilton Park.


The shatner divisional kitty showdown.
For once the bot is right! “We’re coming off a heartbreaking loss,” Tranent Tigers coach Nicky said. losing with a top 3 score in the week – and over 110 to boot has got to be a kick in the teeth for Nicky, heartening to see the team perform though. Tigers were led in week 1 by a 25.54 point effort from Jameis Winston, who got by the Atlanta Falcons defense for 281 passing yards and 4 passing TDs in addition to 3 rushing yards. Julius Thomas listed as questionable in week 2 due to an injured ankle , which might severely limit his fantasy production.  Tranent Tigers can expect a 18.24 point effort from Jameis Winston in week 2,

Panthers were at the other end of the results table – and Rab has to pick up the pace to avoid a disatrous divisional start to the season.Panthers were led in week 1 by a 14.62 point effort from Philip Rivers, who got by the Kansas City Chiefs defense for 243 passing yards and 1 passing TD in addition to 9 rushing yards. Panthers can expect a 19.65 point effort from Philip Rivers in week 2.

Tranent Tigers hold a 0-4-0 all-time series record against Pilton Panthers, so history is on Rab’s side, but surely that record cannot last forever? Nicky has a big advantage at WR with Brown and Jeffery both in the top 10 – but that’s about the only area he can boast any distance over Rab. Antonio Brown certainly showed why he was ADP #1 this year but can that run of form continue? at least 1 TD is likely, possibly more. Jamaal Charles looks to be out, and Rab really needs to take advantage of that gap with his RBs. The Pit predicts that overall yardage between the teams will be similar, but that the Panthers have more chances for TDs and so its a win for the Panthers.


Avengers at Fog

0-1 Kelsae Avengers challenge the 0-1 Fog on the Tyne at New St James Park.

Both of these teams failed to trouble the 90 pt barrier last week, and paid the price with a week one loss. Is that just an anomaly or will we see some serious waiver wire action tomorrow morning from Stuart and Stuart?
Avengers were led in week 1 by a 21.16 point effort from Cam Newton, who snuck past the Denver Broncos defense for 194 passing yards and 1 passing TD in addition to 54 rushing yards.Avengers can expect a 23.20 point effort from Cam Newton in week 2

Fog were led in week 1 by a 22.36 point effort from Derek Carr, who beat the New Orleans Saints defense for 319 passing yards and 1 passing TD in addition to 16 rushing yards. In addition,Charles Clay was not injured before the start of his week 1 game, and contributed 4.00 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 2 due to an injured knee , which might severely limit his fantasy production. Fog can expect a 16.60 point effort from Derek Carr in week 2.

Cam Newton is still the number one QB, despite getting knocked every which way last week. There’s a few possible outcomes, but coach Stuart has to hope that concussion isn’t one of them. Penalties might help the Panthers offense, but a concussion to Cam could end more than coach Stuart’s season – sort it out NFL! elsewhere Avengers have a #1 RB too in David Johnson this week , Matt Forte and Devonta Freeman will have some hard work to match his score between them. The Gronk is still out, hurting Stuarts lineup in more ways than one as he is forced to drop a flex player to pick up a TE – don’t be surprised if it’s a new one in the morning either. Luck just isn’t with the Fog this week, and really its hard to see past the Avengers sealing the game with just Cam and Johnson, as long as the rest of the team get an average of 7 -8 a piece, the pit really cant see this game going to Tyneside.

At the other end of the league – there’s a couple of games that will  see early leaders developing with at least 2 teams going 2-0

Pirates at Bohemians

1-0 Tweedbank Pirates challenge the 1-0 Earlstonian Bohemians at Bohemian Park.

A divisional clash will see a real contender for a playoff berth appear in Kirk Division.

Pirates were led in week 1 by a 26.10 point effort from Matthew Stafford, who beat the Indianapolis Colts defense for 340 passing yards and 3 passing TDs in addition to 5 rushing yards. Pirates can expect a 18.89 point effort from Matthew Stafford in week 2.

Bohemians were led in week 1 by a 25.90 point effort from Spencer Ware, who snuck past the San Diego Chargers defense for 70 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD in addition to 129 receiving yards. Bohemians can expect a 22.45 point effort from Russell Wilson in week 2.

Overall EFFL #1 pick TOdd Gurley really did nothing to prove he was worth that status in week 1. I guess we all suspect coach Paul will give him a couple more weeks to prove his worth at least – but there must be a few nerves there, especially given the score that the #2 pick Antonio Brown put up. There’s really nothing to choose between the 4 key RBs for these teams, probably 4-5 TDs between them, and it will really be the luck of the draw which way they fall.

At WR it is a different story, coach Ally really went RB heavy and that shows here, with just a #30 ranked wideout as the best pick this week. Still 3 top 10 RBs to pick from should give him some solace – that should be 18 pts plus TDs in the bag.

Paul has the slight advantage in ranking players, and the internet says that it is a wide receiver year, Gurley has a point to prove too – so I’m going with the Pirates for this clash, could be close tho.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2016, and is sure to be a classic showdown. In the 3-year history of this rivalry, Tweedbank Pirates hold a 4-4-0 all-time series record against Earlstonian Bohemians.


187’s at Fire

1-0 Kelso 187’s challenge the 1-0 Fife Fire at Balbirnie Stadium.

The TJ Hooker divisional scintillating sibling showdown.
187’s were led in week 1 by a 18.28 point effort from Eli Manning, who got by the Dallas Cowboys defense for 207 passing yards and 3 passing TDs. In addition, Keenan Allen was not injured before the start of his week 1 game, and contributed 6.30 points, but he’s now on the injured reserve, which will prevent him from contributing at all this week. 187’s can expect a 19.30 point effort from Eli Manningin week 2.

Fire were led in week 1 by a 23.56 point effort from Aaron Rodgers, who snuck past the Jacksonville Jaguars defense for 199 passing yards and 2 passing TDs in addition to 16 rushing yards.Fire can expect a 20.61 point effort from Aaron Rodgers in week 2.

Brotherly love eh? Not quite – there will be blood for sure but will it be bullet holes or burns come Tuesday morning?

Shaun got a full house in the Pickem’s last week, so maybe he knows a thing or too, mind you maybe he’s just lucky. He certainly bagged a few stars in the draft with a healthy 11 pts last week – enough to top most games most weeks. Martin and Hyde should continue to score this week, noting in particular that Doug Martin scored near his regulation 10 pts last week without a TD. !87s are a bit WR heavy but they should still see a few yards, even if no TDs from Abdullah and Gordon. Odell Beckham could be the one to watch this week – those attention grabbing full stretch 1 handers are something, but its being a position to use that athleticism and some chemistry with the QB that really matters for fantasy pts, last weeks stats don’t look good, but look to him maybe doubling that in week 2. Will it be enough though? Not at the moment – but look to Euan using the waiver wire tomorrow – a season ending injury to Keenan Allen is a problem, but at least it means he can be dropped with no worry that he’ll score for someone else in week 3, and there are some WR worth looking at.


All in its a win for the Shaun’s Fire – but Euan could spend some of those scare waiver dollars to boost his chances

And finishing up with a couple of games that have no guaranteed outcome:
Pickaxe at Earthquakes

1-0 Nitten Pickaxe play the 0-1 Earlston Earthquakes at The Cauldie.

This inter divisional showdown sees both the leagues earth movers in action, will the axe fall or the ground shake? lets find out.
Pickaxe were led in week 1 by a 27.40 point effort from Brandin Cooks, who beat the Oakland Raiders defense for 143 receiving yards and 2 receiving TDs in addition to 11 rushing yards. Pickaxe can expect a 17.19 point effort from Ben Roethlisberger in week 2,

Earthquakes were led in week 1 by a 15.70 point effort from Amari Cooper, who beat the New Orleans Saints defense for 137 receiving yards. Earthquakes can expect a 16.17 point effort from Tyrod Taylor in week 2.

The quakes struggled to get started in week 1, and coach Cozy will look for improvements but coach Gav won with his Pickaxe team with just the 6th highest score of the week, so there’s certainly room for improvement there. RB is the quake strength and Cozy can pick on 3 strong top 12 players to be the core of the team for week 2. Its QB where we might see a change, Tyrod Taylor looked a reasonable bet last week, but really failed to dent the scoreline at all for Cozy – we may see a change there tomorrow morning as there are maybe 10 QBs around who have a chance to triple Taylors week 1 score. Amari Copper and Dwayne Allen were the only quakes to really get the job done in week 1 so look to them to remain at the core.


For Pickaxe, Brandin Cooks was really the only thing that kept coach Gav in the Game, under scores for Dez Bryant and Zeke Elliot were not a good sign for the rnd 1 and 2 pickaxe picks. Coach Gav will probably give them at least another shot – Elliot has promised to break the rookie run record, and he’ll need to do better than 50 yds a game to do that, but perhaps the preseason hype was just that. Big Ben stayed cool under pressure on Monday night and delivered a very solid 20 pts, looks likely Gav will stay with him and TE Greg Olsen.

For this weeks clash it could be RB that make the difference for Cozy – if his Rbs can get some TDs it may be game over. However, only onme of Gavs receiver team need have a great game to turn that around, and that’s the way the pit goes this week.

Nitten Pickaxe hold a 3-1-0 all-time series record against Earlston Earthquakes.

69ers at Jaguars

0-1 SanFran-Gordon 69ers play the 1-0 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars at Greendale Stadium.

Last but not least its Richies chance to take 2 time winner Jimmy down a peg.
69ers were led in week 1 by a 35.50 point effort fromAndrew Luck, who tore apart the Detroit Lions defense for 385 passing yards and 4 passing TDs in addition to 21 rushing yards. In addition, Julio Jones was not injured before the start of his week 1 game, and contributed 12.60 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 2 due to an injured ankle , which might severely limit his fantasy production.  69ers can expect a 19.56 point effort from Andrew Luck in week 2

Jaguars were led in week 1 by a 29.10 point effort from DeAngelo Williams, who beat the Washington Redskins defense for 143 rushing yards and 2 rushing TDs in addition to 28 receiving yards. Jaguars can expect a 18.68 point effort from Blake Bortles in week 2

history is against the rest of the league – Richie has never won this tussle yet.

Luck got a monster score for Richie last week, and the 69ers were unlucky to lose with the 5th highest score of the week, and well over 100. Can that form continue for Luck against the Broncos? maybe, but Carson Palmer is also a good bet for the week – so there could eb a tough decision for Richie come Wednesday night.

Jimmy lucked out in week 1 (as usual eh?) with both an RB and a WR over 24 pts, but look at those 50 pts and ‘only’ 18 pts were from TDs, without which would still give them a respectable 18 pts each – this pair are definitely ones to watch in the next few weeks, and Jimmy’s opponents have to hope  that there is a TD drought for both of them.

Richie doesn’t look to have an RB who is likely to trouble those numbers, but WRs Julio Jones and Brandon Marshall could have a brace each this week, which we have to say the rest of the league is hoping for.

It looks close, but for the sake of the league, the pit is going with the 69ers this time.


that’s your lot – see you next week


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