Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 14.


I’m sitting here tonight with a heavy heart as I come to terms with the end of my season. I will now pass on my congratulations to Coach Gav and his Nitten Pickaxe team on their victory. Should I be out, should I have been beaten? No, no I bloody well should not! Some weeks it just doesn’t happen and this was one of those weeks for me which was harder to take after how it all began……..


Last week I decided I would put Jay Cutler back into the team, I also decided I would put him in late on Thursday night so ,hopefully, Gav went to sleep thinking I was going to start Eli Manning and then BOOM, Friday morning he wakes up to a kick in the spuds with Jay scoring big.

Now apart from not knowing if I fooled Gav the rest of it went pretty close to the plan. Cutler scored big, he had Dez Bryant for the Cowboys and he underscored but I lost Marshall in the process. I was up and what made it better was that I had made the right choice and even if Manning scored more points I was comfortable living with my selection.

So Friday I went to Tigerlillies in Edinburgh and after some cocktails and a dance-off in the nightclub I was pretty happy with how the weekend was progressing.

Ok, in the back of my mind there was a niggle that Jennings wasn’t going to cut the mustard but he had practised Friday and was travelling to the game. It became too much on Sunday morning and I dropped him for Jarvis Landry, again it was the right choice, but just think what could have been with a line up of backs that was Foster @ Jacksonville and Jennings @ Tennessee if both fully healthy. Stick McCoy(v Seattle) at flex and don’t tell me that’s not a bit special. unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and bar Foster and Cutler no-one else put up any numbers that were near their potential.

In the end I went down trailing by 14pts and looking at the box scores that should never have happened but that is fantasy. A touchdown from Golden Tate, Marshall not getting injured(he was looking good), the Eagles not having their worst ever day on offence under Chip Kelly, Larry Donnell acting like early season Donnell and on and on……..


I will sign off tonight by crowning my fantasy player of the week. Tonight this young man performed on stage at Earlston Primary as Fred, the nephew of Ebeneezer Scrooge, and was on stage for the majority of the show in one guise or another. He delivered his lines with clarity and panache, he danced in time and sang with a smile. It may be a different type of fantasy but I give you my son, Gareth, as this weeks fantasy player.


From Behind The Purple Door.


Bah Humbug!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 14.

  1. Ah well, honestly I thought it would be closer. You should have been well ahead at rb, and my WR team hadn’t performed together all season. Note on the jay cutler thing, I never even look at the actual lineup, and fantasy pros had jay all the way…

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