Welcome to my Fantasy: Week11

He may have tried to wine me, he may have tried to dine me but Coach Richie definitely failed when he tried to 69 me! The thing you need to know when going into a match up with the SanFran-Gordon 69ers is you will get a week long barrage of trash talk, the other thing you need to know is, it doesn’t really matter as his team is rubbish and the head coach makes some “interesting” choices. On paper going into this game it looked as if I was the underdog but as they say, every dog has his day, and I certainly had mine. The Quakes now move to 7-4, sharing that record with the Boo-Hoomians who we play next week in the biggest divisional game of the season.

This week didn’t go as smooth as I would have liked as my oil worker, Arian Foster, was on shore leave with a groin injury he sustained in week 9. I did have Rashad Jennings back but he was up against a good D and just back off, what felt like, a long absence due to injury, so I wasn’t expecting a big workload for him. The options that left me was McKinnon or Sims at rb2, I opted for McKinnon. If AP was going to be back I was hoping he would seize the moment a go out with a bang. Still don’t fully get why the Vikings don’t game plan for him a bit more as he averages over 4yds a carry, frustrating for a fantasy coach that is.

I had also made the decision this week to bench Cutler after he had lost his way over the last couple of weeks and had appeared to be playing his way out of Soldier Field rather than the franchise QB he should be. I went with Josh McCown, up against Washington, massive thrower of the ball, say no more. It was the kick up the arse Cutler needed as he produce a 23pt game. It didn’t backfire too much on me as McCown put up just over 20pt. Welcome back for week 12 Jay, your my boy(in)blue.

It was my receivers that made the difference this week with Marshall, White and Donnell at TE putting up numbers that swung the game. Roddy White has impressed me this year, he’s not putting up the numbers of, say, Cobb but as a second receiver he has been consistent and is a good flex play. I’m not too worried regarding Tate this week as no Lion scored big in a week were the Cards D kept them down pretty well. Megatron is back and that dents his numbers but Stafford has now learned he can trust him and with match ups against weaker defences to come and Megatron getting doubled that should open things up for him nicely.

My aim this year was to be more consistent in my scoring and, bar my 2 weak weeks, I’m a lot happier with how that’s working out, just got to keep that up into the next few weeks. I’m averaging 96.32pts a game against Ally who is  95.77pts per game. This week could be good. Come back next week.

From Behind the Purple Door.


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