A new draft strategy or… How I recruited my crew Aaaarrrggh!

Any search for ‘Fantasy NFL Football’ or ‘Fantasy NFL’ over the months of August and September will yield fathoms of articles about draft strategy.  Over the last 3 years i have read too many to count of these articles trying to find that one strategy that could bring home the bounty but alas it has not (I got to the Earlston Bowl last year but fell way short).

This year I took a new approach and only time will tell if i have left my crew adrift or swimming with doubloons.

This year I based all my research on duds… that’s it.

Instead of spending my summer reading about who might outscore who and who might make the starting spot and who might not, I focused on who i don’t want, I then fed that information into Football Guys Draft Dominator and let them do the number crunching to see who i should draft and in the main blindly follow what it told me (with some exceptions which i might write about in a future post).

How did it do?  Well buckle your swashes, grab a flagon of ale and i will tell you.

Note, these are not in order.


Luck Andrew IND
I am very happy with this pick, Luck had a great 2014 and much as it pains me to say this, I believe Colts will beat the Pats to the division title this year.
Winston, Jameis TBB
I went off the charted course with my 15th Pick, took a gamble, lets see how he gets on.

Running Backs

This is the part of my crew that I am more concerned about, hopefully the rest of the crew will pick up the slack but these guys are definitely the cabin boys of the Tweebank Pirates.
Blue, Alfred HOU
This could work out okay for me for a few weeks until Foster is healthy again, after that we might be throwing Mr Blue Beard over board.
Gordon, Melvin SDC
Second of the rookies on my team.  Lets hope San Diego get him a nice pair of gloves and he might not fumble as much, fingers crossed.
Helu, Roy OAK RB
Mr Helu joined the Pirates (at that time the Flush) in their first season in the big leagues, Roy (we call him Roy in the backoffice) was with the redskins at the time, he was picker up by the Raiders in the offseason and will likely see a bit of work in late downs with the lions share of the work going to Latavius Murray
Jones, Matt WAS
With the QB situation in Washington being a little unsure at the moment I am gambling that this will result in more work in the backfield… i can hope.
Morris, Alfred WAS
Hmmm, 2 Washington Backs, Another place where my strategy might back broken a bit.  Morris should be the go-to-guy but we will see.   Either way my comment above still stands.

Wide Receivers

Bryant, Dez DAL
Very happy here, the backs situation in Dallas should see Bryant getting an increased workload which is only good news for the Pirates.
Baldwin, Doug SEA
Wilson doesn’t pass the ball alot, but when he does, he looks for Baldwin.
Jackson, Vincent TBB
Jackson joined the Pirates (then The Flush) as a RB2 late last season in a trade with Jimmys Jerman Jaguars and he did not live up to the over selling JJJ’s general manager used to seal the trade.  Either way, we have renewed his contract as an occasional FLEX this year, lets see if Winston can make a good wideout of Jackson (His name is also quite piratey, so I am happy there)
Tate, Golden DET WR
Tate rejoins the Pirates after a year away and we are happy to have him back.  He is a RB2/FLEX while Johnson is healthy but some dodgy grog slipped into “Megatron’s” gatorade and we have some big upside on this chap (and… totally a pirate name!)
Wheaton, Markus PIT
This is a stash and hope for the best kind of pick.  Wheaton needs to get his carcass into the red zone a little more to make this Pirate crew, but we will see what the season brings.

Tight Ends

Walker, Delanie TEN
Happy with this, Mariotta could make a big difference for the Titans and few on that crew could have a bigger upside from that than Walker.


Gostkowski, Stephen NEP
He’s a Pat, hes the leagues top scoring kicker, nothing else to say here


Seahawks, Seattle SEA
Took the ‘Hawks earlier than i would have liked but I made a decision early on to follow the map no matter where it took me and it took me to Seattle.  Not complaining though, the Hawks are a quality defence even with Kam Chancellor‘s possible departure.

This might be the worst move a fantasy GM has ever done or it might be the best but as with everything, following the cowpaths makes you mediocre at best, I am in this to win it, there is no glory for second place.  Lets hope i don’t need to skuttle the ship mid season!

Cheers mateys!


3 thoughts on “A new draft strategy or… How I recruited my crew Aaaarrrggh!

  1. Your team sucks! As you sail across the Pacific rim I will unleash almighty he’ll, your team will know what has hit them……a Tsunami of a bottom raping at the hands of them mighty quakes®!


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