Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 12.

Well that sucks, the chance to take the Kirk division and do the double on the Boo-Hoomians for the second year in a row slipped through my fingers as my team decided to stutter and stall at the total of 83.50pts. This left Eric Decker the chance to win in for Coach Ally by only needing 3pts, the balloon only got 6.3pts in the game against the Bills but it was enough for the Boo-Hoos so they clinch top spot, I think(it’s very mathematical at this point), and I’m left to go toe to toe with Mercy Flush next week to cement my place in the play-offs.

Some, of course, may say this is my just desserts and I tend to agree. I bargained a lot of my year on 2 players from the Bears and being a Vikings fan for all these years it’s only right that it’s the Bears players that let me down. Thank you very much Messrs Cutler and Marshall, thanks for eff all.

As this is a blog all about my fantasy team on a week by week basis my goal was to blog about things that had happened in that week, some weeks are harder than others because your team picks itself and not much goes on so you can drift into a tangent and ultimately it can be all filler and no killer. Not this week though, by jings, not this week.

Scooby-Doo shimmy thing!

It began at a Halloween party that a lot of the league members attended, we spent some time chatting about how things were going in our teams etc.. Coach Nicky from TIT was very aggrieved that week in week out he was playing Shady McCoy and he wasn’t putting up the numbers, he was the first overall draft pick and should be your mainstay when it comes to amassing points and that he was not. He was getting yardage but no touchdowns, frustrating. The next we heard from Nicky regarding McCoy was on the 16th of November when he posted a rant about him and said if he didn’t make a certain points total he was up for a trade, that week he made 10.6pts taking his yearly total to 94ish points and the 16th ranked running back on the year. To put perspective on that I have Arian Foster who has missed 4 weeks, including the bye week, and he has a total of 161.1pts and is ranked 5th in the year. Both frustrating but for very different reasons.

The next bit is all about my needs and reasoning behind those needs. My running backs are Foster(sicknote), Jennings(coming back from the sick), Charles Sims(unknown quantity/Tampa) and Jerick McKinnon(talented Viking but underused). The other thing for McKinnon was an uncertainty that Adrian Peterson may return, he won’t, so my running back depth was becoming an issue. Looking on the waiver wire for running backs is a blowout in our league as any decent ones are snapped up at least a week before podcasts/beat writers/NFL fantasy shouts their names from the rooftops and your left with dudes that need a touchdown run to make 7pts. Things were looking grim as it was looking like Foster was on his ‘day-to-day’ injury report and not training(never a good sign) so I had to pull a rabbit out of a hat from somewhere.

We were in our last week in which we can trade so here is what I came up with. McCoy, although not producing number 1 running back numbers, would give me the depth I needed, he had been openly put up for trade by his Coach who was at the end of his tether with him so I thought I would chance it, he would either say yes or no.

Here is what I sent to Nicky on the 19th:

 You still interested in trading McCoy? I’ll trade you Keenan Allen and Charles sims for him then you can drop ball who is of no use to you now. Allen would strengthen you at wr, good match up this week and sims could be a good shout at flex this week. Let me know your thoughts.

He replied:

  Fuck it, aye I can’t bear to look at McCoy on the team sheet.
Now you may think I’ve been a bit cheeky there but Allen had a good match-up against the Rams, he scored 12.4pts, and he has a good match-up against Denver in week 15, always does well against them and he gets a ton of targets week in week out. Sims can be seen as a bit of a stretch but remember Lovie Smith, the Tampa coach, is playing with inherited runners and he and his coaching staff drafted Sims so they obviously believe in him. Sims could save Smiths career at Tampa, stranger things have happened.
 On the McCoy side for me was the chance to start him at flex with the likelihood of getting 10-12pts from him, there was nothing in his season so far that said that was more than you could expect.
 Our very own Coach Ally touched on this in his blog regarding Trades when he wrote the following:
 Our second examples involves LeSean McCoy. He’s had a complete bust of a season for our second overall pick. He was the subject of a number of trade offers early in the season and if Coach Nicky had cashed in he may have recouped some value for him. Unfortunately he hung onto him hoping for a turnaround. He’s a great example of cashing in when you can as McCoy’s value has deflated so much and the body of work has grown to such an extent that his value is no longer RB1 with hope or RB2 but is probably closer to RB4 or RB5.
I genuinely expect that come the season end that Allen/Sims points tally will not be to far away from McCoy.
 The other thing about doing a 2 for 1 trade is that you can pick up another player straight from the waiver wire and I thought a decent replacement for Allen would be Jarvis Landry, he scored 17pts on my bench and would have won me the game if I’d have played him over Marshall(mind so would have McCown).
 So, the morning after the trade went up the shit hit the fan. Post were going up on our chat platform regarding the finalising of the trade being after the deadline, it was an underhand manoeuvre by me, cutthroat, not in the spirit of the league…….it when on and on and on. All this time, may I add any league member could have voted against the trade and stopped it dead in the water but no one did. If it was against the league rules regarding the completion then it would have been kick out, it didn’t. I asked, Nicky agreed. What more needs to be said?
 Well this, I suppose, I play in and am proud to be part of the EFFL, I want to win and I know the guys I play against want to win and that comes down to a group of athletes taking to the field to play the game they get paid to play and for them it’s not to important that a bunch of guys in the Scottish Borders(a couple are further afield) are bickering with each other over something that is a distraction from the day to day bollocks that we have to go through. I myself have gotten too carried away with the whole thing this year and I’m guilty of forgetting that we don’t all do this with the same intensity and that for some it’s just a way of keeping in touch with friends. We will be loosing Coach Harry at the end of the season and I am partly responsible for that as I felt he wasn’t engaging like he should. For that I would like to apologies. I love playing in the EFFL and wouldn’t change it even though sometimes it changes me, it’s all about balance I suppose. In the real world we all have bigger issues to concern ourselves with and hopefully this is a bit of an escape from that, I know it is for me.
 Don’t hate the player, hate the players that play the game!
 From Behind The Purple Door.

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