Consistency- Quarterbacks

Playing head-to-head format in fantasy football requires a number of ingredients to hit on that “magic” formula. A good draft, some expert dealing with waivers and free agency are the foundations every good season is built on. Of course, for every 150pt high during the season, there are those inevitable 60pt WTF lows. It’s easy to dismiss these events as luck especially when your RB1 pulls up lame in the first quarter, but a good season is about building a consistent core as much as it is filling it with 30 pt touchdown monsters. As Matthew Berry says;

“Your goal is to start a lineup that gets to 93 points a week”

Predicting the future is always difficult, but armed with some information from the previous 2 years, hopefully, we can make some well-informed decisions for the upcoming season.

The consistency scoring I’ve used is based on the top 32 weekly (or 64 for RB/WR) scorers for each position. An average score is calculated and then used to calculate performance bands for each week (above and below average). This process calculates an average score that changes based on the top 32 performances for each week. What it allows us to capture are the strong performers would have made a difference to our weekly lineup rather than the 4pt “steady eddies”. It’s then up to you to decide when to start Eli Manning rather than suffering through a season of Teddy Bridgewater.

The chart below ranks each QB on their best to worst performances rather than weekly output e.g. Cam Newton had 7 weeks of excellent production, 1 week of good production, 1 week of above average production, 5 weeks of average production and 1 week of below average production.