Pick Um or Stick Um week 13

Here are your week 13 picks

Coach Euan:

187s, Earthquakes, Fog, TiT, Oddities, JJJ.

Coach Ally:

Bohemians, Flush, Panthers, Pickaxe, 187s, JJJ.

Coach Nicky:

Pickaxe, Flush, Panthers, Bohemians, 187s, JJJ.

Coach Paul: 

Flush, Fog, TiT, Oddities, 187s, Touchdowns.

Coach Stuart:

No entry submitted.

Coach Russell:

JJJ, 187s, Bohemians, Pickaxe, Panthers, Earthquakes.

Coach Gav:

JJJ, Flush, Oddities, 187s, Pickaxe, Fog.

Coach Richie:

69ers, Flush, Bohemians, Fog, Pickaxe, JJJ.

Coach Cozy:

Earthquakes, Fog, Pickaxe, Oddities, 187s, JJJ.

Coach Jimmy:

JJJ, Earthquakes, Panthers, Pickaxe, Bohemians, 187s.

Coach Harry:

No entry submitted

Coach Rab:

No entry submitted

So here is how the voting went.

Bohemians 5 Picks

Pickaxe 7 Picks

JJJ 8 Picks

Flush 5 Picks

Touchdown 1 Picks

187s 8 Picks

TiT 2 Picks

Panthers 4 Picks

Oddities 4 Picks

Earthquakes 4 Picks

Fog 5 Picks

69ers 1 Picks

So there you have it this weeks Pick um teams are JJJ and 187s with 8 Picks each and this week we have 2 Stick um teams on 1 Picks and they are Touchdowns and The 69ers.


Pickaxe 24          1   100%
Earthquakes 24
Bohemians 23
187s 23
JJJ 22
Flush 19
69ers 18
Touchdowns 15
TiT 13
Fog 12
Oddities 3
Panthers 0


View from the Pit week 13 – the final frontier

The final week of the EFFL regular season is upon us and things look a lot clearer – but there is still one division up for grabs and the perhaps crucial bye week. Of course its possible that not everyone wants that bye – if your lineup has favourable match ups in week 14, maybe you’d be better off eliminating someone else from the knockouts… will anyone be trying that strategy? Its a triple Thursday game in the states as its thanksgiving – so dont forget to set your lineups early – Bears v Lions is a 5.30 Thursday kickoff for us.
Lets start with Uhura where its still up for grabs
Jimmy’s Jerman JaguarsUhura 1 (5) Coach Jimmy
dodgy touchdown – Uhura 2 (7) Coach Russell
dodgy jaguar
Its Jimmy’s game to lose, with the highest average score and the powerhouse Murray and Lynch at RB. Matt Forte and Jordy Nelson are no slouches though so it could still go Russell’s way if the dream team have an off weekend. Forte should get the first scores on the doors in this matchup, in the early Thursday game. Russell has to wait all the way to Tuesday morning to find out if Mike Wallace has caught his way to a playoff berth. Neither QB has the best week – both of them playing divisional leaders, but of course even a QB doesn’t have to win in the real world to score big in fantasy, but it sure does help.  getting more time on the field and possibly getting some frantic defence in the final quarter can boost a score no end. This game will be hard fought – but the reality is there’s no way to see past the Jags – that’s the Pit prediction, a win for Jimmy.
Mercy Flush  – Kirk 2 (2) Coach Paul
Earlston Earthquakes – Kirk  3 (6) Coach Chris
This game is interesting as it will decide the wildcard order and thus who plays who in the playoffs. Flush are in front but Quakes have the better scoring average. There’s not much to call it in most positions but Chris’ extra depth at RB could be decisive with his last minute pickup of Le’sean Mccoy meaning that he has more choice at flex and the ability to play the slightly safer bet of a 3rd string RB rather than WR. Paul has strength across the team though with Lacey and Floyd more than capable of scoring well into the 20’s. Tom Brady looks like having a good week against the Packers and Paul will need every point there. Chris gets started with 3 players in the bears lions game whilst paul bides his time till Sunday. The question is, can Paul hit the ‘turbo flush’ or will the quakes still be floating on tuesday morning? The Pit predition is scientifically proven this week; a search pulled up this fascinating article – apparently flush end plate steel joints are earthquake resistant – http://www.icevirtuallibrary.com/content/article/10.1680/stbu.2002.152.2.157 so that’s a win for Flush then

Oakbank OdditiesTJ Hooker 3 (10) Coach Harry

Earlstonian BohemiansKirk 1 (1) Coach Ally

Coach Ally’s Bohemians have hit their form at just the right time, he’s polished off his 2 divisional games and now faces Harry, who cannot qualify. However, this could be Harry’s last game in EFFL so maybe he can cause an update with his last throw of the dice? Harry really missed Calvin “Megatron” Johnson for much of the season, but now he’s back and poses  a serious threat to anyone, however with just over 5 points in the last 2 weeks he’s not given Harry much to celebrate. Harry is struggling at QB a little this week and may want to look to our commisioner’s waiver wire post where there is some choice, unlike RB, RB and TE. Coach Ally could regret posting that advice with a loss here, as it could affect his playoff berth (maybe he’s going for that gamble i mentioned earlier?) in any case Luck and the Gronk 9sounds like a Dr Suess book?)should see their way to getting the Bohemians going in this game, and if they cannot win it for Ally, who can? The Pit prediction is a soft touch last gasp win for Harry and the Oddities. I’m not the only one who think that – here’s a very odd(ities) sculpture of 2 blokes pissing on Bohemia
Kelso 187’sTJ Hooker 1 (3) Coach Euan

SanFran-Gordon 69ersTJ Hooker 2(8) Coach Rich

Euan is through, but with one of the Uhura pair above going to 8-5 he could still do with a win here to get a more favourable playoff berth. Rich’s season never really got started and in fact the 69ers are bottom of the ‘breakdown standings’ on 45-87. Aaron rogers and Jimmy Graham are top of anyone’s list at QB and TE but unfortunatley they are the only 69ers in the top 50 scorers this season, apart from andy Dalton. like many other coaches this year, Rich has had 2 good QBs to choose from. anyway no action in any of the three Thursday games here, we wait till Sunday where Rich will be done with his season by midnight. Euan waits till Tuesday to see where he will place in the playoffs. Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown should see Euan into the high 30’s by bedtime Sunday – giving him a little less of a sleepless night – and although Rich has a chance to go out with a bang the Pit prediction is for 187s

unfortunatley googling for images of 69ers, and indeed 187s is frowned upon – so here’s a picture of a cat in a chiefs helmet


Nitten Pickaxe – Shatner 1 (4) Coach Gav
Tranent International Tornados  – Shatner 3 (12) Coach Nicky
Gav’s Pickaxe have been on a bit of a go slow for the 2 weeks since qualifying, they’ll need to pick up the pace a bit if they want to get through the playoffs. however that pales in comparison to Nicky’ disastrous Rookie year, looking at it from outside, there really dont seem to be any mistakes, it’s just bad luck. As we know Tornado still have the top score this year at an awesome 150. Nicky frustration reached its limit and he traded away the seemingly cursed Lesean McCoy, only for him to inevitably fulfil his potential straight away. There’s not much to say for Nicky, apart form the slim consolation of that top score and the fact that the Tornados ‘breakdown’ would put them at 8th – with Flush and Quakes only just in front – with a bit better luck Nicky could have been going for a playoff space. Oh well, I’m afraid there is no mercy as Pickaxe need this win to boost their playoff chances and with five players facing bottom 8 opponents, it’s Gav’s to lose – the Pit prediction is a win for Pickaxe
that’s  a Tornado in pieces for those of you a bit slow on the uptake
Pilton Panthers – Shatner 2 (9)  Coach Robert
Fog on the Tyne – Uhura 3 (11) Coach Stuart
Oh dear, neither of these seasons have come up to scratch. Brees and Thomas have been great for the Fog and Charles and Anderson are a formidable pairing for Panthers, but that’s been about the end of it. In this game there is action right form 5.30 Thursday when Alshon Jeffrey ho-pes to catch a break and more for the bears, and in Monday night football, chaotic livewire Percy Harvin will hope to match those catches and more in the Jets Dophins game. Theres’ nothing more these 2 teams can do this year, playing for pride alone – but with waiver action this morning it looks like at least 1 team is still playing to win, and they have the backing of the Pit prediction, a win for Fog.
that’s your lot – playoff predictions may look different if i have the time next week!

Week 12 Review- Five down 1 to go

Week 12 finished in dramatic style with the Earlstonian Bohemians, Fog on the Tyne and Mercy Flush snatching victory on Monday Night Football. Kirk and Uhura division still don’t have a champion, but we do know who’ll be in the playoffs. The Bohemians, Earlston Earthquakes and Flush join the Kelso 187s and last years champions Nitten Pickaxe.

The Uhura division and last playoff spot will be decided in the winner takes all clash between Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars and Dodgy Touchdown.

and in other news it was time for some of us to let it go!

Divisional Games


(8-4) Earlstonian Bohemians 86.52 – 83.5 Earlston Earthquakes (7-5)

Top Scorers: L McCoy 19.1 (EE), R Mathews 17.3 (EB), A Luck 15.02 (EB)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (6.1), Earthquakes (19.44)

It was a nail biter with a bit of an undercurrent, but thankfully cool heads prevailed in the end. The Bohemians snuck a victory at the end of Monday Night Football thanks to 6.30 points from Eric Decker during the Jets/Bills thrashing. The Bohemians control their own destiny next week, a win or Earthquakes loss will hand them the Kirk division title. The Earthquakes can still win the division despite this loss, but they’ll need to preserve a 3.02 point scoring lead and a Bohemian loss.

For the first time this season the Bohemians had an RB lead their scoring and it was a welcome relief with Andrew Luck producing his lowest score of the season (his second lowest was also against the Earthquakes). S Hauschka (15) was the only other starter to make it into double figures and despite A Blue and J Bell totaling 11.2 points between them there was enough to see them to the 3 point victory.

The Earthquakes pulled a masterstroke on trade deadline day and it was nearly enough to give them the victory. New boy S McCoy added some much needed punch to the Earhquake RBs and produced his best game of the season. He was supported by the Colts (15), R Jennings (12), and G Tate (11). However it was ultimately the decision to leave J Landry (17) and J McCown (12.84) on the bench while starters J Cutler (7.2) and B Marshall (3.2) sputtered that ultimately cost the Earthquakes victory.

Earlstonian Bohemians face the Oakbank Oddities (5-7, 1,058.12) next week. Earlston Earthquakes takes on Mercy Flush (7-5, 1,122.36).


(3-9) Tranent International Tornadoes 90.68 – 113.68 Pilton Panthers (5-7)

Top Scorers: P Manning 28.08 (TT), C Anderson 25.5 (PP), T Hilton 19.7 (TT)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (5), Panthers (6.84)

It was the sweep for the Panthers as they easily disposed of the Tornadoes. On the back of their biggest score of the season the Panthers can take satisfaction that last years wooden spoon cannot be repeated. As for the Tornadoes the most controversial trade of the season saw them lose their best RB, fail to use their new purchases and lose their 6th game in a row.

With 5 starters producing double figures it was an easy victory for the Panthers and cemented second place within Shatner division. In addition to C Anderson’s team leading output, J Charles (18.2), the Eagles (17), D Walker (15.5) and M Sanchez (12.68) were the driving force behind the Panthers largest score of the season. The Panthers have finally come on to a little bit of form lately and this should bode well for the Consolation Bowl.

It’s all gone wrong in a hurry for the Tornadoes as they drop to their 6 straight defeat. Despite 4 players producing double digit games it was yet again the Tornadoes weakness at RB that left them short of victory. With pickings on waivers slim and the trade deadline passed its going to be tough for the Tornadoes to find 1 let alone 2 acceptable RB starters for the Consolation Playoffs.

Next week, Pilton Panthers faces Fog on the Tyne (4-8, 996.60). Tranent International Tornados gets Nitten Pickaxe (7-5, 1,113.62).

TJ Hooker

(5-7) SanFran-Gordon 69ers 76.66 – 50.34 Oakbank Oddities (5-7)

Top Scorers: A Rodgers 19.76 (SF), J Graham 16.7 (SF), C Kaepernick 13.64 (OO)

Points left on bench: 69ers (5), Oddities (8.42)

It was another division clean sweep with the SanFran-Gordon 69ers thumping the Oddities as they tried to keep their slim playoff chances alive. Unfortunately that chance evaporated and both teams are now sitting at 5-7 on the year. It wasn’t the highest scoring game of the week, but Coach Richie will be happy with the win and a chance at building momentum for the Consolation Playoff.

After scoring 28.8 points last week and 36.6 the week before, Rodgers has now led SanFran-Gordon 69ers in scoring in three straight weeks, and for four of the last five. Despite being bracketed well by the Raven DST, J Graham managed to catch 2 TDs and produced a very healthy 16.7 points. The 49ers (11 points) were the 69ers only other starter to produce over 9 points.

It was yet another game to forget for the Oddities as they barely scraped over 50 points. Only Kaepernick and S Gostkowski (10) made it to double figures and it wasn’t enough to carry J Amaro’s injury and zero point output. Every other starter failed to make it over 6 points. The Oddities have the opportunity to pull out of their nose dive against a team they’ve never lost against.

Next week, SanFran-Gordon 69ers faces Kelso 187’s (7-5, 1,130.96). Oakbank Oddities will square off against first-place Earlstonian Bohemians (8-4, 1,140.02).


(7-5) Dodgy Touchdown 96.62 – 101.2 Fog on the Tyne (4-8)

Top Scorers: D Brees 28.3 (FT), D Thomas 26.7 (FT), M Forte 23.2 (DT)

Points left on bench: Touchdown (0), Fog (28.1)

It was the game the Fog have been searching for all season, but for Dodgy Touchdown is was exactly the game they didn’t need as they conceded the Uhura division lead to the Jaguars.

It was D Brees who led the Fog for the 4th time in 5 weeks and with D Thomas they accounted for over 50% of their final score. The Fog still have problems but when your stars are scoring well it’s enough to paper over even the largest cracks.

It was a typically solid game for Touchdown with M Forte leading the way with support from A Morris (19), M Ryan (15.52), and J Tucker (12). Although one of their most consistent player J Nelson had a down week it was the problems with Z  Ertz  (injury) and A Johnson (QB play) that will be concerning Coach Russell and with one of the thinnest benches in the league the options are limited for an upgrade.

Fog on the Tyne goes up against Pilton Panthers (5-7, 1,034.86) next week. Dodgy Touchdown plays Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (7-5, 1,231.12), who has averaged a league-leading 102.59 points this season in a winner takes all finale. The pressure has been building for Touchdown with just 1 victory in the last 4 games. It’s time to release that pressure!

Non -Divisional Games

(7-5) Nitten Pickaxe 87.46 – 132.4  Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (7-5)

Top Scorers: O Beckham 26.4 (JJJ), T Romo 24.8 (JJJ), Bills 22 (JJJ)

Points left on bench: Pickaxe (10.78), Jaguars (24.5)

It was a rematch of the last years final, but unlike last year this game was never close. The Jaguars are in dominant form scoring 102.59 points per game and in the middle of a 4 game win streak. The Pickaxe on the other hand have been muted since clinching their division 2 weeks ago and will look to get back to winning ways before the playoffs begin.

The Jaguars were clutch under the lights of prime time with 65.50 points on Sunday Night Football (49% of their total score). The Jaguars were led by Odell Beckham this week (146 Rec Yds, 2 TD) who scored two touchdowns and contributed 26.40 points in the blowout. Tony Romo also chipped in 24.80 points on four passing touchdowns (275 Pas Yds, 4 TD). In addition to that, with 132.40 points, Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars had the fifth-best total in the league this season. The TE spot is still a gaping wound for the Jaguars with this weeks starter M Lewis scoring -0.5 points.

The Pickaxe had a solid outing, but against the Jaguar juggernaut solid was never going to be enough. Six starters produced double digit days, but it was only J Hill and A Gates who won their head to head matchups. The biggest problem for the Pickaxe at the moment is the reduced performance from their most reliable early season performers like P Rivers, A Gates and A Ellington. The Pickaxe will need them to recapture that form if they’re to repeat last year’s championship.

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars faces dodgy touchdown (7-5, 1,109.36) next week in an Uhura Division showdown. Nitten Pickaxe plays Tranent International Tornadoes (3-9, 1,119.54), who sit in last place.


(7-5) Kelso 187s  96.12 – 126.16 Mercy Flush (7-5)

Top Scorers: J Forsett 31 (MF), R Tannehill 26.62 (K), E Lacy 25.8 (MF)

Points left on bench: 187s (8.7), Flush (4.6)

Mercy Flush (second place, 7-5, 1,122.36 points) drops Kelso 187’s (7-5, 1,130.96 points) out of the top spot after beating them 126.16 to 96.12. They overcame a 0.26-point deficit on Monday night, and put up the second-highest point total in the league this week. This matchup saw three lead changes, with the largest lead being 31.56 points after Sunday afternoon.

Mercy Flush was on a different level at RB this week, as they started two of the league’s top-10 overall RBs this week and with QB T Brady (19.96) and J Jones (12.8) recapturing form the Flush could be a very awkward opponent in the playoffs.

It was a strong game from the 187’s, but they just couldn’t keep up with the Flush with two of their strongest starters on bye. New QB R Tannehill rewarded Coach Euan’s patience on waivers and with 3 other starters producing double digits it will be a welcome return for Steeler duo L Bell and A Brown next week.

In Week 13, Mercy Flush faces Earlston Earthquakes (7-5, 1,143.04), who puts up an impressive 95.25 points per game. Kelso 187’s takes on SanFran-Gordon 69ers (5-7, 1,023.82).

Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 12.

Well that sucks, the chance to take the Kirk division and do the double on the Boo-Hoomians for the second year in a row slipped through my fingers as my team decided to stutter and stall at the total of 83.50pts. This left Eric Decker the chance to win in for Coach Ally by only needing 3pts, the balloon only got 6.3pts in the game against the Bills but it was enough for the Boo-Hoos so they clinch top spot, I think(it’s very mathematical at this point), and I’m left to go toe to toe with Mercy Flush next week to cement my place in the play-offs.

Some, of course, may say this is my just desserts and I tend to agree. I bargained a lot of my year on 2 players from the Bears and being a Vikings fan for all these years it’s only right that it’s the Bears players that let me down. Thank you very much Messrs Cutler and Marshall, thanks for eff all.

As this is a blog all about my fantasy team on a week by week basis my goal was to blog about things that had happened in that week, some weeks are harder than others because your team picks itself and not much goes on so you can drift into a tangent and ultimately it can be all filler and no killer. Not this week though, by jings, not this week.

Scooby-Doo shimmy thing!

It began at a Halloween party that a lot of the league members attended, we spent some time chatting about how things were going in our teams etc.. Coach Nicky from TIT was very aggrieved that week in week out he was playing Shady McCoy and he wasn’t putting up the numbers, he was the first overall draft pick and should be your mainstay when it comes to amassing points and that he was not. He was getting yardage but no touchdowns, frustrating. The next we heard from Nicky regarding McCoy was on the 16th of November when he posted a rant about him and said if he didn’t make a certain points total he was up for a trade, that week he made 10.6pts taking his yearly total to 94ish points and the 16th ranked running back on the year. To put perspective on that I have Arian Foster who has missed 4 weeks, including the bye week, and he has a total of 161.1pts and is ranked 5th in the year. Both frustrating but for very different reasons.

The next bit is all about my needs and reasoning behind those needs. My running backs are Foster(sicknote), Jennings(coming back from the sick), Charles Sims(unknown quantity/Tampa) and Jerick McKinnon(talented Viking but underused). The other thing for McKinnon was an uncertainty that Adrian Peterson may return, he won’t, so my running back depth was becoming an issue. Looking on the waiver wire for running backs is a blowout in our league as any decent ones are snapped up at least a week before podcasts/beat writers/NFL fantasy shouts their names from the rooftops and your left with dudes that need a touchdown run to make 7pts. Things were looking grim as it was looking like Foster was on his ‘day-to-day’ injury report and not training(never a good sign) so I had to pull a rabbit out of a hat from somewhere.

We were in our last week in which we can trade so here is what I came up with. McCoy, although not producing number 1 running back numbers, would give me the depth I needed, he had been openly put up for trade by his Coach who was at the end of his tether with him so I thought I would chance it, he would either say yes or no.

Here is what I sent to Nicky on the 19th:

 You still interested in trading McCoy? I’ll trade you Keenan Allen and Charles sims for him then you can drop ball who is of no use to you now. Allen would strengthen you at wr, good match up this week and sims could be a good shout at flex this week. Let me know your thoughts.

He replied:

  Fuck it, aye I can’t bear to look at McCoy on the team sheet.
Now you may think I’ve been a bit cheeky there but Allen had a good match-up against the Rams, he scored 12.4pts, and he has a good match-up against Denver in week 15, always does well against them and he gets a ton of targets week in week out. Sims can be seen as a bit of a stretch but remember Lovie Smith, the Tampa coach, is playing with inherited runners and he and his coaching staff drafted Sims so they obviously believe in him. Sims could save Smiths career at Tampa, stranger things have happened.
 On the McCoy side for me was the chance to start him at flex with the likelihood of getting 10-12pts from him, there was nothing in his season so far that said that was more than you could expect.
 Our very own Coach Ally touched on this in his blog regarding Trades when he wrote the following:
 Our second examples involves LeSean McCoy. He’s had a complete bust of a season for our second overall pick. He was the subject of a number of trade offers early in the season and if Coach Nicky had cashed in he may have recouped some value for him. Unfortunately he hung onto him hoping for a turnaround. He’s a great example of cashing in when you can as McCoy’s value has deflated so much and the body of work has grown to such an extent that his value is no longer RB1 with hope or RB2 but is probably closer to RB4 or RB5.
I genuinely expect that come the season end that Allen/Sims points tally will not be to far away from McCoy.
 The other thing about doing a 2 for 1 trade is that you can pick up another player straight from the waiver wire and I thought a decent replacement for Allen would be Jarvis Landry, he scored 17pts on my bench and would have won me the game if I’d have played him over Marshall(mind so would have McCown).
 So, the morning after the trade went up the shit hit the fan. Post were going up on our chat platform regarding the finalising of the trade being after the deadline, it was an underhand manoeuvre by me, cutthroat, not in the spirit of the league…….it when on and on and on. All this time, may I add any league member could have voted against the trade and stopped it dead in the water but no one did. If it was against the league rules regarding the completion then it would have been kick out, it didn’t. I asked, Nicky agreed. What more needs to be said?
 Well this, I suppose, I play in and am proud to be part of the EFFL, I want to win and I know the guys I play against want to win and that comes down to a group of athletes taking to the field to play the game they get paid to play and for them it’s not to important that a bunch of guys in the Scottish Borders(a couple are further afield) are bickering with each other over something that is a distraction from the day to day bollocks that we have to go through. I myself have gotten too carried away with the whole thing this year and I’m guilty of forgetting that we don’t all do this with the same intensity and that for some it’s just a way of keeping in touch with friends. We will be loosing Coach Harry at the end of the season and I am partly responsible for that as I felt he wasn’t engaging like he should. For that I would like to apologies. I love playing in the EFFL and wouldn’t change it even though sometimes it changes me, it’s all about balance I suppose. In the real world we all have bigger issues to concern ourselves with and hopefully this is a bit of an escape from that, I know it is for me.
 Don’t hate the player, hate the players that play the game!
 From Behind The Purple Door.

Week 13- Free Agents and Waivers

Pickings are thin on waivers and amongst free agents in the Earlston league at the moment. Week 13 is really the time you should be stocking your roster with handcuffs (just in case). Any advantage at this stage could win you that championship! So here are my picks for the week…..


Eli Manning – He has great matchups against Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Washington up next. Yes, he’s not consistent, and yes he could have another 5 int day, but look at those opponents surely he’s a better option than Jay Cutler?

Colt McCoy – He was decent against Dallas and has a reasonable stretch run to come. With Griffin on a short leash he may be worth a pickup…..but only if you’re desperate!

Teddy Bridgewater- He hasn’t been good since his first start against Atlanta, but he does have the Jets in Week 14.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Mallett may have an injury, so it’s back to Shitzpatrick for Houston. We might see Tom Savage if the Texans fall out of playoff contention, but Week 13 brings a good matchup against Tennessee.


Daniel Herron – The bad news is he’s no Ahmad Bradshaw and fumbled. The good news? He play’s with Andrew Luck and he’s not T-Rich!

Andre Williams – It looks like Williams will be splitting time with Jennings for the present. He converted a score, and with some easy matchups against Jacksonville and Tennessee up next, he may have flex value with some injury upside if Jennings gets hurt again.

KaDeem Carey- Carey is set up as one of the more valuable RB handcuffs to own as a potential everydown back behind Matt Forte.

Christine Michael- Michael would share with Robert Turbin if Marshawn Lynch were injured. They’re both rosterable as handcuffs, but Michael is probably has more value.

Marcel Reece- Reece is wasted in Oakland and could do much more than he’s asked to do. In fact he may even provide a spark to their running game! If you pick him up it’ll be more in hope than reality that he’ll get carries or can help.

Theo Riddick – Riddick did very little until garbage time. He’s part of a group of RB handcuffs that should be rostered for the fantasy playoffs.

Robert Turbin – While Turbin would split with Christine Michael if Marshawn Lynch were to go down, he would get passing down work and may have some fantasy relevance.


Timothy Wright- It’s not been the greatest year for TEs. The problem with Wright is he could go from 0 snaps to a full game workload. If you can figure out the Patriots game plans then he could be worth rostering. He’s not a direct replacement for Gronk if he was injured, but he’d have value.

Brent Celek- This is more of a pre-emptive pickup as Celek would take the full TE role in Philadelphia that he’s currently splitting with Zach Ertz.

Dion Sims- Filled in for Charles Clay. If Clay can’t come back in time for Monday night’s game against the Jets, he may be worth a pick up..


Donte Moncrief- Reggie Wayne is slowing down, and Moncrief is speeding up. Perhaps he won’t overtake him this year, but the chance of owning a receiver coming into a big role in an Andrew Luck offense is one worth taking on your bench for the fantasy playoffs.

Andre Holmes- Most Raiders aren’t worth rostering, but Holmes is finding a bit of consistency and trash time work.

Justin Hunter- He’s not good, too inconsistent and has Mettenberger throwing to him.

Tavon Austin – Austin is wasted in St Louis and Brian Schottenheimer is not a coordinator you want to bank on to give him work. He’s another emergency option though.

Stedman Bailey- See above.

Charles Johnson – Two decent weeks in a row, a breakout? Let’s not get carried away it’s still the Vikings offense.

James Jones- The “go-to receiver” in the Oakland offense if that counts for anything.

Robert Woods- Had a big game for the Detroit Bills last night. He’s not a consistent scorer, but if you get the correct game he can be a useful pickup.


Where you’re getting your points from- Week 12

The table below shows how well your position group is performing compared to the league average in each game. For example- The Bohemians QBs have scored 4.55 points more than the league average per game whereas their DST has scored 1.15 points less than league average in each game.

Bohemians 4.55 -8.02 0.68 5.28 1.16 0.66 -1.15
Flush 1.73 4.33 -4.35 -0.85 1.30 -1.26 1.18
Earthquakes -2.08 4.40 -2.89 -0.90 3.09 -1.59 3.85
Tornadoes 5.76 -9.32 3.08 1.64 0.09 0.49 -0.49
Pickaxe -2.65 -1.39 4.04 1.34 -0.57 1.74 -1.15
Panthers -4.12 3.76 -2.11 -1.26 -0.20 -1.42 0.43
187s -2.61 2.81 5.77 -0.77 -1.56 -0.84 -0.07
Oddities -3.22 -3.81 -2.17 2.76 1.41 2.74 -1.57
Jaguars -0.53 13.63 -3.08 -4.22 2.76 0.08 2.51
Tyne 0.43 -6.51 5.14 -1.09 -3.28 -1.59 -2.49
Touchdown -0.91 7.28 1.43 -1.32 -2.45 0.74 -2.32
69ers 3.67 -7.17 -5.55 -0.62 -1.75 0.24 1.26

Pick Um or Stick Um week 12

Here are your week 12 picks

Coach Euan:

No entry submitted.

Coach Ally:

Bohemians, Panthers, TiT, Oddities,earthquakes,JJJ.

Coach Nicky:

TiT, Earthquakes, JJJ, Flush 69ers, Touchdowns.

Coach Paul: 

Flush, Bohemians, Pickaxe TiT, Oddities, Touchdowns.

Coach Stuart:

No entry submitted.

Coach Russell:

JJJ, Touchdowns, Earthquakes, TiT, 187s, Oddities.

Coach Gav:

Earthquakes, Flush, 69ers, Fog, Pickaxe, TiT.

Coach Richie:

69ers, Earthquakes, JJJ, Panthers, Flush,Touchdowns.

Coach Cozy:

Earthquakes, JJJ, Panthers, Flush, 69ers, Fog.

Coach Jimmy:

JJJ, Earthquakes, Panthers, 187s, Oddities, Fog.

Coach Harry:

No entry submitted

Coach Rab:

No entry submitted

So here is how the voting went.

Bohemians 2 Picks

Pickaxe 2 Picks

JJJ 6 Picks

Flush 5 Picks

Touchdown 4 Picks

187s 2 Picks

TiT 5 Picks

Panthers 4 Picks

Oddities 4 Picks

Earthquakes 7 Picks

Fog 2 Picks

69ers 4 Picks

So there you have it this weeks Pick um  team is for the first time is the Earthquakes with 7 Picks and this week we have 4 Stick um teams on 2 Picks and they are Bohemians, 187s, Fog and once again Pickaxe.


Pickaxe 21      1  100%
187s 19
JJJ 19
Bohemians 19
Earthquakes 18
Flush 17
Touchdowns 14
69ers 14
Fog 12
TiT 10
Oddities 3
Panthers 0

A Rookie’s Guide to Trading

Fantasy football can be an extremely rewarding, but equally frustrating “hobby”. From the hope of the draft, to the opening game, the disappointments of poor play, the flush of victory over your mates until finally the joy and excitement of the playoffs.

For most new players the draft, waivers and free agency are the only ways to build and maintain a team throughout the season, but apart from the skill and luck of the waiver wire the ability to make trades is another key skill in a potential champion’s armoury.

Like most people in life some are risk averse whereas others have a daredevil spirit. When you don your General Manager hat it doesn’t really matter where you lie in that spectrum it’s more important you have all the correct tools and skills to make trading effective.

What’s important to remember is trading is another tool in your GM armoury. It’s important not to stand pat and look to improve your squad throughout the season. If improvement can’t be found in waivers or free agency then you need to do it by trading. Too many teams start well and then see a promising season fizzle out as their rivals restock, retool and then eventually overhaul them because they recognised their own strengths and weaknesses.

What i’m going to try to do here is give you those basic tools and ideas to get you started . Of course trades are their to benefit you, but the secret to a good trade is that both you and your partner see value.

Types of Trades

Although it’s not necessary to break down trades into categories I’ve done so because I think it helps to explain motivation behind the offers you may see during the season. Where possible I’ve tried to use trades that have gone through in the EFFL, or at least ones that were offered during the season.

Apples for Oranges

The first category is probably the most obvious one. A team with strength at one position and weakness at another trades with a team in the opposite situation. A great example this year was between the Bohemians and Jaguars. The Jaguars had some of the strongest RB depth in the league, but were really struggling at WR. The Bohemians on the other hand had strength at WR, but were struggling at RB. Although the Jaguars saw slightly more value from the trade it was a loss the Bohemians were willing to take due to their lack of RB depth.

Trading the Farm for a Star

These types of trades generally involve one team trading a superstar for a number of lower ranked but consistent players. The aim for the team off loading the superstar is to add players who are going to strengthen their overall squad and improve depth in a number of areas. It’s usual that team making the trade is (over) enamored by the superstar and feels they need him to compete. We’ve not had any of these trades take place in the EFFL (yet). But ask yourself how much would you be willing to trade for DeMarco Murray or Andrew Luck this season?

Waiver Wire or Free Agent Trade Bait

Generally these trades come about after the considerable amount of hype generated by the fantasy football media. In most cases they’re generated from “sell high” hype in most cases the player isn’t a long term solution e.g. Brandon Oliver, Bobby Rainey and Steve Smith all would have made excellent trade bait to prize better long term assets from opponents.

Injuries or Busts

When the unexpected occurs- Adrian Peterson (idiocy), Ray Rice (idiocy), Josh Gordon(idiocy), LeSean McCoy (poor form), Ryan Mathews (injury), Montee Ball (injury) or Robert Griffen III (poor form and injury), usually there are vultures ready to help you out with a handcuff for a decent performer on your team or someone hoping to trade for your bust in the hope that they can turn things around.#

We’ve had two good examples of this type of trade this season. The first involved Matt Asiata from the Jaguars for Larry Fitzgerald from the 187s. The 187s lost Adrian Peterson early in the season and without his handcuff (at the time Asiata rather than McKinnon who was the longer term target) felt they needed to make a trade. The Jaguars got an excellent player in the trade who started the season very slowly and looked like a great pickup. Unfortunately, the Jaguars didn’t hold onto Fitzgerald for long enough to see any benefit.

Our second examples involves LeSean McCoy. He’s had a complete bust of a season for our second overall pick. He was the subject of a number of trade offers early in the season and if Coach Nicky had cashed in he may have recouped some value for him. Unfortunately he hung onto him hoping for a turnaround. He’s a great example of cashing in when you can as McCoy’s value has deflated so much and the body of work has grown to such an extent that his value is no longer RB1 with hope or RB2 but is probably closer to RB4 or RB5.

Depth for a Starter

You are only 1 injury away from disaster in fantasy football. Sometimes it’s worth trading a low end starter to ensure you have depth. It’s particularly important if you only have 2 quality WRs or RBs. These positions suffer the greatest wastage and it’s worth investing in quality backups who can perform in match-up play.

Sometimes it’s better to trade a TE1 or a QB 6-10 for some solid performers at those positions and give you more stability over the course of the season rather than keeping your fingers crossed that your starters make it through the season unscathed.

Things to do before you offer or accept

  • Look at your strengths and weakness. It sounds obvious, but sometimes it’s too easy to be drawn into a trade you can’t afford to make. If you have 3 good starting RBs it might be risky to trade one of them to upgrade at WR. Be realistic, how good is your bench. If your starter is injured or loses form are they going to improve your lineup. If you don’t need them and they have value then go out and get someone who’ll help your lineup.
  • Look at your opponents strengths and weaknesses. It makes it easier to identify trade partners and is a better use of your time.
  • Identify your trade target(s).
  • Ranks, scoring and projections. This is where you gain your value. Look ahead in the schedule, plan ahead with match-ups. Perhaps you’ve got the best out of your player and your opponent is disappointed with his players production, but just look at that juicy schedule to come! Remember, running games usually improve as the season wears on, passing games tend to regress. The weather or fatigue?
  • Make an offer or even better make two. When we’re faced with a choice as humans we tend to select an option rather than reject it out of hand when we only have one.
  • Be open. Let your trade mate know what you’re thinking, why it’s good for them and more importantly why you want to trade with them. Sending someone a trade offer like: M Crabtree WR for J Gray RB without an explanation is likely to be rejected out of hand.

Tools to Help

Here are some tools that can help you decide value in trade. Shop around and make sure you get a few quotes!

Football Guys Trade Dominator

Fantasy SP Trade analyzer

Fantasy Pros my playbook

Trade Debate

and remember lunch is for wimps!

Week 11 Review- The First Cut is the Deepest

Well it wasn’t as exciting as we hoped, but the resumption of the divisional games did give us our first cut. We lost the Tranent Tornadoes, Pilton Panthers and the Fog on the Tyne who only have pride and the Consolation playoffs to play for.

Next week should decide even more with at least 3 teams hopes hanging by a thread. Shatner division is still the only division with a crowned champion, but the teams listed below can guarantee victory next week with the following results:

  • The Earthquakes can take Kirk with a win over the Bohemians and a Flush loss.
  • The 187s need a win or an Oddities loss for the TJ Hooker crown.
  • The Touchdown need a win and a Jaguars loss to win Uhura.

Divisional Games


(7-4) Earlstonian Bohemians 98.42 – 71.08 Mercy Flush (6-5)

Top Scorers: E Lacy 23.4 (MF), A Luck 19.62 (EB), A Blue 15.6 (EB)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (8.9), Flush (21.42)

A return match for the Week 1 clash between these teams ended in a second win for the Bohemians. The Bohemians took advantage of a bye week that robbed Flush of their 2 most consistent RBs and despite a mini comeback late on Sunday Evening the Bohemians eventually pulled away to a comfortable victory.

The Bohemians made do with a number of consistent outputs rather than any dominant performances. Four players produced double digit performances whereas four other starters produced at least 7 points. Their lowest scorer was the Vikings DST with 4 points. Next week the Bohemians face the Earthquakes (7-4, 1,059.54) in a winner takes all clash for the Kirk division.

The Flush struggled to replace their bye week absentees and despite E Lacy’s terrific performance it was the dismal outputs of T Kelce, P Garcon and B McManus (1.7, 0.6 and 1 point) that stopped them challenging the Bohemians. In fact despite those performances it meant Coach Paul’s decision to leave M Floyd (17.4) and C Newton (18.68) on the bench would have had no effect to the result. Next week the Flush face the 187s (7-4, 1,034.84) in a non-divisional game. A win for the Flush and the Earthquakes will give them a shot at the divisional title in Week 13.


(5-6) Pilton Panthers 91.34 – 81.22 Nitten Pickaxe (7-4)

Top Scorers: J Charles 27.8 (PP), A Green 18.7 (NP), J Hill 16.5 (NP)

Points left on bench: Panthers (7.4), Pickaxe(8.7)

The Panthers gained revenge for their week 1 pummelling at the hands of the Pickaxe with a 10 point victory. Unfortunately the victory was not enough to prevent the Panthers from being knocked out of play-off contention.

The Panthers were led by their star player J Charles and 4 other double digit performances (M Sanchez (13.84), R Cobb (12.9), C Anderson (11.5) and R Randle (11.2)). Next week they have the opportunity to complete the sweep over divisional rival Tornadoes (3-8, 1,028.86) before ending the season against Fog on the Tyne.

The Pickaxe struggled without star man D Bryant and muted performances from P Rivers (11.62) and A Ellington (6.6) left them short of the Panthers good score. On a brighter note J Hill continued to get starter reps and Coach Gav will be hoping this continues into the play-offs whereas A Green benefited from better play from QB A Dalton. Pickaxe continue their walk-through to the play-offs with a game against Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (6-5, 1,098.72), who has averaged a league-leading 99.88 points this season.

TJ Hooker

(5-6) Oakbank Oddities 53.72 – 108.78 Kelso 187s (7-4)

Top Scorers: L Bell 28.2 (K), E Sanders 16.2 (K), A Brown 15.1 (K)

Points left on bench: Oddities (13.2), 187s (5.7)

It was the game that could have seen the Oddities take pole position in TJ Hooker division instead it was an insipid performance that all but awarded the division to the 187s. Oddities still have a chance, but they’ll need 2 dominant performances and an Earthquake victory or two 187 slip-ups to make it.

It was a return to form for the 187s as they followed their lowest score of the year with a thumping of division rival Oddities. QB continues to be an issue for the 187s and they continue to sift through trash to find a consistent performer for the playoffs. At the moment R Griffin doesn’t look to be the man. L Bell returned to his dominant ways, but it was the trio of WRs who again drove the team to success with over 45 points between them. The 187s currently have the most productive WR corps in the league producing on average almost 7 point more than the league average. Next week, Kelso 187’s faces Mercy Flush (6-5, 996.20).

The Oddities had one of their dominant performances last week, but as typical this season they followed it up with an insipid output. In their worst performance of the season only 2 players made it to double figures- C Kaepernick (14.12) and Chargers DST (11). Every other starter failed to produce more than 6 points as the Oddities all but handed the title to the 187s. Next week they have the chance to recover against the equally flaccid 69ers (4-7, 947.16), but with injuries mounting it looks like the Oddities season will go out with a whimper rather than a roar .


(3-8) Fog on the Tyne 76.8 – 92.32 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (6-5)

Top Scorers:R Wilson 22.22 (JJJ), A Jeffrey 19.5 (FT), K Benjamin 16.9 (JJJ)

Points left on bench: Fog (0.9), Jaguars (2.2)

A 3rd straight win for the Jaguars continues to give them hope in either a divisional crown or wildcard spot. For the Tyne it was finally the end to a miserable season as they prepare themselves for the consolation playoffs.

It was a straightforward and in the end easy victory for the Jaguars. Four players made it into double figures whereas three other starters produced over 8 points. In fact it was a game when for the first time the Jaguar RBs produced less points than their receivers and this looks to be a positive sign for their playoff chasing run. The one continuing open sore is the TE position where yet again they produced a 0 point outing.Next week, Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars matches up against Nitten Pickaxe (7-4, 1,026.16). If they want to make the playoffs or have a chance of the division title they’ll need to match or surpass Dodgy Touchdown’s result.

After a promising mid-season resurgence it was a return to the poor form of early season for the Tyne. They’re a team that went into the season relying heavily on the QB and WR positions. They currently have the 2nd best WR output in the league, but it’s been at QB where D Brees’ slump in form has led to them struggling throughout the season. As with many of their other games 4 starters produced good scores, but the rest of the starting lineup failed to live up to expectation. It will be back to the drawing board for the Fog next year, but first they square off against Dodgy Touchdown (7-4, 1,012.74).

Non -Divisional Games

(4-7) SanFran-Gordon 69ers 77.44 – 102.62 Score Earlston Earthquakes (7-4)

Top Scorers: A Rodgers 28.84 (SF), B Marshall 21 (EE), J McNown 20.32 (EE)

Points left on bench: 69ers (17.5), Earthquakes (4.38)

The result wasn’t a surprise,but the fact that the 69ers still have a (slim) hope of the playoffs is remarkable. The Earthquakes continue to produce playoff calibre games and their progress is almost guaranteed. There is just the small matter of a division crown to settle first.

With 6 starters produced 9 points or more the result was never really in doubt in this match. B Marshall continued to power the Earthquakes offense and with R White (13.5) and L Donnell (11.4) finding some late season form the outlook looks good for the Earthquakes. In Week 12, Earlston Earthquakes will face Earlstonian Bohemians (7-4, 1,053.50).

More woe and more frustration for the 69ers. It was a tale of A Rodgers, a kicker and E Manning throwing 5 INT’s and really no one else for the 69ers. The 69ers have only had 2 performances of note this season and perhaps their over reliance on players from just 1 team has been telling. They have 1 more week to prove their relevance in the season, but they’ll need an awful lot of results to go their way. The 69ers take on the equally disappointing Oakbank Oddities (5-6, 1,007.78).

(3-8) Tranent International Tornadoes 80.56 – 86.78 Dodgy Touchdown (7-4)

Top Scorers: M Evans 32.9 (TT), M Forte 17.5 (DT),  J Nelson 16.9 (DT)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (46), Touchdown (4.64)

It was one of those games for Coach Nicky, but in the end the spoils went to the ultra-consistent Touchdown, but has it given them enough breathing space?

It went down to the wire for the Touchdown, but it was one of their most important wins of the season and may be just enough to put some pressure back on the resurgent Jaguars. As typical for the Touchdowns season they had a number of solid performers, but no real standouts with 4 players reaching double figures and 3 others scoring over 6 points. In Week 12, dodgy touchdown will meet the last-place team in the league, Fog on the Tyne (3-8, 895.40).

For Coach Nicky it will go down has the mistake of the season as J Gray’s 43.9 points were left languishing on the bench despite being brought in as RB support in a trade for WR Branden Cooks. In fact Gray’s day was the largest score of the season, would have guaranteed victory and kept the Tornadoes slim playoff hopes alive. Unfortunately M Ball (0 pts) started instead and despite 2 double digit performers and M Evans massive receiving day it was a tale of “if only” for Coach Nicky. Next week the Tornadoes face the Pilton Panthers (4-7, 921.18) for pride.

Welcome to my Fantasy: Week11

He may have tried to wine me, he may have tried to dine me but Coach Richie definitely failed when he tried to 69 me! The thing you need to know when going into a match up with the SanFran-Gordon 69ers is you will get a week long barrage of trash talk, the other thing you need to know is, it doesn’t really matter as his team is rubbish and the head coach makes some “interesting” choices. On paper going into this game it looked as if I was the underdog but as they say, every dog has his day, and I certainly had mine. The Quakes now move to 7-4, sharing that record with the Boo-Hoomians who we play next week in the biggest divisional game of the season.

This week didn’t go as smooth as I would have liked as my oil worker, Arian Foster, was on shore leave with a groin injury he sustained in week 9. I did have Rashad Jennings back but he was up against a good D and just back off, what felt like, a long absence due to injury, so I wasn’t expecting a big workload for him. The options that left me was McKinnon or Sims at rb2, I opted for McKinnon. If AP was going to be back I was hoping he would seize the moment a go out with a bang. Still don’t fully get why the Vikings don’t game plan for him a bit more as he averages over 4yds a carry, frustrating for a fantasy coach that is.

I had also made the decision this week to bench Cutler after he had lost his way over the last couple of weeks and had appeared to be playing his way out of Soldier Field rather than the franchise QB he should be. I went with Josh McCown, up against Washington, massive thrower of the ball, say no more. It was the kick up the arse Cutler needed as he produce a 23pt game. It didn’t backfire too much on me as McCown put up just over 20pt. Welcome back for week 12 Jay, your my boy(in)blue.

It was my receivers that made the difference this week with Marshall, White and Donnell at TE putting up numbers that swung the game. Roddy White has impressed me this year, he’s not putting up the numbers of, say, Cobb but as a second receiver he has been consistent and is a good flex play. I’m not too worried regarding Tate this week as no Lion scored big in a week were the Cards D kept them down pretty well. Megatron is back and that dents his numbers but Stafford has now learned he can trust him and with match ups against weaker defences to come and Megatron getting doubled that should open things up for him nicely.

My aim this year was to be more consistent in my scoring and, bar my 2 weak weeks, I’m a lot happier with how that’s working out, just got to keep that up into the next few weeks. I’m averaging 96.32pts a game against Ally who is  95.77pts per game. This week could be good. Come back next week.

From Behind the Purple Door.