2014, It was a very good Year.

I have tried to write this a few times now and must say it has been difficult not to sound to big headed, so I am going to keep it simple if I can.

Firstly you should all know how pleased and relieved I am to have won this this year. I was very pleased with my rookie performance last year in making the final but it wasn’t the Holy Grail and it hurt to get so close and not win. I think if anything tho it made me more determined to not make any mistakes this year if possible. I new going into the play off that I had the strongest team and it was mine for the taking but with such a strong squad I still needed to play the right players on the right weeks which didn’t make life any easier. Last year I had about 10 good players so my team picked its self making decisions that much easier.

How have I won it? What was my secret?

Well because it worked for me reasonably well last year I opted for the same starategy of playing 3 RBs wherever possible and I also used a lot of luck. I came out the Draft with 2 cowbell RBs in Murray and Lynch who were with me right to the end. These 2 were the Keystone to my success they gave me week in week out points without fail all I needed to do was build on them. I use the waivers as much as I can too, I see a lot of you just sit on your team because you have a good starting 9 players where as I aimed this year to have 15 good players, so every week I trawled the waivers to find someone better as at least one player on my bench. With this I did get lucky especially this year with so many injuries, the best of them all being a wide reciever that goes by the name Odell Beckam. Apart from that I had a good QB that got steady points and a good kicker this year, defences were as last year a bit of a streamin game and as last year I played without a TE but it wasn’t so bad this year as there were a few of you in the same boat.

That is about it as I don’t want to go into to much detail and blow my own trumpet. But I will say this, when August comes around the draft is the single most important day of the season and the least important at the same time. What do I mean? Its important to get a few top players from the draft but not important to get a whole team as the team will change and develop as the season progresses!

So I will leave you all by thanking you for all taking part again in what has been another very enjoyable campaign, and I look forward very much to retaining the trophy next year. I am pleased I have won this early on as it takes the pressure off going into next year. Things could have been very different if I had indeed been bridesmaid twice. But know this I won’t be lying down next year now that I have a Championship, as I have the Hall of Fame to think off.

A special word of thanks to our Convener who puts a lot of work into this and makes it all possible.


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