Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 13.

The play-off showdown against the Flush was as tense a game as I can recall. I’m no stato so when it comes to working out the finer points of if I made it into the play-offs or not my philosophy was a simple one, if I win I’m in. I went into Monday nights game needing a couple of points from Jarvis Landry and Caleb Sturgis and when I checked, some time into the 1st quarter, they had achieved the goal. I would have liked a bigger final total but you can’t get too greedy so I’m happy enough with my 110.88-95.80 destruction of the pitiful Mercy Flush(love you really Paul).  Into the play-offs I trundle as I take on Gav and his team Nitten Pickaxe.

The reason for the lateness of this blog is down to the fact that reality took over from fantasy this week as my wife celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. It is a bit of a landmark one so the majority of my attention was geared towards her as we partied in Glasgow on Saturday night, so much so I was unable to eat anything until 5.30pm on Sunday night. I was nice and full when the games started though. On her birthday we dined out with family at Herges on the Loch which we all enjoyed very much. I do like it there.

I suppose the reason I am dishing out this info is that my team is pretty much sorted now and barring any major injury disasters things are pretty much going according to plan. I’m not saying my team is perfect, far from it, but I have planned for this part of the season for the last month and with the acquisition of McCoy, quiet in the cheap seats, I feel I’m in a pretty strong position within my roster of players. I’ve worked out match-ups and have multiple scenario’s whatever injury issues come calling, like Mr Jennings this week for instance.

I’m getting ahead of myself, my main issue at this time is at Quarterback. Jay Cutler is quite simply doing my nut in. My whole draft philosophy this year was wide receiver heavy and when I snagged Marshall I was determined to get Cutler, they have(had?!?) great chemistry and with Forte, Jeffrey and Bennett the Bears have the weapons. Unfortunately when that train goes off the rails it hits you hard and through injury to Marshall and Cutler running hot to cold to freezing it has not been the goldmine I was hoping for. I’ve waived and dropped and waived again trying to snag a replacement, a lot of guys have been on the Quakes roster for a matter of minutes while some have stepped up and had a go, Jay always manages to put up the numbers in those cases( week 13 Eli Manning 9.88pts starter, Jay 15.10pts bench). My lesson I’m learning, in amongst this, is that by punishing Jay I’m hurting myself  and that is a bitter pill. Battle on we must though and by jingo I will see this out with young Jay if its the last thing I do.

Other position of trouble is tight end, outside the top 3 it is just a horrendous position so I try not to let it take up too much brain space so I won’t bore you with it here.

This one is short and sweet, until next week were I will either be in or out, later.

From Behind The Purple Door.


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