Welcome to EFFL, the Earlston Fantasy Football League. This is a 12-team league formed in 2013 in the Red Lion Pub (Earlston) by Chris Powell and Alastair Reid. The league is designed to be fun although a small prize fund is available. The current league fee is £20.00 and is due on draft day for the upcoming season.

The league is designed to be a competition between owners, but it not a cut-throat league where anything goes. The rules described below are designed to act as a guideline for overall league play, and any disputes will be handled by the executive committee of the league. Please remember that the overall goal of this league is to have fun and enjoy the game of football. If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

 [1.1 Executive Committee]

The executive committee for EFFL consists of:

  • Commissioner Alastair Reid
  • Co-Commissioner Chris Powell
  • Co-Commissioner Paul Wheatley

The executive committee will be responsible for resolving all disputes that are not expressly covered by this constitution. If a committee member is involved in the dispute, that member will excuse themselves from the decision process. While all owners are encouraged to submit suggestions to the committee, the committee’s decision on all matters is final. The executive committee will also have access to independent arbitration from external fantasy football commissioners known to the commissioner.

 [1.2 Living Constitution]

It is important to note that this is a living, breathing constitution that will change and evolve over the lifetime of this league. Changes will happen between seasons as often as possible and will be effective from that point moving forward. If you have suggestions for changes, please submit them to one of the executive committee members.


The league fee for EFFL will be charged to each team owner and committee member, payable to the commissioner at Draft Day. If a team owner does not have the appropriate entry fee, the executive committee may make other arrangements for payment before the season starts at their discretion.

[2.1 League Fee]

The EFFL league fee until further notice will be £20 from each owner. This fee consists of £10 entry fee plus £10 from each owner to cover the cost of the league, drafting software and prizes for the end of season bash. This fee is due on or before our league Draft Day. Trades and waiver wire transactions will NOT cost. Owners who do not pay their entry fee will have their balance deducted from any prize money that they win and will be forced to pay any outstanding balance before the start of the following season or they will not be invited back.

 [2.2 Prize Money]

League prize money will be paid out at the EFFL prize night (SuperBowl Sunday). Money will be held in a bank account owned by the commissioner and will be paid out in the following manner:

  • League Champion receives £80 (or championship ring +smaller cash payout) + the Earlston SuperBowl trophy (for 1 year)
  • League Runner-Up receives £25
  • League Scoring Champion receives £15
  • Division Champions receive the Kirk, Shatner, TJ Hooker and Uhura Cups
  • Regular Season Champion receives the Regular Season Cup
  • The worst team in the league receives the wooden spoon and first pick in next years draft.


The EFFL will consist of 12 different teams, broken into four divisions of three teams each. The divisions have been named in honour of our good friend William Shatner as Kirk, Shatner, TJ Hooker and Uhura. The schedule will be randomly generated, with each team playing its divisional opponents home and away and every other team at least once in a head-to-head match-up. The schedule for each team will consist of 13 weeks.

Here’re the league breakdown and owner names for those who require it:

Team Owner Division
Tranent International Tornadoes Nicky Shatner
Kelso 187’s Euan TJ Hooker
Pilton Panthers Rab Shatner
Kelsae Avengers Stuart Uhura
Tweedbank Pirates Paul Kirk
Earlstonian Bohemians Ally Kirk
Kelso Kestrels Ryan TJ Hooker
SanFranGordon 69ers Richie TJ Hooker
Earlston Earthquakes Cozy Kirk
Fog on the Tyne Stuart Uhura
Jerman Jaguars Jimmy Uhura
Nitten Pickaxe Gav TJ Hooker

The Fife Fire, Oakbank Oddities and Dodgy Touchdown franchises have been disbanded and were replaced by the Kelso Kestrels, Fife Fire and Kelsae Avengers respectively for the 2017-2018, 2016-2017 and 2015-2016 seasons. The Mercy Flush, Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars and Ten Stane Nuts were renamed as Tweedbank Pirates, Jerman Jaguars and SanFran-Gordon 69ers respectively.

 [3.1 Division Rankings]

Teams will be ranked within each division (and ranked for playoffs) based on the following criteria:

  1. Overall Winning Percentage
  2. Division Winning Percentage
  3. Total Points Scored
  4. Head to Head Result
  5. Total Offensive Points

 [3.2 Playoffs]

After the completion of the regular season, six teams will make the playoffs. All division winners will be awarded a playoff spot and the 2 highest ranking non-division winners from each conference will be awarded a wildcard spot. In Week 14, the 2 wildcard teams will play the 2 lowest ranking division winners, and the 2 highest ranking winners will get a bye. The winners from Week 14 will play the highest ranking division winners in the semi-final championship in Week 15. The winner of each semi-final championship will play each other in the EFFL Super Bowl during Week 16 of the NFL. The Championship bracket playoffs will be mirrored by a Consolation playoffs to help determine the draft order for next season.


Rosters in EFFL consist of 15 active players from any NFL team plus 1 injured reserve spot and 2 practice squad spots. A maximum of 6 players in any one position can be retained. No position minimums are set, but line-up criteria is a minimum requirement for active ownership. Only players from the active roster may be used as part of a team’s starting lineup. There are additional 3 backup slots available on the MFL site. Backup players are specified for informational purposes only, but any backup player can be used to help the commissioner make changes to create a valid line-up if a starter is a late injury call-off (Note this can be used for Thursday Night Games).

NOTE: If enabled, backup players are still optional as owners can leave the default backup player setting blank on the submit lineups screen.

[4.0.1 Injured Reserve]

During the NFL season, a team may place a player on IR if they appear on their NFL teams Injured Reserve List. The owner may then utilise the blind bid waiver wire process to replace the player on their active roster.

  1.  IR moves are free
  2. No free agent who is listed as IR and then drafted or acquired via the waiver wire is eligible for the IR wire (i.e. a player on IR can’t be picked up and stashed on your IR…only active players on your roster are eligible)
  3. A team may only have a maximum 1 players on the IR list at any time.
  4. The official site for determining a player’s status will be NFL.com
  5. A player on the IR list may not be traded to another team

[4.0.2 Practice Squad]

Beginning at the end of the 2017 season an additional 2 roster spots will be added to each franchise’s roster. These additional roster spots will be classified as Practice Squad spots and are available to rookies only (draftees or free agents).

The practice squad is a general placeholder for up to 2 rookies who are not designated as being part of the active roster (and therefore, not eligible to be a fantasy starter). The taxi squad players are reserved by their franchise and are not part of the free agent pool.

Owners can promote and demote rookies from their practice squad to their active roster or their practice squad to the free agent pool (or vice versa). The first EFFL rookie draft will take place in July/August 2018.

[4.1 The Draft]

The commissioner will designate two draft nights each season (rookie and main). Owners are expected to attend the main draft in person. The annual rookie draft will be conducted by a non face to face method.

The draft order will be determined the previous season’s final standings (worst to first). The draft will be a serpentine order, where the person with the first pick in Round 1 will have the last pick in Round 2 and the first pick in Round 3. When it is the owner’s turn to draft, they will have two minutes to make their pick. The commissioner will designate a timekeeper and when the timer expires, an automated pick will be made. Draft picks can be traded, but no owner or team can have fewer than 15 picks in the draft (and vice versa no more than 15).

The rookie draft will consist of 2 rounds where only players eligible for the NFL draft or supplemental draft can be drafted by EFFL owners. Players selected in the rookie draft will be immediately placed on the practice squad until the season begins. Rookie draft order will be determined by the combined results of the EFFL weekly pick’em and survivor results (1 pt awarded for each pick ’em result + 6pts for each week survived)

For the enjoyment of those who can attend the draft absentee owners are expected to supply a detailed draft plan and player list to the commissioner. Ideally, the draft list will be supplied as a round by round plan on separate pages. The draft strategies and lists will be prepared in a paper on draft day by a neutral party who will then make the appropriate selections via the commissioner. At no point in the process will any member of the league have the foresight of the absentee players strategy. If any ambiguities occur a selection based on (1) roster requirements or (2) value will be made instead. At present, the league would prefer you to use a “top overall” .xml output cheat-sheet created from http://www.cheatsheetcreator.com/ .

 [4.2 Free Agency]


In the MyFantasyLeague.com system, a waiver is commonly (but not always) a general term for all player adds and drops. The EFFL uses a blind bid waiver request system where at certain points of the NFL week (week ends Tuesday 9:00am GMT) access to players is restricted.

Lock All Free Agents Mon Sep 11 10:00:00 p.m. GMT 2017 (Happens 15 more weeks.) Edit Delete
Process Blind Bid Waivers Wed Sep 13 6:00:00 p.m. GMT 2017 (Happens 15 more weeks.) Edit Delete
No Trades Allowed Kickoff of Week 12 (Thu Nov 23 5:30:00 p.m. GMT 2017) Edit Delete
No Add/Drops Allowed Mon Jan 1 1:00:00 a.m. GMT 2018

We use a waiver request method as it allows our league to use criteria other than time to determine how the waiver will be granted. This is because (well at least) some of the franchise owners are busy and cannot access the league 24×7. In the waiver request model, the commissioner defines a time for the waiver request period to end (Wednesday at 6.00pm GMT). All franchise owners have until this time to submit their requests. We use a blind bid waiver system where each GM submits bids for players from their season long budget (currently set at $100).

The EFFL uses Conditional Blind Bidding for FAAB bidding. Conditional blind bids are similar to waiver request waiver moves, in that owners can enter multiple groups of waiver moves, and prioritize their picks in each group. Each group’s worth of requests is looked at, top to bottom, and the first bid that is considered valid is the one that the system will accept, ignoring future bids in that group. The groups however have no priority over each other (ie, it will not process Group 1 before looking at Group 2). Here’s a concrete example of how conditional blind bidding works, assuming franchises 1 and 2, and players A through Z, with a season-long blind bidding limit of $20, and no owners having any money spent on blind bidding.

    Team 1 1 Player A Player Z $5
    Team 1 1 Player B Player Z $8
    Team 1 2 Player C Player Y $6
    Team 1 2 Player D Player Y $2
    Team 2 1 Player A Player X $4
    Team 2 2 Player C Player W $5
    Team 2 2 Player D Player W $1

    Read as English, these bids mean:

    • Team 1, in group 1, wants to acquire player A for a bid of $5, and drop player Z. If that bid cannot be done, he wants to acquire player B for a bid of $8, and drop player Z. Note that even though the bid for player B is higher than the bid for player A, the bid for player A is listed first, and therefore given higher priority.
    • Team 1, in group 2, wants to acquired player C for a bid of $6, and drop player Y. If that bid cannot be done, he wants to acquire player D for a bid of $2, and drop player Y.
    • Team 2, in group 1, wants to acquire player A for a bid of $4, and drop player X. Note that this bid does not have a second-ranked bid, so if this bid does not go through, player X will remain on franchise 2’s roster.
    • Team 2, in group 2, wants to acquire player C for a bid of $5, and drop player W. If that bid cannot go through, then he wants to acquire player D for a bid of $1, and drop player W.
      In this above example, if these were the only bids for the waiver period the system would award them as follows:

    • Team 1 would get Player A for $5 and Drop Player Z, his second request for Player B would be ignored in that group.
    • Team 1 would also get Player C for $6 and drop Player Y, Player D would be ignored.
    • Team 2 would get Player D for $1 and drop Player W.

    On the process waivers page, the system will look at the bids, starting with the highest dollar amount top priority bid, and continue looking at bids until all are processed (either successfully, by doing the add/drop, or unsuccessfully, because the bid is considered invalid), and by default select the bid that it thinks should go through (or “None”, if it considers all bids invalid).

    Conditional Blind Bid Example #2:

    Team A 1 Player 1 $71
    Team A 1 Player 2 $101
    Team B 1 Player 1 $90
    Team B 1 Player 2 $80
    Team C 1 Player 2 $100
    Team C 1 Player 1 $60

    The following would result in:

    • Team B would gets Player 1 for $90.
    • Team C would get Player 2 for $100, as Team A had player 2 hidden by the higher priority and therefore would already be won by Team C.

Locked Players. Players who are dropped from a roster in the EFFL are locked for 24hrs. This means they cannot be acquired by any franchise until they have passed through the waiver process. A locked player cannot be requested until they are unlocked. Locked players can be viewed through the Reports > Players > Locked Players menu.


A free agent is a player who is not currently on a fantasy roster either because that player was not drafted, has not been added to a roster, or has been released by his previous owner and cleared waivers. You can add a free agent player at any time between Wed 19:15:00 a.m. GMT until Mon 10:00:00 p.m. GMT or the start of that player’s game, whichever occurs first. Free Agents dropped during the First Come, First Served period of waivers are locked until the next waivers.


In order to establish a competitive and balanced EFFL, we use the experts at NFL.com to maintain a regularly updated list of players who cannot be dropped from your roster once they have been acquired. Players on this list are still eligible to be benched or traded, but not dropped or put on waivers. This feature promotes a fair game for all fantasy users by preventing actions that could compromise the integrity of the game.

***There are currently NO UNDROPPABLE players in the EFFL***

[4.3 Trades]

Trading is allowed and encouraged in EFFL, and may be conducted between any owner.

If you are on the receiving end of a trade proposal, you will be notified of the offer on your team page and/or via email. You will be able to click “View Trade” and review whether or not the terms of the trade are acceptable to you. If they are, click “Accept” and your trade will be immediately processed. Only commissioner and/or executive committee can reverse a trade where tanking or non-competitive play is suspected. The committee will not reverse trades due to stupidity or lack of knowledge.


The rules for trades in EFFL are as follows:

There is no maximum number of trades that owners can complete in a season.

Trades are processed immediately upon acceptance.

Once your trade clears the review process, the trade will be completed and the players involved in the trade will switch rosters and be available to start for their new teams. Trade proposals are only valid for 7 days.

Owners are prevented from accepting trades Between kickoff of that player’s game and the end of the last game of the week.

To put a stop to some of the nefarious trade dealings a player who is traded cannot then be traded back to their original team UNLESS that player has been subsequently released to waivers since the first trade.


For EFFL, the deadline to complete all trades is the last friday in November for the given season. All other transactions (add/drop, free agency and waivers) are still available to each team throughout the duration of the season.

 [4.3.1 Trade Veto]

The executive committee reserves the right to reverse any trade that they deem inconsistent with league competition and fair-play standards. This veto will only be invoked in extreme cases where it is obvious that one owner is trying to give another owner an unfair advantage. The owners in question may offer reasons why the trade should be allowed, but the decision of the executive committee is final once it has been rendered. If the trade involves a committee member, they may offer reasons for the trade to be allowed will not have a say in the final committee decision.

 [4.4 Starting Lineups]

Starting lineups in EFFL will consist as follows:

  • 1 quarterback
  • 1 running back
  • 2 wide receivers
  • 1 tight end
  • 1 flex (running back, wide receiver)
  • 1 super-flex (running back, wide receiver or tight end)
  • 1 place kicker
  • 1 defense / special teams

Owners must submit a competitive starting lineup each week. Failure to do so will result in the executive committee taking temporary ownership of the team.

[4.4.1 Position Designations]

From time to time, the NFL may change their designation of a particular player from one position to another or a player may line up in multiple positions throughout the game. For example, a wide receiver may be switched to a tight end and vice versa. For the purposes of EFFL, a player may have only one official designation; any disputed designations will be resolved by the executive committee, using the official distinctions on MFL/NFL as a guide. Players may only start and score points based on their EFFL distinction. See the League Scoring section for more details.

 [4.5 Bye-week Penalties]

Any owner who starts a player that is on a bye week or officially designated as OUT, regardless of intention, the owner will be forced to drop that player from their active roster. The player will become a free agent and will be eligible to be added to any roster, including the original owner, during the normal free agent policy. It is each owner’s responsibility to submit a valid lineup each week and no exceptions will be made.

 [4.6 Active Ownership Requirements]

Each owner is expected to actively manage their team each week, even if they are eliminated from any playoff consideration. Owners must submit a competitive lineup each week. Any player not submitting a line-up by the weekly deadline will have one selected automatically by the MFL (in 2015 this was Fantasy Sharks). If an owner does not submit a lineup for two consecutive weeks, the executive committee will have the right to assume control of the team and manage it for the rest of the season. A committee run team will not make any trades and is only allowed to add or drop players if the team cannot field a legal starting lineup due to injury or bye weeks. Any prize money won by a committee-run team will be distributed evenly to the other active owners in the league.

 [4.7 Anti-Tanking Provision]

EFFL is a competitive league, created for the league owners to have fun playing fantasy football. While the competition may be fierce, this is not considered a cut-throat league. In the spirit of competition and league fairness, owners are not allowed to intentionally create a legal starting lineup that gives the opposing team a clear advantage. The executive committee reserves the right to step in and adjust the starting lineup of a team that is clearly trying to intentionally lose a game. If the committee must adjust a team’s lineup in two consecutive weeks or for three or more weeks in any one season, the team will be considered inactive and the executive committee may assume ownership of the team as detailed in the active ownership requirements section.


Scoring in EFFL will be computed to two decimal places. This will allow points to be awarded or deducted for every positive or negative yard and will dramatically reduce the chance of a tie game. Players are awarded fantasy points for each week that they are included in the team’s starting lineup. Players may only start at one position in any given week and will only be awarded points as described by their position distinction below.


Passing Yards: 1 point per 25 yards passing

Passing Touchdowns: 4 points

Interceptions: -2 points

Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards

Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points

Receptions: 1 point per reception

Receiving Yards: 1 point per 10 yards

Receiving Touchdowns: 6 points

Fumble Recovered for a Touchdown: 6 points

2-Point Conversions: 2 points

Fumbles Lost: -2 points


PAT Made: 1 point

FG Made: 0.1 points per yard



Opponent Punts: 1

Opponent Fumble Recoveries (Offense/Special Teams): 2

Interceptions Caught: 2

Blocked Field Goals/Punts: 2

Blocked Extra Points: 1

Safeties (2 and 1 pt): 4 and 1

Opponent 4th Down Stops: 2

Defensive and Special Team TDs: 6

Defensive Conversion returns: 2

Offensive and Special Team Points Against: 12 points -0.5 for each point allowed


Use Fractional Points: Yes

Use Negative Points: Yes


The EFFL features head-to-head scoring. Much like the games that take place across the NFL each Sunday, your team will be matched up against another team within your league. Similar to an NFL game being decided on the field with the team scoring the most points earning a win, your fantasy matchup behaves accordingly.

Your team will earn points based on the actual statistics and results played out in the NFL that week. If your team earns more points than your opponent, you earn a win in the league standings. Less points? Take a loss. And if your game ends in a tie, you guessed it – a tie in the overall standings. Ties in postseason play are resolved by playoff seeding order i.e. the highest seed advances.

 [5.1 Point Totals and Final Scores]

EFFL will be hosted on http://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2016/home/32248. Head to head scoring will be determined each week by the stats from that website. From time to time, the NFL may go back and change the scoring of certain plays later in the week. However, to maintain a sense of fairness and avoid confusion in the league, all head-to-head scoring will be resolved as of Tuesday at 9am (UK). Any scoring changes that come out from the NFL after that time will not be applied to the league.


Owners are strongly encouraged to maintain their current contact information. A connection to our facebook message ramblings is usually enough but it’s also helpful to ensure your email on MFL is up to date. You should expect to be contacted in July with information about next year’s draft. Thanks and welcome to EFFL!


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