EFFL AGM 2017 – Reid Hoose on SuperBowl Night

Current items for the AGM

  1. Change Waivers from Wednesday 0915 to 1915.
  2. Kickers will be awarded 0.1 points for each yard of a successful field goal try. A Field Goal and Extra Point miss will NOT be penalised.  
  3. Proposal for Points Per Reception scoring change. 
  4. Add Individual Defensive Player positions to the starting line-ups. 



  1. We will continue with current league fees unless prices rise at MFL or there is a league requirement to increase the prize pot.
  2. Scoring- Apart from the proposals above in the interests of consistency I propose to retain the current scoring system.
  3. Is league happy to continue with the divisional setup?
  4. As a new team was added to the league Dynasty and Keeper proposals will be shelved until 2017-2018
  5. Commissioner will reduce 2-day player pick-up lock to 1-day
  6. Commission will add a weekly waivers limit: 6 transactions.
  7. Weekly locks for players dropped at waivers WILL remain.
  8. I’ll be adding an Injured Reserve spot to each roster. Rules for IR:-
    1. During the NFL season, a team may place a player on IR if they appear on their NFL teams Injured Reserve List. The owner may then utilise the blind bid waiver wire process to replace the player on their active roster.
    2.  IR moves are free
    3. No free agent who is listed as out and then drafted or acquired via the waiver wire is eligible for the IR wire (i.e. a player on IR or out can’t be picked up and stashed on your IR…only active players on your roster are eligible)
    4. A team may only have a maximum 1 players on the IR list at any time.
    5. The official site for determining a player’s status will be NFL.com
    6. A player on the IR list may not be traded to another team
  9. Weekly preview and review articles. MFL auto generates these but they’re a “bit” shit. I particularly enjoy the View from the Pit, but Gavé shouldered every single week on his own last year, does anyone want to help out? There is no format you just write what you want to read.
  10. League chat- The MFL chat is ok, but wasn’t well used. Is everyone still happy to continue with FB or would you like to switch to something else?
  11. I propose that our 2 co-commissioners continue in their post and function as the executive committee.
  12. Draft Day- It looks very likely that draft night will be on Saturday 9th September 2016. We won’t know for sure until the NFL schedule is published in June so please keep the 9th Sept and 26th Aug noted in your diaries. We don’t have a venue for next years draft so if anyone would like to volunteer it would be appreciated (It’s now a necessity that you provide a wifi connection >17Mb, a big screen telly with an hdmi connection and a room capable of holding 12).