Week 7 preview

Coach Richie at the helm for this weeks preview so don’t be expecting much. As it’s a preview we won’t dwell on last weeks games such as the way the sixty niners tackled mercy’s team of Erika Roes (ending their streak).

San Fran Gordon 69ers V Smog on the Tyne

First up we have the kings of oral the sixty niners versus coach Stuarts hoolio geordios the Fog. Predictions are 95.32 – 108.16 to the smog. This could be a tough game for both teams as far as match ups go. Expect scores to be around the 70 – 80 mark with only 3 to 4 players on each team hitting double figures. Smog are relying on talisman Drew Breeeeeees but he’d be better getting Gazza.
Coach Richie reckons the Niners will win to go 4-3-0 leaving Gazza in the gutter on 1-5-0

Mercy Flush v Tranent international Tornadoes

Last weeks losers, Flush, play last weeks top scoring team the T.I.Ts. Predicted by NFL as an equal offering with scores at 116.90 – 115.72 in favour of red faced flush. Brady should be taking to the air again this week against a solid jets D. Manning will need his accuracy and cunning against ever improving niners D. Both teams have good players and subs but coach Richie predicts the flush to win 100 – 85.

Pilton Panthers v Kelso 187s

Kev and Tyrone battle it out in the garage this week surely creating some interesting banter in the robertsons bait room. Kelso’s self proclaimed kings of homicide versus pistons pussy cats has a predicted victory for Rab. NFL has it 116.44 – 103.96. Could kitty kat really get their second win of the season, I have my doubts. Any coach still playing Percy Harvin after six games and only 14 points with -0.10 in his last, deserve to be on 1-5-0. Cobb and Charles will do well but won’t win it. Euski’s first 4 players will pull the points in to take him to victory. Coach Rich says 70 – 95

Oakbank Oddities v Nitten pickaxe

Both victorious last week against poor opposition. This game is another predicted close call at 109.76 – 107.12. Coach Richie puts the result in favour of Fisher price axe based on the Kaep v Broncos D scenario. Bernard is having a good season and Harry Houdini will be hoping it continues against an on form colts team. The Denver defence is looking much better this year and will no doubt result in Kaep throwing interceptions and getting sacked, giving pickaxe the edge. Not guaranteed though as Kaep can also run pretty damn well, and may need too. Coach Richie has the score 105 – 108

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars v Earlston Bohemians

The Kraut cats and the Boo Hoo’s both lost last week, yet both can be classed as the league tinkerers as they’re ever changing teams suggest. On paper it looks like more boo hooing for Alastair (in talks with Kleenex now). NFL has the scores at 99.86 – 68.32 and I’d say that’s about right. Time will tell if Jimmy’s decision to cut Wilson is a good one, if indeed he actually does. Both coaches chase the match ups but is it the way forward or merely a gamble on who you can pick up. Coach Richie scores it 98 – 72

Dodgy Touchdown v Earlston Chocolate Flakes

This week sees two of the leagues high flyers and ground shakers go head to head. Projected scores are 119.42 – 97.56 in favour of Ryan air. Dodgy have 3 key players hauling in good scores most weeks and the others aren’t doing bad either. Coach cozy is much the same although he frets more than the neck on a guitar. Both hit the waivers twice this week dodgy picking up the packers D ( not sure that’ll work out) and Broncos Juan Thompson. He didn’t practice until today, maybe he just likes seeing DODGY next to knee. Cozy Powell drummed up Brandon LaFell of the Pats ( let’s hope Edelman gets it all) and browns Miles Austin a poor player of late. The Flakes are pinning hopes on his Jax match up. Coach Richie sees the heeby jefe by shakes losing out in the WR area with the score 115 – 90

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