Blind Waivers on MFL

How to create blind bids on MFL

  1. This identifies the group of picks in which you are currently bidding. Group 1 is for a player you most want to add, Group 7 the least. Each group of picks represents your attempt to add 1 player. You can add a maximum of 7 players during our waiver period.
  2. Each group of picks allows you to add 1 or more selections (if you are have a waiver priority of 1 then multiple selections aren’t that important here, but if you’re one of the later priorities you may need to try for multiple players in each group). It’s important to remember that if one of these picks are successful the rest of your picks IN THAT GROUP are lost…..that’s why we need multiple rounds!!
  3. Enter the bid amount here
  4. Enter the player you want to drop if successful
  5. then hit add to list….repeat for this particular group.
  6. When you are happy hit save bids and you’ll be taken to the next group.
Waiver Bid Screen

Waiver Bid Screen

In this example I’m trying to add Cam Newton (i bid $11), but if he’s gone I want Aaron Rodgers (i bid $7) and if they’re both gone then I’ll be happy with Danny Woodhead ($3). As I’m down the waiver order I’d also repeat the pick for Woodhead in Group 2.