Pick um or Stick um Final Result

A big congratulations must go out to the Earlston Earthquakes head coach Chris Powell as our first Pick um or Stick um Champion.

I think a lot of your were surprised as I was just how difficult it was to predict just 6 score correct. As this was only done once by Nitten Pickaxe coach Gav and once on a 4 game week by the 69ers coach Richie. So well done to both of them too.

I hope you all enjoyed a little game on the side to run a long with the main event as I know I did. A big thank you must go out to all that took part to the end and for those who never bothered or gave up before the end then get you arse into gear for next year.

This years winner will be presented with his trophy on Superbowl night, so well done once again Cozy and I will now leave you with the final standings.

Final Standings

Earthquakes 37
187s 35
JJJ 35
Pickaxe 34
Bohemians 33
69ers 32
Flush 30
Touchdowns 27
TiTs 25
Fog 12
Oddities 3
Panthers 0


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