Earlston Super Bowl IV

Panthers Win! Panthers Win!jordy_superbowliv

The week began with some early waiver wire activity by the 69ers as they frantically searched for a startable TE with the No.8 overall, Jordan Reed sidelined by injury. Indeed he would have been a valuable asset for the 69ers with the Panthers heavy reliance on Washington Redskins. In the end, Coach Richie settled for veteran Antonio Gates and his match-up against the worst team at defending fantasy TEs (the Cleveland Browns). The rest of the 69ers starting lineup continued with just WR Tyreek Hill making way for the returning Julio Jones.

As for most of the year, the Panthers stuck with a winning line-up and restarted all of last week’s semi-finalists. In the main, that was a line-up that matched expert rankings with only the decision to go with Cousins over Rivers courting any controversy.

The Panthers had never beaten the 69ers on any of their six previous attempts and the final didn’t start well with TE Zach Ertz posting a disappointing 3.3 on Thursday night. That was the last time Coach Richie enjoyed a final score from a Panther starter.

The early Christmas eve games would be where the final would be won and lost with seven starters going for the Panthers against the 69ers five. It was the Panthers who built an early lead posting 122.8. It most have been galling for the 69ers to watch the No.4 QB, the No. 8 and No. 9 RB, and the No.2 WR scores for the week go against them with only Antonio Gates posting a top 20 positional score. In fact the Panthers score as so dominant even a perfect lineup including Charles Clay and Tyreek Hill wouldn’t have made any difference.

Things did improve for the 69ers late with Andrew Luck and Doug Baldwin clawing back most of the early damage, but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough. A further 10 points for the Chiefs DST finally sealed the victory and Coach Rab’s first championship.

SanFran-Gordon 69ers


Pilton Panthers

SanFran-Gordon 69ers Pilton Panthers
QB Andrew Luck 24.72 QB Kirk Cousins 29.8
RB Carlos Hyde 11.2 RB LeSean McCoy 20.5
RB DeMarco Murray 6.0 RB Tevin Coleman 19.5
WR Doug Baldwin 23.7 WR Jordy Nelson 27.4
WR Julio Jones 6.0 WR DeSean Jackson 11.4
F-WR Ty Montgomery 4.0 F-WR Jarvis Landry 2.9
TE Antonio Gates 15.4 TE Zach Ertz 3.3
K Adam Vinatieri 5.0 K Mason Crosby 8.0
DST Green Bay Packers 8.0 DST Kansas City Chiefs 10.0

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