EFFL Semi Finals

A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.

Perhaps it wasn’t a revolution, but it was certainly a shake-up of the established order. The Semi-Finals saw the last remaining team of the “old guard” despatched and 2 playoff newcomers advance to EFFL Superbowl IV. Both victors posted dominant performances in two closely fought and exciting match-ups. The losing teams will curse their luck, but the two most inconsistent teams in the league finally got their mojo on at just the right point of the season.

SanFran-Gordon 69ers 104.20 @ 87.98 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars

It was a game that was highlighted more by its absent stars than its star-studded lineups. Both teams were missing their star receivers (Julio Jones and AJ Green respectively) and some frantic (and late) waivers claims punctuated the week.

San-Fran were first on the board on Thursday Night with Doug Baldwin and Steven Hauschka posting a reasonable 15.5 points during Seattle’s pummeling of the LA Rams. However, the game would be decided on Sunday night with 6 69ers and 9 Jaguars playing.

Things started with a bang for the 69ers as Tyreek “the freak” Hill took his only touch of the game 68 yards for a TD on a play that summed up both coaches night. Murray, Luck and Montgomery added 61.2 points in contrast to the Jaguars 6 starters posting 54 points and critically Tyler Eifert’s crushing 0.9 to finish the early evening games. The Jaguars faced a daunting 36 point deficit and their first ever playoff exit.

Drastic action was taken at Jaguars HQ with Janikowski and JJ Nelson added to help boost a pedestrian start. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough with the four remaining Jaguars adding just 34 points and despairingly a 56 yard TD drop by Nelson. Carlos Hyde, the Falcons DST and Jordan Reed added 14.7 to pile on the misery for the 2 time champion Jaguars and their first ever season missing the EFFL Superbowl.

The 69ers advance to the EFFL Superbowl for the first time in their history and are the bookies early (and heavy) favourite.

Pilton Panthers 114.5 @ 112.36 Kelso 187’s

It was easily the highest scoring games of the weekend and served noticed that the 4 best teams in the EFFL had made the Semi-Final. It was an (almost) all Sunday affair with 14 of the 18 starters for both teams featuring.

On Saturday evening the 187s Bilal Powell and Panthers Jarvis Landry faced off with both players scoring considerably better than expected, but with a slight advantage going to the Panthers WR (+0.6).

The early Sunday games did little to separate the teams with 4 direct matchups at RB1, WR1, TE and DST. The Panthers McCoy and Chiefs edged Mathews and Texans (+8.6) whereas the 187s Beckham and Rudolph edged Nelson and Ertz (+2.6). Mason Crosby added a healthy 12 points for the Panthers with the 187 pair of Tyrod Taylor and Dwayne Washington added just 19.86. The biggest question on everyone’s mind was whether Coach Euski’s decision to bench Dak Prescott would come back to haunt him.

The evening games went slightly better for the 187s as they began to build a lead. Crabtree and Bryant added 25 points to take their total to 112.36. With every point crucial Prescott’s 19.16 on the 187’s bench was to be their eventual downfall as Cousins and Jackson added 21.8 points to take the game at the last gasp.

This was the 5th straight victory for the rampant Panthers despite being underdogs in 4 of those games. They now face another first-time finalist in the 69ers, a team they have never beaten in 6 previous attempts.



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