View from the pit 2016 – Wildcard week

So that’s it, another regular season over with and back to square one for 6 of us and counting, with a chance for glory for our other six challengers.

The Colts led the way in week 13, putting the Jets to the sword along with the hopes of at least a couple of teams in the EFFL.

Lets go with this from Norwegian super serious death folk ambient collective Wardruna – basically, it’s my lovely horse with some chanting in the background, but it suits the mood for at least six of us.

anyway, the two wildcard games:

69ers at Pirates


7-6 SanFran-Gordon 69ers face off against the 7-6 Tweedbank Pirates at Gun Knowe Stadium.

SanFran-Gordon 69ers were led in week 13 by a 29.72 point effort from Andrew Luck. In addition, Julio Jones was not injured before the start of his week 13 game, and contributed 11.30 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 14 due to an injured toe , which might severely limit his fantasy production.

Tweedbank Pirates were led in week 13 by a 23.84 point effort from Matthew Stafford, who beat the New Orleans Saints defense for 341 passing yards and 2 passing TDs in addition to 22 rushing yards.

In week 9, SanFran-Gordon 69ers defeated Tweedbank Pirates by 21.62 points, so coach Paul is looking for revenge this week. In the 4-year history of this rivalry, SanFran-Gordon 69ers hold a 5-0-0 all-time series record against Tweedbank Pirates.

69ers season has been very solid, in fact they’ve never dipped below 95 potential points, however lineup choice has not always been the strongest, and there’s been some weeks where Richie has left a load of points on the bench. andrew Luck seems back into winning ways with a pretty monster score last week and looks set to continue that trend for the playoff weeks. Julio Jones is a bit of a worry, with 3 game sthis season sitting around 2 points, but really he’s still a must start and a reasonable match up for week 14. Demarco Murray is surely fit and forget and has only one performance under 10 points all year. The rest of the lineup look good enough too, though there’s room for a new TE and DST in the lineup should Richie choose that route.

Looking at the scoring history for both teams here, what is clear is that Paul’s Pirates have had less consistency over the whole team, but they always had at least a couple of studs do enough to take the game, at least that’s true for the week Paul has won, there have been a worrying 4 weeks hovering around the 75 pt mark or less, and that simply isnt enough to take a semi spot in the EFFL. One of the studs that have boosted the average pts for the Pirates was certainly the vikings DST at the start of then season,  but they’ve failed to live up to that early promise in the latter part of the regular season. Matt stafford and TY Hilton look good enough this week, but elsewhere in the lineup there are some big question marks. TD dependency has been the problem for Paul in those off weeks, wiht just not enough guaranteed yards anywhere in the squad. Travis Kelce is a lone highlight in the rankings when comparing to 69ers, but TE consisitency has been non exisitent throughout then league so you simply canoot rely on that to take you through.

Its an uphill battle for Paul, but not outside the realms of possibility. The Pit thinks that this game is the niner’s to lose. The colts Texans game could decide the outcome of this matchup – as TY Hilton has a decent chance to hoover up any points advantage that Andrew Luck might get – if that doesn’t happen I’d suspect it’s a trip to Davy Jones’ Locker for the Pirates.

Avengers at Panthers

8-5 Kelsae Avengers, who hope to extend their 3 game winning streak, face off against the 7-6 Pilton Panthers at Pilton Park.

Kelsae Avengers were led in week 13 by a 29.50 point effort from David Johnson.

Pilton Panthers were led in week 13 by a 19.10 point effort from LeSean McCoy.

In week 8, Kelsae Avengers defeated Pilton Panthers by 5.70 points, so coach Rab is looking for revenge this week. In the 2-year history of this rivalry, Kelsae Avengers hold a 1-1-0 all-time series record against Pilton Panthers.

Avengers are the team to beat this year, lets be clear, they would have won every other division but Uhura, have faced way more points against than Jimmy and still have a decent budget for waivers in the morning, Panthers will have to go some to get through here.

David Johnson is averaging 21 points a game, more than most teams QBs, and his wee ‘blips’ of closer to 10 points seem a long time ago now. What that means is that the pressure is really off when it comes to Stuart having to select an RB2, there’s no need for TDs and as long as they look likely to get 60- 80 yds the RB combined score should be well over the regulation 20. Mike Evans is also ranked #1 this week, ending up with the #1 RB and WR at the end of the season is no mean feat, whether its luck or judgement I’ll leave other readers to decide. But of course that’s not all, Jimmy graham is now #1 too – we’ve said it before a couple of times, but that was some draft pick – right under everyone elses sneering noses. Cam has gone off the boil a bit in the last couple of weeks, but he’s still good for a floor of around 16, which is nothing to sniff at.

McCoy is no slouch at R1 for the Panthers, and 15 pt average is not to be sniffed at, but that’s 5 behind Johnson. Kirk Cousins has been very up and down, and recovering the week 11 and 12 from may prove tricky against the Eagles away from home. Jordy ?MNelson and the chiefs DST have been quietly putting up the numbers all season and there’s no reason to think that they both are not capable of 10 pts plus this week. Elsewhere in the Panthers team Ebron, Coleman  and Jackson are capable of great things, but their consistency has been poor all season. gs only need to swing by maybe 15

This match up has Avengers written all over it on paper, but things only need to swing towards Rab by 15 pts or so to see this clash go the other way – meaning if Rab’s Panthers can generate an extra 2 TDs over predicted and Johnson is limited to just yards on the weekend, they could be through. This looks like being the bigger scoring wildcard game, and I can see 110 points not being enough for one of these teams, however the more likely outcome is Stuart’s Avengers by 15


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