View From the Pit 2016 – week 7

Here we go then – the half way point of the regular season approaches and there’s still all to play for – even for Cozy, though of course he needs an epic run in to the play-offs.

Last week saw both Jimmy and Chris extend their runs – Jimmy is 6 to the good whilst Chris is yet to record a victory


Last week the Bills got a massive 45 points:

We’ll start with the league bookends again as these may have the most interest for everyone.

Bohemians at Jaguars

3-3 Earlstonian Bohemians play the 6-0 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars at Greendale Stadium.

Earlstonian Bohemians were led in week 6 by a 29.80 point effort from Lamar Miller.

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars were led in week 6 by a 19.60 point effort from Coby Fleener.

Ally’s Bohos are in with a good shout to finally end Jimmy’s run. Bell, ware, Miller or Blount – pick 3 and forget about it as far as Rbs are concerned – of course one of them will get more Tds than the others and you don’t want him on the bench but whatever – there should be 40 points between them in yards and maybe 3 Tds as well. Jeffrey and Benjamin look a little less stellar at WR but still within the top 20 this week – so expect another 20 pts plus here. All in that is a very healthy outfield. currently, Jimmy has the advantage at Kicker, DST and QB, but Ally has been streaming them all season in any case, so it could all change come the morning

Jimmy is still sitting on top of the pack, last week was a wee blip though – even starting his optimal line-up he didn’t make the magic 95 points – for the sake of the league this has to happen in a week his opponent fires on all cylinders. Could that be the Bohos? This is going to be a high scoring game without a doubt – Jimmy has no one raked outside of the top 20 this week and that means the potential for big scores. Those rankings as ever, are misleading though – as they are based on percentage likelihood of Tds, of course you cannot score 50% of a TD, so there is massive room for error. Jimmy has the advantage at WR for sure – but those Rbs should be more likely to score consistently for ally – its the big plays that will be the game changers here – you’d expect the winner of this match-up to be at 120 or more.

The Pit will have to call it for the Bohos, but there is certainly no guarantee here.

In the 3-year history of this rivalry, Earlstonian Bohemians hold a 2-2-0 all-time series record against Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars.

Game to watch Chiefs Saints for sure – with plenty of action on both teams for both players.

Tigers at Earthquakes

Chris has really not lucked out at all this season, his team are fraying round the edges and just cannot get a break all together in the same week.

2-4 Tranent Tigers face off against the 0-6 Earlston Earthquakes at The Cauldie.

Tranent Tigers were led in week 6 by a 27.24 point effort from Tom Brady. Tranent Tigers can expect a 19.63 point effort from Tom Brady in week 7.

Earlston Earthquakes were led in week 6 by a 20.50 point effort from Jonathan Stewart. With Stewart on bye in week 7, they’ll need to count on their second-string RB to carry the team this week. In addition, Charles Clay was not injured before the start of his week 6 game, and contributed 5.20 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 7 due to an injured ankle.

For The Quakes, Jonathan Stewart was back with a vengeance last week and Amari Cooper is on a bit of a roll too. This team still has potential and it just needs a wee bit of luck to bring it all together at the right time. Of course, with Stewart now on a bye, they will have to dig deep to find a replacement. Expect bids for TE, K and DST in the morning or just after – those often forgotten places on the squad could make or break the Quakes this week. QB is also a streaming option for Chris, but there are only so many waivers and so much money you can spend – at least one of these places will have to wait until the FCFS phase.

Tigers are struggling too – even their potential points are looking like creeping above 100 just 3 times so far. Nicky wants this win as much as Cozy – perhaps more if the Quakes coach has already thrown in the towel? Surely not, there’s pride at stake. Nicky needs Tom Brady to continue his form coming back to the league – but where are the TDs everywhere else? Not a single player broke 10 pts last week for the Tigers, that will need to change for sure if he’s to beat the Quakes. Gostkowski and The Broncos are both ranked #1 this week at Kicker and DST, there’s no shame at all in winning from the less glorious positions, and both of these could really add some teeth to the Tigers bite.

The Pit has to see this as the turning point for Chris – its a win for the Quakes for sure.

In the 2-year history of this rivalry, Tranent Tigers hold a 0-2-0 all-time series record against Earlston Earthquakes.

Game to watch: We are all over the place with this one, but I’d suggest that the Pats Steelers is the game to watch – with Big Ben out for the Steelers, Tom Brady is likely to get all the chances in the world to make scoring drives – Chris really needs the pair of these to be under 30 between them to have any chance at all.

Pickaxe at Fire

3-3 Nitten Pickaxe, who hope to end their 3 game losing streak, play the 2-4 Fife Fire at Balbirnie Stadium.

Nitten Pickaxe were led in week 6 by a 23.50 point effort from Brandin Cooks. In addition, Ben Roethlisberger was not injured before the start of his week 6 game, and contributed 9.56 points, but he’s listed as out in week 7 due to an injured knee.

Fife Fire were led in week 6 by a 32.60 point effort from Drew Brees. In addition, Carlos Hyde was not injured before the start of his week 6 game, and contributed 5.20 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 7 due to an injured shoulder.

Fire have picked the best week to take on the Pickaxe, with 3 of Gav’s studs on a bye, not that Dez Bryant was back anyway. Big Ben Roethlisberger is out for at least a few weeks by the sounds of it too – so it could be a bit of a struggle for the Pickaxe. There is hope though at both ends of the squad – QB and DST are both highly ranked for the week – Matt Ryan confounded his critics in the last 2 weeks, having had what many considered an easy start to the season – he’s come through that phase with ease and now faces a less than perfect Chargers DST. Elsewhere in the squad, Golden Tate may finally be living up to the promise, and Brandin Cooks seems back to winning ways – but will that be enough to prop up a really struggling set of RBs? Jeremy Hill just hasn’t been cutting it so far so unless something happens to the Bengals Giovani Bernard it could be a struggle to get 15 points between both RBs, Gav needs a sneaky poached TD.

Fire have the Firepower, Carlos Hyde and Marvin Jones perhaps the stars this week – but neither of them is top 10, so there is work to do here. Shaun is still to pick up a DST, but there should be something available that will guarantee 5 points, anything else will be a bonus. Delanie Walker and Drew Brees should be the heart of the team, there’s plenty of opportunity for Brees to get a decent score over 20 this week against the Chiefs, however to do that he’ll have to avoid interceptions, so expect lots of 15 yard plays, if Brees is forced to go longer, the chiefs are more than capable of stopping that dead, of course Brees shouldn’t do as badly as Fitzpatrick’s 6 interceptions a couple of weeks ago. Consistency has been the problem for Fire since week 1 – the yards are just about there, but the TDs just haven’t been coming, that has to change sometime though…

This could be a low scoring game – its not impossible that both QBs will score as much as the rest of their teams put together – but that’s not too likely, between the 12 outfield players there must be 3 of 4 TDs, it could balance out of course, but more likely someone will have a luckier week – Given Gav’s run of 3 duff weeks the Pit has to go with the Pickaxe.

Game to watch – Washington Detroit for sure – If Golden Tate can go on from his good form last week this game is going Gav’s way – if not then Shaun has it – a tense Sunday evening for both then.

69ers at Panthers

3-3 SanFran-Gordon 69ers challenge the 3-3 Pilton Panthers at Pilton Park.

SanFran-Gordon 69ers were led in week 6 by a 20.30 point effort from Christine Michael. In addition, Carson Palmer was not injured before the start of his week 6 game, and contributed 12.42 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 7 due to an injured hamstring.

Pilton Panthers were led in week 6 by a 32.20 point effort from LeSean McCoy,

In the 3-year history of this rivalry, SanFran-Gordon 69ers hold a 5-0-0 all-time series record against Pilton Panthers.

69ers Coach Richie has been pretty full of the joys when talking up his chances this week – no wonder though – he’s pretty much tied for top score over the first 6 weeks, and must be pretty mad to be just 3-3. consistency has been good for the niners all season, most weeks have had the possibility of over 100 points, and really you cannot argue with that. Poor decisions at starters can always hurt you though – and last week there were nearly 40 points left on the bench. This week sees the entire squad ranked #22 or below at respective positions – which of course leaves yet more dilemmas of who to start and who to bench – there’s guaranteed to be points left out this time around – but will there be enough in the starters. Demarco Murray and Christine Michael should be guaranteed a place and will repay that with some 200 yds and a TD between them for sure. Julio Jones should be well above 8 pots too – any TDs will be a bonus to his regulation 10 scored.

The Panthers have a wee mini streak going – Rab is doing his homework this season for sure, and bolstering an already stable team. As every year – Pip Rivers has been up and down – this week against the Falcons could be another shoot out and that works to Rab’s advantage, expect 20 pts or thereabouts for Rivers. Lesean McCoy has barely dropped below 15 points all season , there’s no reason for that top stop this week. Jordy Nelson has been less effective despite his top billing, but he’s due a decent match and no reason it couldn’t be against the Bears. Rab has the Chiefs as mentioned in the previous match-up – I’d suspect that any points they get are going to be for interceptions and sacks, rather than points blocked – you cannot see the Saints going less than 20 points.

Rab will score points for sure, but the stats say this is another week for Richie. Assuming he picks the right starters.

Game to Watch – Maybe Chargers Falcons – Pip Rivers and Julio Jones on opposite sides should be the big scorers of the week – if this match is one sided then it could seal the deal one way or the other,. Expect both coaches to be up till midnight to check on those scores.

187’s at Fog

4-2 Kelso 187’s face off against the 3-3 Fog on the Tyne at New St James Park.

Kelso 187’s were led in week 6 by a 33.20 point effort from Odell Beckham.

Fog on the Tyne were led in week 6 by a 32.70 point effort from Jay Ajayi.

In the 2-year history of this rivalry, Kelso 187’s hold a 1-1-0 all-time series record against Fog on the Tyne.

187s have the dubious honour of having the worst average score of the 4 divisional leaders. No shame in that for sure but it does maybe show that there is work to do in getting this team up to speed. They’ve struggled to get their 100 points consistently, and the cracks need to be filled quickly – James White looks like a good pick-up though – Coach Gav cursing dropping him week 4 – Can the Patriots continue to provide 10 points plus to 4 outfield players? Melvin Gordon and Odell Beckham should be the heart of the scoring this week, and will likely get 30 points on the card between them White could add a few more – but expect him to be very up and down over the rest of the season, still worth a start though? Eli Manning is certainly not the top flight QB that Euan wants- but he should still be capable of 15- 20 points. So, all in there are 95 points plus on offer for the 187s this week.

Fog have also struggled, not least thanks to Derek Carr’s ups and downs. Devonta Freeman and Rob Gronkowski should put up some decent numbers in week 7, the Gronk is back to being consistently ranked #1 which will be a relief for coach Stuart. Its WR where The fog could struggle – with none of Stuarts ranked as high as Beckham or Crabtree on the 187s roster. RBs offer a more consistent point font though – and Fog will need all of his to be producing. Perhaps a choice at Flex, and I wouldn’t like to say which of Forte Johnson or Rogers should go in flex for Fog, maybe Forte will get options with Geno Smith taking over as Jets QB, or will he want to stake his claim by throwing all day?

All in the 187s have the advantage in this match up – their RBs are only just outranked by the Fog, and the WR should outscore the fog by 10 points.

Game to watch – there doesn’t seem to be any one game that stands out – maybe the Raiders Jags Game, but there could be points for both teams there, or none of course.

Pirates at Avengers

4-2 Tweedbank Pirates play the 3-3 Kelsae Avengers at Samuel Sawyer Memorial Park.

Tweedbank Pirates were led in week 6 by a 28.20 point effort from Matthew Stafford. In addition, Randall Cobb was not injured before the start of his week 6 game, and contributed 11.30 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 7 due to an injured back.

Kelsae Avengers were led in week 6 by a 31.80 point effort from David Johnson. In addition, Jordan Matthews was not injured before the start of his week 6 game, and contributed7.50 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 7 due to an injured knee.

Last but not least this week, 2 teams riding high for different reasons after 6 weeks

Pirates are well in the black going 4 -2 – a loss last week due to a severe lack of TDs and just some bad luck. #Matt Stafford and Travis Kelce are both highly ranked this week and should see off the opposite numbers with ease, for the other skill positions it really is too close to call. Gurley and Hilton should be getting a TD between them, and you would put money on another one for at least 1 of RB2, WR2 and flex, but of course that can be blown away – yardage alone has not been enough to sustain this Pirates team who need those TDs to come every week – I’d say 2 for Stafford and 4 for the outfield would be enough to seal this for the Pirates.

On the other side – Avengers have reversed their poor start and are riding high on a 3 win streak to come back to all square – a play-off spot well within their grasp now. David Johnson and Mike Evans are surely the stars this week for the Avengers, the rest of the team making up the number but providing more than ample back up. Jimmy Graham is still proving perhaps the pick of the draft. Cam Newton and Alfred Morris on a bye is a bit of a pain for Stuart of course, but Marcus Mariota is all over the QB streamers lists – so shouldn’t see more than a tiny dent in the average QB score – he’s not rated as high as Stafford of course, but should be within 4 pts.

All in all, this looks close – The Avengers have it on the pure numbers- but the upside to the Pirates team is undeniable. The pit always goes with the stats though – so a win for Stuart.

Game to watch – maybe one of the DST games – as that could decide this fixture for sure – more likely Paul’s Vikings, as that is a bit more civilised than waiting up till 4 for the Seahawks


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