View From the Pit 2016 – Week 6

Week 6 already – nearly half way to those playoff spots. One team is just so close to sealing a spot, and another close behind. The Earthquakes yet to start – but there is still time, it has to be a monster streak from her on in though.

Oakland Raiders topped the pile this week – and though there’s about a million hip hop tracks with Oakland in the lyrics, I’ve heard of exactly none of them, sorry. We’ll go back to the rock this week with this.

You’ll have to carry me / Back from Cali / I’m tired and broken and I lost my way… quite appropriate for how the chargers are feeling I guess.

Back to the action:

Fire at  Jaguars

The 2-3 Fife Fire challenge the 5-0 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars at Greendale Stadium. Fife Fire were led in week 5 by a 20.20 point effort from Theo Riddick, Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars were led in week 5 by a 22.30 point effort from Jordan Howard.

The Jags rumble on and the rest of the league gnashes it’s teeth once more. Euan’s 187s failed to capitalise on Jimmy’s big bye week and so its now down to the other Guthrie to try his luck. There’s a trade pending here and expect some changes on the waivers of course, but as of Tuesday night this looks like it could be a close game.

Shaun needs a kicker for the Fire – but that won’t be a problem for a couple of bucks or maybe even just wait till the open season after 10.00. Drew Brees, Carlos Hyde and Delanie Walker will surely be the Main fuel for the fire this week, the rest of the team not to shabby either. The biggest question this week is will Shaun regret giving up Aaron Rogers to Jimmy, he’ll surely get the starting positions and that could boost Jimmy’s QB score by 10 pts or even more. Marvin Jones will be given up by the Jags, and would get a start for Fire, but he’s only Jimmy’s third ranked WR this week.

All in an intriguing prospect to watch players that you just gave up pummelling you into the dust – could that happen for either of these guys? Will it be business as usual for the Jags?

A quick look at the stats shows that so far this season Jimmy has been very good at picking the ideal team each week, even when shuffling around a whole heap of players week to week. There’s been trades aplenty too. So what is the weakness? Its just a wee bit of luck, there’s been some under performances, but they’ve so far been compensated by someone else on the team. Jimmy has the top score in the league overall but only once has the top of the week – this week 7 other teams would have beaten him – so there’s no need to lose hope!

Game to watch – no idea – the teams will look completely different tomorrow

Earthquakes at 187’s

The 0-5 Earlston Earthquakes, who hope to end their 4 game losing streak, challenge the 3-2 Kelso 187’s at Compton Palace. Earlston Earthquakes were led in week 5 by a 21.80 point effort from Amari Cooper. Kelso 187’s were led in week 5 by a 13.70 point effort from Melvin Gordon.

At the other end of the tables, Cozy’s Earthquakes are yet to get off the ground. It must be pretty frustrating – so is there any hope? Yes is the answer to that. Sammy Coates is yet to get a start for the Quakes, but he’s all over the waiver news this week after a monster week – FFS Chris, put him in for a start! Though Cooper, Sanders and Shepard might be contenders for a place too. Cozy has a much bigger problem at RB, where he has a bye week nightmare, and he needs a fill in TE too. That’s 3 weeks in a row that the Quakes potential pts were over 100 too – so picking the right starters perhaps needs a bit more thought – of course it could be over thinking it that is the problem anyway.

All in, there are some Tds in this team every week – even this big bye week 6.

However, the 187s will be out for blood, having failed to take the Jags down a peg or 2. Euan’s WR cohort look pretty strong still and the RB team is sure to get at least 150 yds between them. With any luck there will be 3 Tds in the outfield positions, leading to a comfortable 90 – 110 pts depending on Tds. Dak Prescott is steadily improving, even without Dez Bryant to throw to, Zeke Elliot and and awesome oline making life perhaps easier for the Rookie, but he’s looking like a good pick-up and may cause Euan a headache as to which QB to start; Eli Manning seems on a downward spiral of the same order as Prescott’s and Elliot’s upward one, but surely he still has a big game in him.

This one is a tough week for Cozy, the numbers add up to 187 on paper, but there is a chance for the Quakes too. Beckham and Benjamin will decide it – if they can be kept to yards only then the quakes have a chance – if not its looking like 0-6.

Game to watch – nothing too much across the 2 teams, but maybe the Ravens at Giants where Chris really needs Joe Flacco to lead the Ravens to victory in the air and for the DST to stop Odell Beckham. In the 2-year history of this, Earlston Earthquakes hold a 1-1-0 all-time series record against Kelso 187’s.

Panthers at Pirates

The 2-3 Pilton Panthers challenge the 4-1 Tweedbank Pirates at Gun Knowe Stadium. Pilton Panthers were led in week 5 by a 26.36 point effort from Philip Rivers, Pilton Panthers can expect a 16.44 point effort from Philip Rivers in week 6, Tweedbank Pirates were led in week 5 by a 23.10 point effort from T.Y. Hilton.

In the 3-year history of this, Pilton Panthers hold a 2-1-0 all-time series record against Tweedbank Pirates.

Pirates take a 4-1 record into this game thanks to a convincing win over Pickaxe last week. Panthers are just on the wrong side after 5 games and will be itching for another win to lift them off the bottom of Shatner division.

Panther’s LeSean McCoy is the heart of this team – with the most consistent scoring so far this season, and there’s no reason for that consistency to stop this week. Jordy Nelson has been pushing the regulation 10 per week too – with a TD or 2 he could easily have a stand out game for Rab. Justin Forsett is still sitting on Rab’s bench so that’s someone easy to drop for a new player in the morning, but is there anyone there? Crystal balls into action as we maybe need to look a couple of weeks to try and find someone who might breakout.

For the Pirates the duo of Larry Fitzgerald and T.Y Hilton sealed the deal last week, with a couple of TDs apiece. That can’t continue every week, but expect at least 2 between them and somewhere around 140 yds – giving a very respectable 26 pts for the WR pair. At RB Todd Gurley and CJ Anderson should have similar success, perhaps with a bit more yardage between them. Travis Kelce looks a safe pair of hands after his bye week, so its only DST where Paul needs some attention with the Viks on a bye – dropping them could be dangerous as there’s plenty of folk in the league who would pick them up next week..

all in the Pit has to see this going the Pirates way

Game to watch – Got to be the Rams Lions Game at 6.00 Sunday – Rab’s DST vs Pauls QB will decide this match – I’d say that Rab needs 12 pts from the Rab’s and less than 18 for Stafford to have a chance in this game.

Pickaxe at Bohemians

The 3-2 Nitten Pickaxe face off against the 2-3 Earlstonian Bohemians at Bohemian Park. Nitten Pickaxe were led in week 5 by a 30.20 point effort from Ben Roethlisberger. Earlstonian Bohemians were led in week 5 by a 24.70 point effort from Martellus Bennett, In the 3-year history of this, Nitten Pickaxe hold a 2-5-0 all-time series record against Earlstonian Bohemians.

Pickaxe have come back to Earth with a bump after going 3 – 0 – though the good news is that they are still making regulation winning scores at over 95. The biggest problem is a couple of injuries that have devastated the team – first Bryant and now Charles Sims have put some deep holes in the Pickaxe roster. Bryant might be back this week, but there is no guarantee, and the much vaunted début of Kenneth Dixon did not exactly set the world on fire. Thank whatever for Big Ben and Zeke then – without them the Pickaxe would be well and truly blunted. No Bye week worries for Gav this week, Tampa on a bye, but Charles Sims is off to IR in any case, so he can pick from everyone. Greg Olsen is the other lynch pin in this team, but its everywhere else that really needs a bit of lucky red zone touches to get the Pickaxe swinging.

Bohemians have the dubious honour of not having a QB score over 20 yet this season, thanks not least to picking the ‘wrong’ QB to start 4 weeks in a row. Leveon Bell has proved his worth for his first 2 weeks though and Lamar Miller is surely due a game over 15 pts too. The Boho’s Scoring history page may actually be longer than Jimmy’s so far – it must be close with Ally streaming Dsts and TEs that is set to continue – expect changes there tomorrow again. Ally went RB heavy, but with Bryant not guaranteed by any means the Boho’s are still pretty much a match for the Pickaxe at WR.

This game looks interesting, but its going to Pickaxe for sure.

Game to watch Cowboys Packers for Zeke Elliot and the Packers DST for Gav and Ally respectively (assuming Ally isn’t streaming this week)

Fog  at Tigers

The 2-3 Fog on the Tyne play the 2-3 Tranent Tigers at Polson Park. Fog on the Tyne were led in week 5 by a 21.98 point effort from Derek Carr, Tranent Tigers were led in week 5 by a 29.64 point effort from Tom Brady, In the 2-year history of this, Fog on the Tyne hold a 2-1-0 all-time series record against Tranent Tigers.

Both these teams have perhaps not had the wind at their back so far – Fog with the second lowest pts for and the third highest points against and Tigers slightly in deficit on total points too.

Jacquizz Rogers looks like a great Free agency pick-up for Stuart this week, unfortunately he is on a bye so he may have been a 1 week wonder if Doug Martin returns next week. No matter though Devonta Freeman and Matt Forte should be able to keep a decent showing at RB for the fog – expect 25-30 pts between them. WR is a little more complicated for Fog and there will be some choices to make, Edelmann and Hurns have the best rankings, but perhaps not the best chances to steal a redzone catch for a TD.

Tigers have Tom Brady back in the fold once again, and he spent little time proving why he is an elite QB, expect a good 20 pts plus form him this week against the Bengals. Nicky has Antonio brown and Demaryius Thomas to thank for keeping his score respectable last week too – its RB that was a bit of a let-down and that could continue this week. Gostkowski and the Broncos could make all the difference this week for Nicky, they are both ranked much higher than Stuarts equivalents.

The pit prediction is a win for the Tigers – Brady should see them through if nothing else.

Game to watch Jags Bears and Pats Bengals will decide this game – with action on both sides for both games

Avengers at 69ers

The 2-3 Kelsae Avengers play the 3-2 SanFran-Gordon 69ers at Castle Greyskull. Kelsae Avengers were led in week 5 by a 30.52 point effort from Marcus Mariota. SanFran-Gordon 69ers were led in week 5 by a 22.18 point effort from Andrew Luck. Last but not least –

Avengers seem to be on the up in 2 weeks of growing points totals and 2 wins, is this a start of a decent streak for Stuart? 69Ers have been cruising to victory for 3 weeks though and could be a step to far for the Kelsae crew. Marcus Mariota was an ample fill in for Cam Newton this week and would be a fairly safe start should Cam not pass the concussion protocol this week. They both have games at 6 Sunday, so there should be no issues making the decision even up to the last minute. Elsewhere David Johnson surely guaranteed a start and Jimmy Graham too (note to Stuart, if I were you I’d be making a bit more of the fact we all scoffed when you picked him up in the draft – he seems back in a big way). After these guys though the rankings don’t look to great, perhaps the Hawks DST will come and save the Avengers?

For Richie, its business as usual. Those first 2 weeks are a distant memory and the niners are riding high on a 3 game streak. There’s a team available here with no one ranked outside the top 15 according to Fantasy pros – that may be a first – rankings don’t guarantee points of course, but can we really see less than 2 TDs from Murray, Michael, Jones and Marshall this week? Another one between TE and Flex should put the niners well over 100.

This should be the highest scoring match up of the week – which is actually good news for everyone else of course, as one of these teams has to lose – and its likely they will have scored over 100 when they do – always a kick in the teeth.

The smart money is on the Niners, but it is really something like 2 TDs in it – so if Stuart has a lucky week….

Game to watch – Seahawks at Falcons – this could be a shoot out game anyway – but there’s interest on both sides, If Matt Ryan can get past the Seahawks secondary – then Richie is cruising, if not this is Stuarts week.




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