EFFL AGM 2016 – Reid Hoose on SuperBowl Night

Current items for the AGM.

  1. Highest Scorer- Extend highest scorer to cover the entire season. passed
  2. Diddy playoffs- Scrap diddy playoffs. Lineups will be valid for all teams in postseason and will contribute towards the prize for the highest scoring team. All transactions for non-playoff or eliminated teams will end. passed
  3. Waivers- “As Fantasy football has evolved, so too has weekly waivers. But not in every case. Nearly all free leagues and even some of the home leagues you participate still utilize the archaic feature of first come, first serve. In that format, the best Fantasy option is awarded to whoever can get online first to press a button; boiling down to being rewarded for having a smart-phone or more time on their hands. Not fair to you, especially in a “non cutthroat league”. Not much better is the waiver wire format that rewards the best available to the owners with the worst records in the league. This is similar to kiddy football where everyone wins a trophy. In order for Fantasy football to be fair, the integrity of the league should never be compromised. Weekly free agent acquisition should incorporate a strategy; just like the draft and weekly starting line-up assignments. It is for this reason that free agent blind bidding should be the universal process for all leagues.”

    As part of a wider change to waivers here are the proposals;

    Option A- Nightly waivers. Waivers are processed at a set time-every day. If you want a player you have to put a request in. Except Sundays when FCFS will be available 4 hrs before kickoff.

    Option B- Bidding- you are given a budget that will allow you to purchase free agents over the course of the season. You cannot sign free agents unless you have money. Your week 1 roster will be set and no players can be acquired until week 2. Bids will be processed on Wednesday and Friday evenings.  COMMISSIONER RRECOMMENDATION

    Option C- Continue with status-quo, but change the resolve time on Wednesday to an evening. option B selected (details established later)

  4. Change 50 yard field goals to 3 points and punish kickers for misses (-1 for FG, -0.25 for XP) (passed but commissioner overrule on implementation-delayed for 1 season)
  5. Allow return yards and touchdowns for offensive players. Additional scoring for defenses by yards allowed. (not passed)
  6. Add a survivor league. (passed)


  1. We will continue with current league fees unless prices rise at MFL or there is a league requirement to increase the prize pot. passed
  2. Scoring- Apart from the proposals above in the interests of consistency I propose to retain the current scoring system. passed
  3. Is league happy to continue with divisional setup? passed
  4. We currently have 2 requests to join league. (1)Are all owners happy to continue? (2) Does the league wish to expand?. all owners wish to continue. No expansion
  5. Weekly preview and review articles. MFL auto generates these but they’re a “bit” shit. I particularly enjoy the View from the Pit, but Gavé shouldered every single week on his own last year, does anyone want to help out? There is no format you just write what you want to read. Gav continuing, Cozy volunteers to restart writing.
  6. League chat- The MFL chat is ok, but wasn’t well used. Is everyone still happy to continue with FB or would you like to switch to something else? passed
  7. I propose that our 2 co-commissioners continue in their post and function as the executive committee. If anyone would like to join the executive committee we have space for 1 more person. Continue with 3 man committee (ensures no ties)
  8. Draft Day- It looks very likely that draft night will be on Saturday 11th September 2016. We won’t know for sure until the NFL schedule is published in June so please keep the 5th September free in your diary. We don’t have a venue for next years draft so if anyone would like to volunteer it would be appreciated. SB for Paul and Draft for Richie

One thought on “EFFL AGM 2016 – Reid Hoose on SuperBowl Night

  1. cool, for info though: point 5 has another option; dock DST for fumbles.
    This was the inconsistency that bugged bme this season, Demaryius Thomas fumbled a kick (or punt cnat remember) return and lost 2 points to his personal score when he couldn’t have gained for any yards or TDs scored.
    Adding yards and TDS for returns would seem to skew things dramatically in favour of a very few players, and making DST weekly scores a little less scattergun (those DST Scores over the late teens almost always have a punt or kick return TD in them).
    So although either adding yds and TDs for returners or docking DST pts for fumbles give the same level of ‘consistency and fairness’ – docking points from DSTs for fumbles seems to have the least impact on our structure as it stands, (and the amount of research mere NFL dabblers like me need to do for the draft!)


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