Highs and Lows of the 2015 Season

2015 was a roller-coaster of a season filled with handcuffs, waiver wire, free agency gems and injuries to stars. In the end the Championship teams were filled with just 7 drafted players and were barely recognisable from their week 8 rosters.

We asked each of our GM’s to give us their own personal high and low point from the season. Some will make surprising reading and others will not so much. Let’s start with the Champion’s division, Uhura.

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars

Up until the final my high point was the high score of 168, but I guess u have to say that’s has to come second now! Regret is tough as I had no real close games where I could say if only! I never really let anyone go that I regretted, well maybe Julius Thomas and Ted Ginn! But if I hadn’t I would have played both last night and would have had a 3pt total from both and would probably lost so not sure I regret that now! I played Brian Hoyer over Tom Brady because I knew better! That is about all I’ve got that I regretted. If ur after a low point that’s easy, simply going thru 4 or 5 weeks losing top players to season ending injury.

Fog on the Tyne

Pretty easy my high and low. The high was waking up on the Tuesday morning after beating Avengers and clinching the Uhura Division. The low has to be losing the semi final by a short margin knowing I had plenty points on my bench to win and rubbing salt in the wound was knowing I would have won it all if I had only chosen Cooper or Redskins defence that week.

Kelsae Avengers

Biggest regret has to be taking Eddie Lacy with my first pick. The reason is fairly self explanatory! My fist pumping moment has to be beating Richie. Again, fairly self explanatory.

Ah, no regrets from the champion. As for the Lacy pick, I’m sure Stuart isn’t the only coach regretting that pick and more likely there’ll be a few who are glad he went a pick ahead of them. Next to the division with our regular season champion, Shatner.

Pilton Panthers

Don’t have any regrets, my high is winning the division and being regular season champion.

Nitten Pickaxe

Low: too many, but maybe pats dst getting -1 against Jimmy in week 13.

High : watching Ivory in London

Tranent Tigers

Regret getting rid of Freeman the week before he went mental with scoring! Struggling for a high to be honest, there was a week I won by a very small margin on the Monday night but can’t remember which one……

Yep and here’s that god awful transaction in all it’s glory! In case you were interested Freeman ending up as the the no 1 scoring RB in our league, Riddick trailed in as 36.

Tranent Tigers Waiver Wed Sep 16 8:04:59 p.m. GMT 2015

Next we get to a Division filled with regret, TJ Hooker. That’s probably because none of them could muster a winning record…..well at least one of them had an excuse.

Fife Fire

My fantasy low point was losing Le’veon bell two games into his season. And my high point Cam Newton’s 41 point effort in week 15.

San-Fran Gordon 69ers

High: pumping the Earthquakes (knocked them out of playoff contention)

Low: dropping DeAngelo Williams days before Bell went down.

The proof! and yes that is a DST for a the week one and two highest scorer.

SanFran-Gordon 69ers Waiver Wed Oct 28 2:48:57 p.m. GMT 2015

Kelso 187’s

My biggest regret is wasting my 2nd round pick on Randall Cobb , cos he sucks , my fist pump moment was after picking up Doug Baldwin and seeing his performance over the past few games.

and finally we get onto Kirk Division were the executive committee are contained in one small area..

Earlston Earthquakes

My high point would have to be my seven game win streak, made sweeter by the fact that I basically reconstructed the team I had drafted after 4 weeks of abysmal scoring. Those 4 weeks cost me the championship. Low point was the feeling in week 13 that I was basically Scotland. A feeling that every Scotsman and only a Scotsman can relate too, you put yourself in the most difficult situation possible (Bannockburn (editor)), you show your metal and get to a point of hope and achievement, then you blow it on the coasting downhill section (Flodden, Pinkie, Halidon Hill, Solway Moss, Falkirk, Culloden, Costa Rica, Iran….i could go on (editor)) where you should have been getting your breath back ready for the charge to victory. I have made this feeling worse by dissecting the Web site, feel free to look at the alternative ranking, overall w-l rank. It is a tough pill to swallow. (yes the Earthquakes are the best team in the league if we didn’t play head to head or have a divisional playoff setup….aww!)

Tweedbank Pirates

My regret was not trading Dez Bryant when I had the chance. My high point was the diddy playoffs and beating Jimmy (Jaguars) in the regular season.

and finally to me

Earlstonian Bohemians

My high point is cheesy, but it’s seeing everyone “enjoy” playing in this league. From a season standpoint it was actually having RBs who functioned for most of the season and my drunken trade for Gary Barnidge….a masterstroke.

My low points are all personnel related….look at these cracking drops!

Earlstonian Bohemians Waiver Wed Oct 7 1:58:45 p.m. GMT 2015
Earlstonian Bohemians Waiver Wed Oct 28 8:00:05 a.m. GMT 2015
Earlstonian Bohemians Waiver Wed Nov 18 9:00:07 a.m. GMT 2015

 Have a good New Year and remember there is always next year!


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