Earlston Super Bowl III

There was no repeat of Joe Namath’s guarantee at the start of this crucial showdown between the Bohemians and the three time finalist Jaguars in Earlston SuperBowl III. Both teams were evenly matched coming into the game despite the Bohemians losing last year’s final star Odell Beckham Jr to suspension in week 15.

During the week both teams tweaked their lineups with the Jaguars focusing on their weakness at RB and the Bohemians at QB. In fact both teams had less than their normal activity on the waiver wire and in free agency although both attempted to block and counter block each others weaknesses.

In fact Tuesdays waiver-wire almost produced one of the most significant pickups pre-final. Despite having waiver priority the Bohemians selected Eagles QB Sam Bradford over the Texans DST and this allowed the Jaguars to pick them up with their juicy match-up against the Tennessee Titans. It was all moot in the end as the Jaguars left the free scoring Cardinals DST and their 33 point haul on the bench.

The game got off to a start at 6pm on Sunday with the 6 Jaguars starters and 5 Bohemians. The Jaguars had their QB (Brady 11.14), RB1 (Abdullah 4.8), WR1 (Decker 10.7), FLEX (Watkins 8.4), TE (Miller 6.9) and DST (Texans 22) in action against the Bohemians RB2 (Miller 12.7), WR1 (M Bryant 1.0), TE (Barnidge 4.7), K (Barth 3.0) and DST (Lions 6.0).

Both teams would have been disappointed with their early showing. The Jaguars got out of a hole with a great game ending between the Jets and Patriots with Brady making 11.14 from a single digit total on the last drive of the 4th quarter and Decker scoring a walk-off TD in overtime. The Jaguars 6pm total of 63.94 wasn’t great but kept them on pace to reach that magical 95 point target.

As for the Bohemians it was a disappointing showing especially as an early 8 point RB margin was squandered with a horrendous showing from Martavis Bryant (1.0) and a below average Gary Barnidge (4.7). Early direct match-ups had the score at Jaguars +20.

The 9pm games brought 3 starters from each team. For the Jaguars RB2 (Michael 2.0), WR2 (Hurns 22.6) and K (Catanzaro 8.0) and for the Bohemians RB1 (Hightower 28.9), FLEX (Robinson 7.1) and WR2 (Lockett 3.3). It was these set of games that nearly turned things around for the Bohemians, but two second half touchdowns (+14.62) by Allen Hurns gave the Jaguars a cushion of almost 30 points with just Teddy Bridgewater to play for the Bohemians.

Unfortunately for the Bohemians, Bridgewater couldn’t repeat his 30pt outing from week 15 and managed a mediocre 11.92 despite a 49 point outing by the Vikings. The Jaguars clinched their second title in a row and were well deserved winners for the third EFFL season.

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars


Earlstonian Bohemians

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars Earlstonian Bohemians
QB Tom Brady 11.14 QB Teddy Bridgwater 11.92
RB Ameer Abdullah 4.80 RB Tim Hightower 28.90
RB Christine Michael 2.00 RB Lamar Miller 12.70
WR Eric Decker 10.70 WR Martavis Bryant 1.00
WR Allen Hurns 22.60 WR Tyler Lockett 3.30
F-WR Sammy Watkins 8.40 F-RB Denard Robinson 7.10
TE Zach Miller 6.90 TE Gary Barnidge 4.70
K Chandler Cantazaro 9.00 K Connor Barth 3.00
DST Houston Texans 22.00 DST Detroit Lions 6.00

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