View From The Pit 2015 – Week 11

Week eleven already, 3 games of regular season action left and still a chance to get to the playoffs. Rab has booke his place for the panthers, its just a case of whose going to join him – I’ll let you do the maths, like most things it’s a bit more complex than it might seem:

Here’s the big game this week, the league big guns fight it out at the top of the tree.

Fog at Panthers


6-4 Fog  challenge the 8-2  Panthers at Pilton Park.
Fog were led in week 10 by a 15.90 point effort fromLeSean McCoy. Fog on the Tyne can expect a 15.53 point effort fromTyrod Taylor in week 11

Panthers were led in week 10 by a 15.10 point effort from Jonathan Stewart. Pilton Panthers can expect a 17.47 point effort from Philip Rivers in week 11.

In the 2-year history of this rivalry, Fog on the Tyne hold a 1-1-0 all-time series recordagainst Pilton Panthers. Fog are in no way assured of their playoff birth – Uhura is still the tightest division, and Panthers cannot take their foot of the gas if they want to assure the best draw in the playoffs. Rab must be prett confident – he still has a spare roster spot as at 9.00 on Wednesday – does the graph agree with that confidence – nope, the stats give this one to the fog by a nose. rab could start tomorrow with Ten RB andrews, but he has a few options at Flex and his srating RB pair will surely be Doug Martin and Jonathan Stewart. Stuart on the other hand has massive depth at RB but at this stage in the week is banking on Matt Forte being fit – that’s not guaranteed and could really dent Fog’s chances if he doesn’t suit up. both teams will expect scores to be pretty even by the end of the Sunday Early game, anyone with a lead of 20 points here can go to bed pretty happy. Rab needs a good 3o-40 point lead Monday if he’s to think he’s got the win in the bag, Tyrod and LeSean go for the Bills in the Monday night game, both scoring for the fog.

With the playoffs so close a new feature of the predictor – What does the league want? with Rab already qualified, and the rest of the league pretty close in – the 10 coaches outside of this game are maybe rooting for a Panthers win. What’s the league gonna get? – the Pit says this one’s going to the wire, but we’ll plump for Fog.

187s at Tigers

5-5 Kelso 187’s, who hope to extend their 3 game winning streak, face off against the 3-7 Tranent Tigers at Polson Park.
187’s were led in week 10 by a 27.90 point effort from Antonio Brown. With Brown on bye in week 11, they’ll need to count on their second-string WR to carry the team this week. Kelso 187’s can expect a 13.44 point effort from Darren McFadden in week 11.

Tigers were led in week 10 by a 30.20 point effort from Jeremy Langford. Tranent Tigers can expect a 14.90 point effort from Julio Jones in week 11.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2015. It looks like both coaches want to get this done and dusted on Sunday – picking want seem to be a full set of 18 finished by just around midnight Sunday. That doesn’t make it any less exciting – Fantasy sharks call this one neck and neck, less than half a point in it. It surely wont be that close. Nicky has made some poor/unlucky decisions this year depending on how you think this game works. there has to be some juice left in the squad yet – maybe the question is has Nicky given up yet. Tony Romo is scheduled to return to action this week – will Nicky chance it and does he care enough? Plenty of pundits have him as a better option than currently selected Winston, time will tell, and with all games being sunday, there’s plenty of time to make the call. 187s are riding high a bit, but Euan faces a tough bye week challenge this week with 2 players and a DST on the bench – Antonio Brown is surely the biggest miss, and the 5 teams that Euan has beat this week surely wish they’d played the 187s this week.

what does the league want? most of the rest probably want a tigers win – Will they get it – The pit says yes – without Brown the 187s are firing blanks.

Pickaxe at 69ers

5-5 Nitten Pickaxe challenge the 4-6 SanFran-Gordon 69ers at Castle Greyskull.
Pickaxe were led in week 10 by a 16.80 point effort from Russell Wilson. Nitten Pickaxe can expect a 16.98 point effort from Russell Wilson in week 11.

69ers were led in week 10 by a 22.12 point effort fromAaron Rodgers. SanFran-Gordon 69ers can expect a 20.89 point effort from Aaron Rodgers in week 11.

In the 2-year history of this rivalry, Nitten Pickaxe hold a 2-1-0 all-time series record against SanFran-Gordon 69ers. Richie is keeping his lineup close to his chest this week – with nothing announced yet – there’s a few options but they,as always, revolve around the Rogers Gronkowski pair – perhaps the most consistent pair of players at these oft streamed positions. Elsewhere Pickaxe have the lead at RB but cannot compete with the 69er WR team, Demaryius Thomas has been oh so average and Desean Jackson non exisitent – could that all change this week? Coach Gave has to hope so.

At Least Gronk will be in action on Monday – and Amendola is a possibility for Richie too, Gav has the pats DST though, so the points wont all be for Richie.

What does the league want – Pickaxe are more in contention for a spot this week so the league probably wants a 69ers win – will they get it – NO!

Earthquakes at Fire

6-4 Earlston Earthquakes, who hope to extend their 6 game winning streak, face off against the 5-5 Fife Fire at Balbirnie Stadium.
Earthquakes were led in week 10 by a 28.10 point effort from Charcandrick West. Earlston Earthquakes can expect a 18.44 point effort from Charcandrick West in week 11.

Fire were led in week 10 by a 14.80 point effort from Andre Ellington. Fife Fire can expect a 10.69 point effort from Mike Evans in week 11.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2015. Well this certainly is an Earthquake of some magnitude – a 6 game winning streak has to be one of the longest ever, can it continue for Cozy? Shaun started the season as a contender, and needs to get back on track, amazingly Fire are still leading TJ Hooker after a 3 game losing streak – that surely tells you something about the quality of those teams? Anyway – the lineups look top be settling everything on Sunday – Cozy’s quakes getting most of their points in the early game whilst Shaun’s Fire waiting till later. Quakes have the option of some early points from Allen Hurns whose been playing pretty well through some pain, but so far they are going withBrown and Matthews instead. Fire have got to miss Drew Brees this week – Cam Newton is a fine QB though and through good planning he’s facing a great matchup against the raiders….

What does the league want? Quakes are nearly over the line, but not quite, whislt Fire will probably be going to week 13 to be sure, for that reason a quake win suits a few more folk – Will they get it? It’s looking likely, though Cam vs the Broncos could through a big spanner in the works here- the Put goes with the numbers and the quakes.

Bohemians at Jaguars

5-5 Earlstonian Bohemians challenge the 5-5 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars at Die Walküre Stadion.
Bohemians were led in week 10 by a 21.80 point effort from Martavis Bryant.With Bryant on bye in week 11, they’ll need to count on their second-string WR to carry the team this week. Earlstonian Bohemians can expect a 16.98 point effort from Andy Dalton in week 11

Jaguars were led in week 10 by a 18.26 point effort from Tom Brady. Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars can expect a 20.64 point effort from Tom Brady in week 11.

In the 2-year history of this rivalry, Earlstonian Bohemians hold a 2-0-0 all-time series record against Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars. Jimmy has a point to prove against the commissioner here, having never won this match up – however this week looks a good bet with Ally having the bye week from hell just when he doesn’t need it – no excuses for that though as you can see that coming! Jimmy waits patiently to pounce on Monday night with Tom Brady and LeGarrette Blount agaist the Bills. Ally will have to get his makeshift teams butts moving all Sunday night to have any chance here. Bohos need to be a good 40 points up though they do have a lst gasp with Bills TE Charles Clay, that would be some game for him to pull this one out of the bag. Lamar Miller and the Jets are the 2 lone lights for the Bohos this week, can they save the Boho season – they may not have to – with the Pirates far away Bohos can still sew up 2nd in Kirk without this win – is that the plan?

What do the league want – not sure here – both teams are in the very busy running for the 2 ‘highest loser’ playoff spots, but of course Jimmy already has his name on the trophy – so perhaps the call is for the Bohos – Will they get it – not a hope in hall – the Jags have this one sewn up.

Pirates at Avengers


3-7 Tweedbank Pirates face off against the 5-5 Kelsae Avengers at Samuel Sawyer Memorial Park.
Pirates were led in week 10 by a 16.02 point effort fromBlake Bortles. Tweedbank Pirates can expect a 15.28 point effort from Blake Bortles in week 11.

Avengers were led in week 10 by a 13.44 point effort from Sam Bradford.  T.J. Yeldon was not injured before the start of his week 10 game, and contributed 6.70 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 11 due to an injured foot , which might severely limit his fantasy production. Kelsae Avengers can expect a 9.69 point effort from Jeremy Maclin in week 11.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2015. Paul’sPirates have looked a bit in the Doldrums this year – that rebrand didn’t do everything that it could have, Stuarts Avengers are riding their luck a bit, ok a lot, with comfortably the lowest total score they’ve come up against a few disasters and emerged the winner, enough to put them inexplicably at 5-5. What can this week bring? Both Teams have Jacksonville Jaguars players in action on Thursday night – though Paul will be sorely dissapointed not to be winning by 10 or more on Friday morning with Blake Bortles on the card. Paul’s also got to hope that he has 8 pts in the bag Monday night with Gostkowski kicking for the Pats. Where does that leave Stuarts’ avengers? Well Calvin Megatron Johnson has been a massive disappointment this year, but that has to be Stuart’s hope.


what do the league want? – a win for Prates for sure- who appear to be out of it. Will they get it? There really doesn’t seem to be anything to stop them, and the Pit goes with those pirates.


that’s it for week 11 – see you on the chat sunday night!


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