Learning from the Losers

I think a timely reblog for this article as we reach that critical point in your fantasy season

Earlston Fantasy Football League

“Once you hear the details of victory, it is hard to distinguish it from a defeat.”
Jean-Paul Sartre

Like most circumstances in life it’s easy to look at the winners, marvel at their good luck, excellent strategy and vow to follow their successful formula next time. But like gamblers falling for a survivor pool scam we can sometimes be led into trying to create strategies from something that can’t be recreated.

The lessons the victors give us are easy to understand; pick good players, play them every week and scan the waiver wire to pick up more good players and manage your team to success. Yes that sounds like there’s a bit of luck involved, and of course we all need that to win a championship, but we shouldn’t underplay the work required to build a playoff team. However, it’s the lessons we learn in defeat and from the defeated that…

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