Waivers on MFL

I’ve had a few questions about waivers on the MFL site so here’s a quick reminder on how to go about making your picks. At the moment I’d say there is a 50-50 split of who actually understands how it works. In order to save us all from further embarrassment here’s a simple guide of how to go about it.

Waivers in MFL should be more intuitive than the NFL site as they follow the process you should all be familiar with from the draft. Each week the waiver order is decided by the reverse order of standings (i.e. worst to first) and similar to the draft, waivers is divided into rounds. There are 4 rounds of waivers which means you can select a maximum of four players or none if you so wish. Unlike the draft you aren’t present to select players as your turn comes around so the waiver screen allows you to input options to help you pick up the players you’re tracking. Lets work through an example.

This week I’ve decided that I need to make wholesale changes to my team and need help at QB, WR, TE and RB. Waiver pickings are thin so I really need to make sure I pick up all my selections.

The first thing I need to do is order my players by importance. By doing this it means I can prioritise the player I really want first and then if someone else picks them I can ensure I pick up my second one…..and so on.

My waiver selections for this week in order of priority are:-
WR Stefon Diggs
TE Ben Watson
RB Brandon Oliver
QB Jay Cutler
Here’s how to input those selections to the league site to ensure the best chance of picking up those players

Note how i’ve ordered the selections within the first round. Basically what i’m saying to the waiver autopick is I want Stefon Diggs. If he’s there drop Anquan Boldin. If he isn’t pick up Ben Watson and drop Boldin. My next selection is basically a repeat of my first selection except this time I’m requesting Watson but dropping Barnridge…but why? This is because I’m going to use this order in the second round as well. It means if I’m lucky enough to pick up Diggs in the first round because I’ve dropped Boldin I couldn’t pick up Watson because I’d already dropped Boldin…..still with me? Basically I walking through all the scenarios trying to ensure I’ve a request that can be fulfilled in each round.

Of course I’ve only identified 4 players, but lets say I really need a QB. Well that’s simple- list each one you want. Cutler first, Fitzpatrick second, Kaepernick third and if really desperate then Stafford.Always keep in mind that if someone picks your player he won’t be there when it gets to you. The screenshot is from the PC version of the site. On the ipad your options list is hidden and appears as a single bar, if you click on it you should see your order as shown above. When you’re finished hit save and repeat for the next 3 rounds. Personally I go through all my scenarios in the first round and then copy through to the subsequent ones. You don’t need to do this as your top choice will never need to appear in the second round….but I find it easier to copy through rather than individually tailor each round.


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