View from the Pit 2015 week 5

Week 5 – A whole month down and just 9 weeks to go. A couple of early leaders on 3-1 but a lot of mid table tussles with teams on 2-2.

Our high scoring heroes from the early rounds, jags and 69ers both took a wee tumble in week 4 and the rest of the league breathes a sigh of relief as scores get a bit back to normal. The pit predictor had a bit of an off week last time with just 2 picks, so the pressure is on for week 5. Maybe I was too excited for NFL London, who knows. A jets win pleased most of our crowd with practically no Dolphins in the league, even if the game was a bit error strewn and lacklustre. We need to soundtrack for the week, and what better than the hard to find Jets anthem – warning – this is so bad it appears to have been deleted from many corners of the web – but here it is in all it’s glory:


Kirk – Pirates at Earthquakes

The 2-2 Tweedbank Pirates play the 0-4 (!!) Earlston Earthquakes at The Cauldie.Pirates can expect a 16.96 point effort from Andrew Luck in week 5, a little less than the predicted 18.32 point effort from Carson Palmer for Earthquakes. Elsewhere in the matchup, Cozy’s RB team have a small advantage with the wideouts being equally matched. All in all this will be a close run thing, in terms of yards even if not td’s.

In week 3, Pirates wons by 26.26 points, so coach Cozy is looking for revenge this week. In the 3-year history of this rivalry, Tweedbank Pirates hold a 2-3-0 all-time series record against Earlston Earthquakes.

The tide has to turn for Cozy at some point, surely? So with a couple of bonus td’s and a shortage for Paul this should to go his way? Cozy has to wait as although the Earthquakes cram their points in on Sunday, Pirates spread themselves all over the weekend.

Shatner: Tigers at Pickaxe

2-2 Tranent Tigers play the 2-2 Nitten Pickaxe at New Victoria Park.
With Peterson on bye in week 5, Tigers need to count on their second-string RBs to carry the team this week.  that could be ok though as Pickxe’s Chris Ivory is also resting up this week. Tigers can expect a 18.72 point effort from Peyton Manning at QB, and he’ll need at least that to cover the loss of Peterson

Nitten Pickaxe can expect a 15.6 point effort from Demaryius Thomas and again coach Gav will want at least that with a severe lack of other top tier wides. Chris Ivory could be a big loss, but will  coach Nicky be choking on his Frosties with former Tiger Devonta Freeman on the books – he’s had 70 points and 6 TDs in 2 weeks for Pickaxe

In week 2, Tranent Tigers defeated Nitten Pickaxe by 45.90 points, so coach Gav is looking for revenge this week. In the 2-year history of this rivalry, Tranent Tigers hold a 2-1-0 all-time series record against Nitten Pickaxe. The Pit prediction is for the Pickaxe to even this rivalry right out.

TJ Hooker – Fire at 69ers

3-1 Fife Fire challenge the 2-2 SanFran-Gordon 69ers at Castle Greyskull.

Fife Fire can expect a 20.1 point effort from Le’Veon Bell in week 5, but it will be TY Hilton who gets some points on the board on thursday night – that game could set the tone for this match up – if Hilton has a flyer then Coach Richie will be playing a very long game of catch up, as Bell doesn’t go till Monday night.

SanFran-Gordon 69ers can expect a 20.32 point effort from Aaron Rodgers in week 5, and they’ll need it too. Gronk is number one ranked TE this week (what else is new) and that will give Richie a boost, but elsewhere on the niner’s roster this week Fire seem to have the edge.

Both teams have the ability to play pretty highly ranked players at all positions, and this could be a high scoring game – but with high scores comes the unpredictability of TDs, so this is a hard game to call, Fire need to pick up a kicker too, don’t forget or you’ll face an automatic loss.

In week 2, SanFran-Gordon 69ers defeated Fife Fire by 13.46 points, I suspect this week the winner could be by 5o+points, but who will it be – too hard to call, but I’ll go for Fire.

UHURA – Jaguars at Avengers

2-2 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars face off against the 2-2 Kelsae Avengers at Samuel Sawyer Memorial Park.
Arian Foster was not injured before the start of his week 4 game, and contributed 1.50 points, but he’s listed as questionable in week 5 due to an injured groin, which might severely limit his fantasy production, Coach Jimmy needs to keep his eyes open on that one as he’s scheduled to play Thursday night too.

Kelsae Avengers can expect a 14 point effort from Calvin Johnson in week 5, who’s not quite lived up to last years numbers but is still a must start wide receiver. He’ll have to pick up his game if he’s to challenge Julio Jones for the Jags.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2015, and is sure to be a classic showdown. Jimmy didn’t get his name on the trophy for nothing and coach Stuart may be about to find that out, he’s behind in all positions except Eddie Lacy according the the Fantasy pros ECR this week – its hard to bet against the Jags with those stats, but most positions are close and the pit is calling this one for the Avengers.

Non Divisional

187s at Panthers

2-2 Kelso 187’s face off against the 3-1 Pilton Panthers at Pilton Park.

Kelso 187’s can expect a 18.72 point effort from Matt Ryan in week 5, but that wont be the highlight here, Euan has 3 of the top ten ranked wideouts this time around and that could really set the bar high for the Panthers. However, Pilton Panthers can expect a 17.2 point effort from Jamaal Charles, with Doug Martin not far behind in terms of yardage, he only needs a TD or 2 to bring Rab right back in it.

Rab may have a couple of weapons in the non glory roster spots of Kicker and DST where he has a good ranking lead over Euan,.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2015, and looks like being close, Euan looks like he will be chasing Monday night, but if you are chasing you want someone with a huge ceiling like Antonio Brown – the pit goes with the 187s this time.

Bohemians at Fog

2-2 Earlstonian Bohemians challenge the 2-2 Fog on the Tyne at New St James Park.

Earlstonian Bohemians can expect a 18.32 point effort from Philip Rivers in week 5, who is expected to do well against the  Steelers defense, but that’s Monday night so Coach Ally has to wait. elsewhere Fantasy Sharks has both his RBs in the teens, way more than either of Fogs, Fantasy pros has the ranks the other way around though – so don’t count any chickens just yet .

Fog on the Tyne can expect a 15.78 point effort from Tyrod Taylor in week, who’s coming off a slightly slow week, so might be itching to get back in the 20’s. MFL has that pretty much coach Stuarts only chance to make over the regulation 10 points, but that simply cannot be right – there’s chances for points all over Stuart’s team, most obviously perhaps if the Ravens get going against Cleveland with both the DST and Kicker suiting up for Fog.

In the 2-year history of this rivalry, Earlstonian Bohemians hold a 2-0-0 all-time series record against Fog on the Tyne. Coach Stuart must surely want to get one back – but can it happen, yes, but on this occasion, the pit predictor sees the Bohos as the victors

That’s all for this week folks. Those of you with a masochistic streak can seek out the other pepsi anthems from a few years back – the official versions of all the tracks have been wiped from the face of the web, but they are all lurking in dark corners – there’s at least another 6 to find



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