View From the Pit 2015 – week 4

Week 4 is here already – that’s just 10 regular season games left – don’t be surprised if the playoff berths are all but booked by week 9 – so that’s just 5 games left to really make a mark. Several teams really have to pick up the pace, though fortunately for everyone else we’ve avoided anyone going 3-0. That means that its all to play for in every division. Its a non divisional week all round, a chance to get in a sneaky win against some low hanging fruit from across the league? Or a bad luck week to meet one of our monster scorers? Last week’s record score from Jimmy sets a new marker, one that will be hard to beat, with 10 offensive and 2 defensive Tds plus a safety and a 2 pointer to boot – that’s one lucky week.

Anyway – much as the pit predictor feels for Cozy down there on 0-3, with the mighty pickaxe you can bet it’s more of the same this week, so lets soundtrack with a tune just for those who cant get started this year

Panthers at Bohemians

Both at 2-1 the Panthers play the Bohemians at Bohemian Park.

Ben Roethlisberger is listed as out in week 4 due to an injured knee , and that could be bad news for Rab. 17.98 from Joe Flacco would be a decent substitute and could beat Dalton or Rivers for the Bohos, Dalton at the Chiefs has the better matchup, but it might still be a tough choice for coach ally.

There’s some London interest on both sides, Rab has Bilal Powell  and Ally has the jets dst as well as Dolphins receiver Rishard Matthews. Powell’ ceiling hinges on whether Chris Ivory is fit and gets touches, so there may be some tinkering on the phone in London.

Rab is looking to get one back as Bohemians coach Ally holds a 3-0 all time record over the Panthers, unfortunately the pit predictor can’t see that happening this week, it’s a win for the Bohos.

Pickaxe vs Earthquakes

in this bottom of the table clash, 1-2Pickaxe play the 0-3 Earthquakes at The Cauldie.

This game could rest on some London action, if Chris Ivory can get fit by Sunday that will boost coach Gav no end, if not then it will be a tough night on Monday with Lynch on the injury bus too. Pickaxe made their lineup look even more hawk like, picking up Thomas Rawls as security for lynch. That all means the Chris needs to score a ton of points by midnight Sunday to stop a 4 pronged ‘Hawk attack from Gav on Monday night. Chris has to hope some of the many ‘Q’s on Gav’s team turn to ‘O’s

In the 2-year history of this rivalry, Nitten Pickaxe hold a 2-1-0 all-time series record against Earlston Earthquakes. This looks likely to grow this week, as it will be the Pickaxe who move the earth and confine the earthquakes to a mere tremble at 0-4

Pirates vs Tigers

the 2-1 Pirates face off against the 1-2 Tigers at Polson Park.

Pirates can expect a 18.64 point effort from Andrew Luck in week 4, a bit better than the Tigers’ Peyton Manning and his 16.24 predicted points.

Pirates lucked out last week with a match up against the lowest score of the week, but this week could be a bigger test as Nicky’s tigers are predicted some decent scores, and seem much more likely to hit the end zone too. The Hawks DST could come to the rescue for the Pirates on Monday though – if they can get into the teens that could change the game.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2015, MFL has it Tigers all the way – but the Pit prediction has to go with the Pirates to have a standout game and pinch it on Monday.

Avengers vs 187’s

1-2 Avengers play the 2-1 187’s at Compton palace

Matt Ryan for the 187s is predicted nearly double the Avenger’s Sam Bradford, but that could all change with the loss or gain of a couple of passing tds.

Elsewhere Euan’s187s seem to have a small edge at most positions, and overall that gives them a 20 pt cushion, but that could go pear shaped very quickly with a lucky play on the other  side. If Bradford connects with Jordan Matthews a couple of extra times, for example, that will be  double boost for Stuart’s Avengers.

However, that’s an outside chance, Euan’s boys have the advantage and the pit predictor has to go with the numbers –  this week that number is 187.

Jaguars at Fire

both at 2-1 the Jaguars challenge the Fire at Balbirnie Stadium.

MFL reckons Fife Fire can expect a 16.3 point effort from Le’Veon Bell in week 4, but surely he will be itching for a massive game after being out and a ‘just above average’ game last week. He has a lot to prove being the number 1 ranked RB despite a 2 week suspension, and coach Shaun needs that to happen this week to have a chance against the on fire Jaguars. Julio Jones is the number 1 WR, and even carrying an injury has run every defense ragged so far, but can Jimmy have a repeat of last weeks stellar performance across the team?

Maybe not, but it still looks like the Jags will win it here, and that’s my prediction.

69ers at Fog

2-1 69ers face off against the 1-2 Fog at New St James Park.

69ers  Aaron Rodgers has gone from 20-25 predicted points in the space of a day this week, whist Free agent pick up Tyrod Taylor could be an outside bet to get more than his alloted 15 points. The only other place where the 69ers have the edge is WR AJ Green, everywhere else the outlook is decidedly foggy. With some big scoring in the first couple of weeks, Richie looked to be an early championship bet, but has he peaked too soon?

Fog have a 3-1 all time advantage in this clash and it could just be that that will stretch even further come next week – the pit prediction is for the Fog.

That’s it this week folks, see you in London!


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