View From The Pit 2015 – week 2

Week 1 is out of the way – a couple of lucky breaks for the new guys and a huge spread of scores. The Pit predictions were about 50/50 last week, but don’t let that put you off – it just looks like some players are going to have to settle into their seasons.

Rookies and those still sleeping after the summer – do not be fooled; there is no warm up, no free weeks and no complacency – reigning champ Jimmy signalled his intent to be first to get his name on the trophy twice with a massive score against the Fog.

Lets soundtrack the preview with a warning to those whose lineups left a little to be desired last week – you only have 12 weeks left for a playoff spot!!!

Divisional Games:

Kirk – Pirates at Bohemians

The Bohos lucked out in their first match up with the lowest winning score of the week against a woeful Quakes performance. The Pirates must be cursing those lilly livered landlubbers that this matchup wasnt week 1, as they scored a reasonable 82 points.  Quick tip for our newbies neither Ally or Paul’s stats were THAT bad – they just didn’t quite convert their yardage to touchdowns. Anyhow, this week should see the pirates Luck change with the wind, as the colts QB has  a decent match up against the Jets – that has to wait till Monday though. Everyone else worth playing looks like sunday games, Paul will miss injured Dez Bryant but still looks to have a decent chance at WR. This game could be close, but the Pit prediction is for Luck to seal the deal with a monster performance on Monday to give the Pirates their first win in the new strip

Shatner – Pickaxe at Tigers

Pickaxe come of a cheeky win where the Tigers are still waiting to pounce on their first win in the new name. Peyton Manning had a bit of a disaster, so expect that score to grow a bit – however he’s still only ranked 13th this week, and needs to prove he’s still got the game in Kansas. The match up this week are pretty close, Pickaxe have lost Desean Jackson, but then he contributed zero points to the week 1 win anyway. The waiver wire could be buzzing for both these coaches on Wednesday but there’s not enough barrel scrapings there to save Nicky’s Tigers – its a win for Pickaxe in week 2.

TJ Hooker – 69ers at Fire

Fife Fire logged their first win to launch their EFFL career – so a chance of a perfect season? not looking good from the Pit I can tell you – Leveon Bell is still out and they’ve probably lost Ellington too (though he played on dodgy legs most of last season – tough cookie?). With the niners straight off the second best score and with plenty of RBs to drop on the waivers it looks likely that Richie will benefit from a slightly doused Fire – The Gronk could make sure of that if he repeats his superhuman week 1 performance at Buffalo – the Pit goes for the 69ers this time.

Uhura – Avengers at Fog

Avengers won last week, and with only 1 QB and 1 outfield TD – not bad for a rookie? but they lucked out against a slightly kitten like Tigers team. This week could be very different – the Fog looking for blood after putting in a strong performance but ending up facing the Jaguar juggernaut. Fog look to have the lead at most positions, but only just and those oh so tricky red zone touches will decide this game, the points may not show it if one team lucks out her, but expect the yards to be pretty similar – the pit goes with the Fog


Non divisional

Panthers at Earthquakes

Both of these guys coming off the back of pretty close losses, a chance for one of them to set the balance back. The quakes might opt for an early start with some points for Anderson on Thursday night, because you can be sure that Jamaal Charles will put the Panthers into double digits. It looks like the rest of it will fought out on Sunday – the rankings give the Panthers a wee edge at most positions, but its so close it will be tough to prize them apart, the Packers v Hawks game may be the game to decide it, with both teams plumping for the packers – the rest of the players are spread across too many games, making it hard to keep track let alone watch – this week the Pit is going for the Panthers

187s at Jaguars

There might  be some quaking going on in this game, but it could just be Euan worrying about those Jerman Jaguars pouncing over the North Sea on the back of last weeks leading score. Dont get too uptight though, Jimmy isn’t holding the trophy for nothing but 4 QB TDs and 6 for the outfield is a monstrous 52 points worth – surely that cant happen 2 weeks on the bounce? 187s lost their first brotherly grudge match and will look to make their mark on the league here, got to say that the rest of the league might be banking on you too Euan – just to prove that Jimmy didn’t out think the whole internet with his draft. Anyway Travis Kelce could decide this early in the week on thursday night – a big game from him could see this tie slipping away from Euan before he’s even started – if that doesn’t happen Euan has the advantage on Sunday – the Pit goes for that outcome – it’s a win for the 187s


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