View From The Pit 2015 – week 1

And we’re back. After a long and smelly (according to the wives anyway) draft day we’re set again for year three of the best little fantasy league East of Maine, and the only one worth talking about here.

There was some sense that we ‘didnae hae enough o’ the trash talking’ on here last year so we may go in that direction, just wait and see – got to tell you that winning is more my style than talking pish, but there you go – each to their own. Maybe if some of you read these posts and made at least one wee comment you might get more of a rise.

Anyway, I’ll get myself in the mood with some ‘bring it on’ music:

Week 1 is a divisional so lets go for those games first:

In Kirk – Earthquakes vs Bohemians

The Quakes and Bohos had pretty even drafts according to some experts I just consulted – Quakes with a thuggish looking RB pairing and a couple of decent receivers suiting up in green and white. Ally has slightly more depth for flex and a better kicker, but don’t be surprised to see a change in DST before the weekend. Chris has fewer options but better chances at QB and the number 1 ranked DST this week. This game could be close but the Pit prediction is for Demarco Murray to close it out for the quakes on Monday night.

in Shatner – Panthers vs Pickaxe

Panthers coach Rab had a pretty quiet and sensible draft, picking up some pretty consistent looking studs at most positions. Meanwhile Pickaxe coach G stuck with the ‘it aint broke don’t fix it’ make a list and stick to it strategy. This week could be a slow start for Pickaxe though as Seattle face a bit of slog against the Rams – that game will decide the outcome for the 2 EFFL coaches. However with interst on both sides of the Monday night game for Rab – there could still be a Tuesday morning surprise for one of these teams. The pit prediction will be for Pickaxe by a nose.

TJ Hooker – Fire vs 187s

Hooker gets off to a flyer with the brotherly love in. New boy Shaun needs to wait a couple of weeks on suspended Leveon Bell and that could really mess with the chances of Giving Euan the baptism of Fife Fire that the rookie surely longs to do for all sorts of reasons. Don’t expect any mercy from the 187s, a great looking Wideout pair could put a big jug of water over the Fire this weekend. Pit predition is for the 187s this time – but it could be very different if Bell is fit for the return leg.

Uhuru – Fog vs Jaguars

Stuart’s Fog had a great draft with depth at both WR and RB but Jimmy wasn’t champion last year for nothing and some of his later picks have excellent match ups this week – leaving this clash open to bets form both sides. Likely to be a close game Fog need to have built up a good head of steam by late Sunday – as Julio Jones plays Monday against an Eagles defense that last year were the team that lset in the most points against Wideouts. The Pit predition is for Jones to have a flying start, so its a win for the jags.

Non Divisional

Avengers vs Tigers

Who?  I here you cry, its one new boy and one ‘rebrand’.You can change your name all you like but like our own captain was told ‘you cannae change the laws of draft day’ so lets have a look at whether Nicky can change his fortunes, surely its good to go from a rush of cold air to something with a bit of teeth? Time will tell if these tigers are greeeeat but this week looks pretty good. Coach Stuart brings his Avengers, bu8t just what is the dark secret that he needs to avenge for – maybe we’ll never know – maybe its those Marvel Avengers he’s on about, in which case is it the brute force and ignorance of ‘HULK SMASH’ or the international playboy feel of Tony Stark that he’s aiming for – Eddie Lacy might suggest the former, but there’s some finesse to this draft too with depth to choose a decent flex most weeks. For this week though the pit goes with the bitterly experienced Nicky – its a win for Tigers.

69ers vs Pirates:

Last but not least it’s Richie’s 69ers vs the rebranded Pirates. Personally i think if you are going to theme your team you should at last have carried it through; arrrrgghhhron Rogers at QB for a start. Maybe you went for Alfred Blue(beard) on purpose tho? Whatever, the Pirate’s certainly look to have stolen some booty from the draft day treasure chest. Coach Richie has had other things to keep him away form draft research but managed to research on the fly yesterday and has a team that should last him the season. The baseline stats have the Pirates stealing it at most positions this week, but the Pit prediction is for a 69er broadside and a win for Richie.

that’s it for week 1, new teams, new names and new site – its all to play for.

Earlston Earthquakes (-19.2)
Earlstonian Bohemians
SanFran-Gordon 69ers
Tweedbank Pirates
Pilton Panthers (-2.2)
Nitten Pickaxe
Kelsae Avengers
Tranent Tigers (-89.2)
Fife Fire
Kelso 187’s
Fog on the Tyne (-87.3)
Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars

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