EFFL AGM- Paul’s Hoose on SuperBowl Night

Current items for the AGM.

  1. Scoring- The executive committee have looked at a number of different scoring options and roster make-ups over the course of the season. In the interests of consistency we propose retaining the scoring system. Passed- Scoring and roster sizes will be maintained at current levels.
  2. My Fantasy League or NFL.com- As commissioner I’ve taken the decision to move the league to My Fantasy League from NFL.com. There are a number of reasons for this, but unless you’re prepared to take over the commissioner duties I’m afraid there is no vote or choice. The mobile apps are still a concern as well as the considerable change in the user experience, but there are a considerable number of apps available, it’s your responsibility to find the one YOU like. A list of MFL compatible apps can be found here: http://football2.fulltimefantasyleagues.com/2014/support?L=54440&FAQ=865 Passed
  3. League Fees- I’m proposing a change to league fees and payments date. League fee this year is proposed as £20. Payment date will now be draft day. If we want more trophies and prizes then we’ll need to add the cost. Any ideas welcome. I’m happy to continuing to look after the accounts, but if anyone would like to do something more formal such as fansafe then we can discuss at AGM. Passed.
  4. League History Project- We have a league site for the 2013 season on MFL. We need volunteers to populate weekly rosters and scores. (http://football99.myfantasyleague.com/2013/commissioner_setup?L=70554)– Passed. Gav and Nicky have volunteered to help out.
  5. Injured Reserve- I propose adding an extra roster spot to allow coaches to retain 1 injured player a week during the course of a season without negatively impacting their roster. The IR spot can be used for NFL designated IR and OUT players. Players assigned to IR are locked for 2 days when reactivated. Rejected There will be NO IR spot for next season
  6. Waivers, Free Agency and Roster Moves- I’ve been unhappy with the way waivers, free agency and roster moves have been handled by the NFL site (my main gripe). I’ve also been unhappy with the way waivers are handled by the worst to first designation that gives players with good roster and draft management penalties in the early weeks of the season. I therefore propose a change, but rather than impose one I think we need to discuss each on their merits. There are three flavours of waivers to choose from:

Option 1- First Come, First Served– Whoever requests a player first gets that player immediately.

Option 2 (current)- Waiver Request– Owners submit requests for a player, and at the end of a specified period of time, players are assigned on a worst-to-first basis (i.e., the lowest ranked team gets the first choice, the second lowest ranked team gets the second choice, and so on).

Option 3- Blind Bidding– Owners submit dollar bids on players, and at the end of a specified period of time, the owner with the highest bid on a player is awarded that player.

My preference is to go with blind bidding. I’ll discuss my reasons at the AGM.

Voting was tied 5:5 for options 2 and 3. As commissioner I had the deciding vote, but due to the split vote I have decided to continue with the status quo. Option 2 will continue to be our preferred waiver process.

What we also need to discuss is transaction limitations (if any) and timing. Ideally I’d like to simplify things. Here are the options we need to decide:

  1. Player locking- Once a player is dropped how many days are they locked? 1 day
  2. Do we have a limit of how many players can be added via waivers in a season? no
  3. Do we have a limit of how many players can be added via waivers in a week? no
  4. Do we have a limit of how many players can be added via free agent moves in a season? no
  5. Do we have a limit of how many players can be added via free agent moves in a week? no
  6. For purposes of the above weekly transaction limits, a new week starts when?  Tues 9am GMT
  7. Do we prevent prevent Owners From Making ANY Waiver/Free Agent Moves Between Kickoff of that player’s game and the end of the last game of the week? no
  8. Once a player is acquired, do we prevent him for being dropped? If so, for how many days? no
  1. We have a number of candidates for the Oakbank Oddities place in the league. Depending on the final numbers we may ask each of the candidates to tell us why they think we should vote for them. Each franchise will have 1 vote in the selection process. The executive committee will break any ties. The Oddities history and honours will be stored and the place will be filled by an entirely new franchise. New franchise has been selected
  2. I propose that our 2 co-commissioners continue in their post and function as the executive committee. If anyone would like to join the executive committee we have space for 1 more person. Passed
  3. Draft Day- It looks very likely that draft night will be on Saturday 5th September 2015. We won’t know for sure until the NFL schedule is published in June so please keep the 29th August free in your diary. Nicky (and Susannah) have offered to host the draft next season in their swanky new extension. Your vote is required for the lucky couple to be awarded this prestigious event. Normal league catering rules will apply! So don’t skimp and make sure they know what you’re bringing. Passed

One thought on “EFFL AGM- Paul’s Hoose on SuperBowl Night

  1. I quite like the idea of blind bidding – will be tough in the first few weeks tho as we try to suss each other out – I’ll either have no one or will have blown all my cash. Just to put a spanner in the works – is there not an option for waivers to be continuous? – I.e. they do not rest each week but whoever had the last pick is automatically 12th, that way if you wait a week or 2 you will guarantee a top pick


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