View From the Pit week 16

Week 16 is upon us, and with it the EFFL Bowl. Its final week and our last teams standing are Paul’s Mercy Flush and Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars. Everyone else has been left by the wayside as these 2 slug it out for the trophy and the glory.

Lets get the other games out of the way first; this time the Pit Says:

  • PICKAXE over Bohemians
  • 187S over Earthquakes
  • FOG over 69ers
  • PANTHERS over Touchdown
  • TORNADOES over Oddities

SO , back to the main event:

With Cam Newton Looking like he’s back both teams have quality choice at QB. Its Cam or Tom Brady for Paul and Tony Romo Or Russell Wilson for Jimmy. Jimmy’s is the tougher choice perhaps, neither player has a great match up, playing the Colts and Cardinals respectively who’ve both not been too shabby at preventing big QB scores. Both the Seahawks and the Cowboys are still chasing playoff spots, so either game is make or break. A maybe less difficult choice for Paul with Newton coming back off an injury and up against the Jets, Brady looks the man, but who knows?

RB is probably a no brainer for both teams, any one of the 4 Lacy, Forsett, Lynch and Ingram would have been a guaranteed start every day of the week in EFFL, so really I can’t see that changing – Jimmy’s only quandry will be if DeMarco Murray is playing, but who doesn’t want problems like that! The game could be decided not so much on who has a good game but who has a bad one, out of these 4 Ingram has been the most consistent, and Lynch the least  that leaves Lacy and Forsett for Flush in the middle  – so there’s really very little to choose here. If Murray is fit however, even if Jimmy only puts him in at flex, it could be the difference he’s looking for, as he’s been one of the most high scoring and consistent backs.

At WR, Jones  had been doing the job for Paul and rated above average for points and consistency across the regular season – but he’s been sidelined for over a week now. Its unclear if he can play against the Saints. No such problems for Jimmy where Odell Beckam and Kelvin Benjamin look to continue a rich vein of form, Benjamin not scoring nearly so high, but consistently at or around the magical 10 point mark for a few weeks. DeSean Jackson is Jimmy’s other choice, and there’s no guarantee as to which of these 3 he’s going to pick.

Neither team has choice for TEs this week, and Paul should see the benefit of sticking with his star Travis Kelce, Jimmy has been all over the NFL looking for a TE this season, and Reed, though predicted to score his mandatory 10 , has not been on form or consistent recently.

Flex choices will be a no brainer for Jimmy if Murray is fit, and he can slot those 3 RBs where he wants. Paul has a little bit more calculating to do but I suspect it will be one of his wideouts rather than Jame Starks at RB.

Kickers are pretty evenly matched this week Washington have given a few less points to kickers, but that’s really pretty meaningless, Kickers have a good game when the offence has a good but not great game, Both the Eagles and the Broncos are on very similar points for  this year but the eagles have scored less touchdowns, giving this kick battle a slight edge for Cody Parkey, perhaps with more chances at field goals.

Finally DST. There’s little to choose between Jimmy’s 2 options, both the Rams and the Bills are capable of big Scores, perhaps the Bills slightly more consistent, plus they take on the Giants who have given plenty points to DST this season. Either of these choices are better on paper than Paul’s non choice of the Cardinals, there’s still time to pick up someone else this week though – will he go for it, or trust the last month where the Cards have been pretty much the most consistent if only average scoring DST.

So that’s the match ups, what about the game itself. Little chance of any action Thursday but Paul’s Connor Barth should sore the last meaningful points in EFFL this season when he kicks for the Broncos. Unusually there’s a Saturday game, and Jimmy has at least 2, possibly 3 players to watch there. One of the hottest match ups is way after my bedtime on Sunday, we’ll see if either of these 2 want to stay up for the Seahawks Cardinals game, where either Lynch could tear through or the Cards might put a stop to Jimmy’s Juggernaut. Most of the rest will be the Sunday early and late evening game, and there’s no obvious one game to watch, perhaps Tom Brady at the jets for Paul and Kelvin Benjamin against the Browns for Jimmy followed by Odell Beckam at St Louis.

All in it looks like it could be close, but with scores piling up on Saturday then late Sunday for Jimmy, and in between for Paul, there will be something to watch for everyone. The pit prediction is for the Jags. We know that the Flush have pulled it out of the bag in the playoffs, but JJJs scoring record and depth at RB/WR cannot be overlooked.

that’s’ the View form the Pit signing off on previews for the season, there may be some stats blogs, but in the meantime – see you next year.


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