Week 14 Review- Wildcard Weekend

The fantasy playoffs have finally arrived and despite the two best teams in the league enjoying a well earned rest we were not left without high scoring, drama and amazing comebacks. When the dust finally settled last year’s champion Nitten Pickaxe withstood the Earlston Earthquakes and the Mercy Flush staged the greatest comeback in EFFL history to shock the Kelso 187’s.

In the consolation bracket, the SanFran-Gordon 69ers thrashed the rudderless Oakbank Oddities and the Fog on the Tyne squeezed past the Tranent Tornadoes. With this loss the Tornadoes secured the first overall pick in next years draft.

Championship Bracket

(8-6) Mercy Flush  110.48 @ 104.38 Kelso 187’s (8-6)

Top Scorers: L Bell 41.5 (K), J Jones 31.9 (MF),  E Lacy 22.6 (MF)

Points left on bench: 187s (16.4) Flush (28.6)

Almost 50 points down after Sunday night the Mercy Flush produced an epic comeback to shock the 187’s on Monday Night Football. It wasn’t until 12:39 in 4th quarter that the Flush took the lead when Julio Jones scored on a 22 yard touchdown pass. In the end Jones racked up 259 yards and scored 31.90 points for Flush.

It was a slow start for the Flush who made a number of lineup decisions that almost cost them the game. Most notable was the decision to risk an injured T Smith (0 pts) and play J Reed (2.5 pts) against a rampant Rams defense. However, T Brady (19.38), J Forsett (13.8) and the Cardinals (10) did just enough to allow Jones and Lacy (22.6) to win the game.

It was the best performance of the weekend, but unfortunately in vain, as L Bell (41.5) racked up over 200 yards from scrimmage and scored 3 td against the Bengals. The 187s produced a solid game, but it was the supporting cast the let Coach Euan down. R Tannehill (13.68), A Brown (11.7), L Blount (7.7) and E Sanders (6.9) all had good match-ups but failed to find the end zone. The Dolphins DST produced an below average performance (3) and D Allen (0.5) was obviously not fully recovered from injury.

After a workman-like campaign, Mercy Flush slipped into the playoffs as the No. 6 seed. They move on to the semifinals where they will meet top-seeded Earlstonian Bohemians, who is coming off a bye week. Mercy Flush is winless against Bohemians in two matchups this season, with their most recent loss coming in Week 11.

Kelso 187’s finished the regular season in second place with a record of 8-5. When considering points per game, they ranked slightly better (95.34). The 187’s had the league’s best average scoring margin this season, outperforming opponents by 6.38 points per game.

(8-6) Earlston Earthquakes 86.74 @ 100.74 Nitten Pickaxe (9-5)

Top Scorers: A Green 28.4 (NP), J Cutler 26.4 (EE), M Stafford 24.24 (NP)

Points left on bench:Earthquakes (5.2) Pickaxe (27)

It was all about timing in this tie. For the Earthquakes it all went wrong, but for the Pickaxe the Championship mentality re-emerged as their stars produced their best score in 4 weeks. In the end it was a comfortable win for the Pickaxe who never relinquished the lead they took early on Sunday evening.

It was a strong performance from the Pickaxe as they shook off the malaise from the end of season to defeat their Kirk opponents. Only 3 starters made it over 10 points but with A Green (28.4) producing a career day and M Stafford (24.24) and the Broncos (11) producing solid outings it was enough to see off the Earthquakes. Rather worryingly Coach Gav left another 27 points on his bench and it has been his performances that have caused the most worry for the Pickaxe. With almost 230 points (almost 16 points per game) left on the bench each week only the 3-10 Tornadoes have performed worse. Facing the Jaguars Coach Gav will need every one of those points.

The Earthquakes started the week well despite B Marshall’s season ending injury as the Bears duo put up a respectable 33 points on TNF. Unfortunately only A Foster (20.8) and the Texans DST (10) posted double digit figures as the rest of the Earthquakes starters produced an insipid performance. The Earthquakes missed the output of R Jennings this week, but with little support on the bench the season that began with a bang ended with a fizzle.

Nitten Pickaxe marches on to the semifinals where they go up against No. 2-seeded Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars, who is coming off a bye week. The Jaguars are the highest-scoring team this season, averaging 103.54 points per game.

The Earthquakes concluded the regular season in fourth place with a record of 8-5. From a points per game perspective, they ranked slightly better (96.46).

Consolation Bracket

(3-11) Tranent International Tornadoes 63.22 @  64.6 Fog on the Tyne (6-8)

Top Scorers: T Hilton 25 (TT), A Jeffrey 15.5 (FT), M Crosby 15 (FT)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (18) Fog (24.6)

Next week the Fog on the Tyne face the Pilton Panthers.

(5-9) Oakbank Oddities 62.76 – 115.48 SanFran-Gordon 69ers (6-8)

Top Scorers: A Rodgers 27.88 (SF), C Johnson 21.8 (OO), J Edelman 20.5 (SF)

Points left on bench: Oddities (17.2) 69ers (2.3)

Next week the 69ers face the Dodgy Touchdown.


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