View from the Pit – week 14 wildcard playoffs

We’ve arrived at week 14 – the regular season is over and 2 teams know they are through to week 15 already. for 6 of us, it’s pretty much game over, though there is still a chance to experiment, play for the high scores or just plain dick about with your team.

There are 2 match ups worth talking about this week and we’ll focus on those.

Kelso 187s take on Mercy Flush. Flush have taken the second Wildcard spot, scraping through by the skin of their teeth – 187s sealed TJ Hooker division with a win last week. Neither team looks like getting started on Thursday so it will be mainly a Sunday night showdown. Match up wise it looks fairly even. QBs Tannehill and Brady will not be too far apart – Brady clearly with the higher points scoring potential but Tennehill up against the Raven’s who’ve given away the 5th most points to QBs this year. At RB Justin Forsett suits up for the Flush against the 187s dolphins DST joined by WR Torrey Smith – so there are possibilities for a swing of points there. The match will finish with 2 opposing players for Paul in Eddie Lacy and Julio Jones, they could both score highly of course, but that’s unlikely and either way, Euan will pick up a few points with his Falcons Kicker Matt Bryant. The 187s are predicted a fairly steep lead in the early evening games particularly through Le’veon Bell, who has scored well, if a little erratically over the season. Flush take it a bit more steady according to the graph, but a big win for the Ravens could damage Euans DST score as well as boost Pauls. All in it’s a tight game, I suggest watching the Dolphins v Ravens, followed by the Broncos vs Bills and if its still close you might need to keep track of the Pats vs chargers game. Monday night has some action, but the Pit predicts it will be all but over by then, with just oo much for the Flush to manage, the Pit predicts a win for 187s and the Jaguars waiting to pounce in week 15

The second playoff Game sees the Earthquakes against Pickaxe. Pickaxe won the first meeting this season and will be looking to repeat that against Chris’s higher placed wildcard team. Both teams have wideouts in action on Thursday night, Dez Bryant had the Eagles all over him last week and will be desperate to get back to scoring ways whilst Brandon Marshall looks to get back to his form from a month ago. the game could be close overall, so we may be on our way to a winner even by Friday morning – a gap of 10 or more could be enough for either team. Coach gave might well be without crocked RB Andre Ellington, who whilst not a massive scorer has at least been fairly consistent in the 10pts area. That could give another chance to late pickup Dan Herron, who shown some form in the last couple of weeks. Pickaxe have little answer to Chris’s RB Juggernauts though who look to score half the points between the 3 of them. Its not all good news for the Quakes though, they will struggle a little at Wide receiver compared to the Pickaxe dream team of Bryant and Green – but that pair have yet to shine together where there are at least 2 triple threat RB gangs within the EFFL who have performed consistently. Coach Gav could be very reliant on Adam Vinatieri at Kicker. He’s been a star all year and could well dig Pickaxe out of an Earthquake shaped hole. At TE both teams have at least 1 choice capable of big games, but scores are all over the place for TE’s this season, so again a lucky game could be a decider. All in, don’t expect it to come down to QB RB and WR – this game will be decided by flex, TE and kicker. With Current lineups its done by midnight Sunday – the  early game to watch is Lions Buccs, where if Stafford has a poor game or connect with Tate, its advantage Quakes , but if he has a big game with Megatron, it will be Pickaxes to lose. Later on its the Eagles Seahawks Game, as coach Gav will have to find someone to fill Ellington’s shoes if he is unfit. The Pit prediction is a close game, but its the Pickaxe who come out on top this time.

In the other games – The Oddities and 69ers look to gain some pride in the diddy playoffs. Both teams are capable of a win here, but its the oddities whose match ups look to be the most convincing so the Pit prediction is a win for the Oddities

Another close game between the Torndados and Fog. Both teams have really struggled this year, and its true to say that bad luck has played its part. The graph sees them neck and neck – but the pit prediction is a last gasp win for Fog.


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