Week 13 Review- The Finish Line

It was a showdown week with 4 teams fighting head to head for the remaining 3 playoffs spots. After Monday Night Football it was congratulations to the Jaguars, Earthquakes and Flush and commiserations to Dodgy Touchdown who lost out by just 4 points!

But there were other games going on in the EFFL, with two grudge divisional ties in Shatner and TJ Hooker and a couple of non-divisional ties.

Divisional Games


(7-6) Mercy Flush 95.8 – 110.88 Earlston Earthquakes (8-5)

Top Scorers: J Jones 24.9 (MF), R Jennings 21.4 (EE) L McCoy 19.9 (EE)

Points left on bench:  Flush(32.9) Earthquakes(24.42)

It was the close game we all expected, but in the end the Earthquakes kept in touch with the Flush challenge on Sunday and gave themselves a chance to win on Monday Night. However, it wasn’t over for the Flush as they had to wait for the completion of the Jaguars-Touchdown game and with the Touchdown coming up 4 points short it was the Flush who progressed to the playoffs.

It was another great game from the Earthquakes RBs with R Jennings and L McCoy leading the way and A Foster (16.5) adding a solid score on his return from injury. C Sturgis (10) and the Colts (14) were the only other starters to reach double figures, but solid outputs from everyone else was enough to see them to victory. In fact Sturgis’ 10 point game was only the 3rd such game from the Earthquakes K position this season! The Earthquakes weakness-QB. They need to find someone and quick!

It was a solid game from the Flush with 5 starters producing double digit days, but with the Earthquakes starters producing solid days all round it was poor performances by V Jackson (2.4) and D Robinson (5.4) that ultimately cost them victory. The Flush have a solid all round team producing above average production at QB, RB, FLEX and DST, but continuing weakness at WR and TE will cause problems in the playoffs. Pickings are slim on waivers so the Flush will need some players to hit form if they’re to progress.

Earlston Earthquakes gets Nitten Pickaxe (8-5, 1,200.12) in Week 14, while Mercy Flush matches up with Kelso 187’s (8-5, 1,239.36).


(8-5) Nitten Pickaxe 86.5 – 84.9 Tranent International Tornadoes (3-10)

Top Scorers: C Fleener 24.7 (TT), M Stafford 21.6 (NP), D Herron 13.6 (NP)

Points left on bench: Pickaxe (16.92) Tornadoes (20.76)

It was a game that tied the division rivalry and summed up the Tornadoes season. Despite being 5 games back on the Pickaxe the Tornadoes turned out to be Shatner division’s top scorer and like the rest of their season it was lineup decisions that were their downfall. The Pickaxe advance to 8-5 and are number 4 seed in the playoffs.

The Pickaxe got off to a solid start on Thanksgiving with top scorer M Stafford and D Bryant (7.3). D Herron and A Green (11.7) built an early Sunday evening lead but it took a strong performance from the Broncos DST (13) for the Pickaxe to snatch this game late on Sunday evening. It was a solid performance from Pickaxe, but they have a few problems, especially at RB, and will not be looking forward to their tie against the high flying Earlston Earthquakes.

It was yet another frustrating game for the Tornadoes as P Manning (12.56) had his worst game of the season and allowed this game to slip away from the Tornadoes. Yet again this was a game more about the Tornadoes bench than their starting lineup with nearly 21 points watching helplessly. It’s a clean slate next week as the Tornadoes enter the Consolation Playoffs and have the chance to stop their 7 week slump.

TJ Hooker

(8-5) Kelso 187’s 108.4 – 48.42 SanFran-Gordon 69ers (5-8)

Top Scorers: L Bell 31.4 (K), A Rodgers 24.92 (SF), A Brown 23.7 (K)

Points left on bench: 187s (0.9) 69ers (17.3)

It was never really a competitive game as the 187’s murdered the 69ers. They’ll face tougher opposition next week in the playoffs, but with a number of players hitting top form at the right time things look good for the rookie franchise. For the 69ers it was a final humiliation in season that started with promise and ended with the lowest score ever posted.

The 187s were led by their two Steelers stars L Bell and A Brown who accounted for almost 50% of their final score. The only other starter to make  double figures was M Bryant (17), but in this game only R Tannehill (8.7) lost their head-to-head matchup with the 69er opponent. The 187s have the best WR corp in the league and with top 5 RB production they will be a tough team to handle in the playoffs. However, depth is thin and with bottom 3 QB production the 187s do have weaknesses. The 187s face Mercy Flush in the playoffs next week.

It was an embarrassing day for the 69ers with A Rodgers outscoring every other starter on the team. The 69ers have some of the leagues worst production at RB and WR and will need to find some way of masking those deficiencies as they enter the Consolation Playoffs and face the Oddities.


(8-5) Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars  114.96 – 104.8 Dodgy Touchdown (7-6)

Top Scorers: Rams 32 (JJJ), B Roethlisberger 26.2 (DT), Vikings 22 (DT)

Points left on bench: Jaguars (8.88) Touchdown (8.2)

It was the other big game of the weekend and this one went all the way to the end of Monday Night. In the end the Jaguars did enough to hold of the Touchdown, win the Uhura division and knock their division rivals from the playoffs. It has been a fantastic season for the Touchdown that just came up a little short.

The Rams DEF (0 PA, 1 TD, 6 Sack, 3 Int, 2 Fum) was the difference this week grabbing an astonishing 32 points and the best DST output since the Seahawks 43 points in 2012 against the Cardinals. The Jaguars league leading RBs actually had a modest 40 pts, but with Touchdown’s RB limited to just 13 points it was enough to secure victory. On the surface the Jaguars appear to be unstoppable but with the worst TEs, the 3rd worst WRs and bottom half QB play a modest output from their RBs could see their playoff dreams ended. The Jaguars have time to rest with a Week 14 bye.

In the end it was a game of margins for the Dodgy Touchdown. Just 10 points from victory in Uhura and 4 points from making the playoffs. On the day it was a below average performance from their RBs and a catastrophic 0 point performance by Z Ertz that cost them victory and perhaps a playoff spot.

So near….but yet so far.

The Touchdown have the opportunity to catch their breath with a Week 14 bye before they have the opportunity to take out their frustrations on their fellow Consolation Bowl opponents.

Non -Divisional Games

(5-8) Pilton Panthers 112.88 – 122.18 Fog on the Tyne (5-8)

Top Scorers: T Mason 34.4 (FT), D Brees 30.28 (FT), C Anderson 24.5 (PP),

Points left on bench: Panthers (17.72) Fog (14.3)

It was a game between the 3rd and 4th highest points scorers over the last 4 weeks and both teams take great scoring form into the Consolation Playoffs.

The Fog on the Tyne stars hit form too late in the season to make the playoffs, but they did take the opportunity to become one of the biggest spoilers of the season by derailing Dodgy Touchdown and outlasting the Panthers. In this game they were led by D Brees and T Mason and 3 other double digit performers, but it was yet again a performance with lots of flash with very little substance behind it with 3 starters producing just 5.1 points. The Fog face the inconsistent Oddities next week.

The Panthers ended the season as the team that took everyone’s best shot as they faced an average opponents output of almost 101 points each week.  They had 7 double digit performers in this game as they continued their high scoring form, but it was almost inevitable that they were outscored in 6 of the 9 positional match-ups. The Panthers, however, qualify for a first round bye in the Consolation playoffs.

(9-4) Earlstonian Bohemians – Oakbank Oddities (5-8)

Top Scorers: D Hopkins 35.8 (OO), A Luck 32.8 (EB), C Johnson 26.6 (OO)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (8.2) Oddities (20.18)

Earlstonian Bohemians registered the highest point total in the league this week, trashing Oakbank Oddities 125.20 to 83.74. Earlstonian Bohemians took a 15.36-point lead on Thursday and never looked back. With the win, Earlstonian Bohemians clinches the best record in the league.

It was a strong all round performance by the Bohemians with just E Decker (1.8) failing to score over 10 points. For most of the season A Luck and R Gronkowski have managed to mask the Bohemians problems at RB, but with J Bell, R Mathews and L Miller now entrenched in the starting lineup the Bohemians are averaging nearly 4 times their early season average in the last 4 weeks. They take a well earned bye and return to action in week 15.

The Oddities had the two best WRs performances of the week with Hopkins and Johnson scoring over 60 points between them. Unfortunately that was just about it for the Oddities as only one other starter made it over 6 points. The Oddities slump to a 3 game losing streak and face the rampant Fog on the Tyne next week.


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