Week 12 Review- Five down 1 to go

Week 12 finished in dramatic style with the Earlstonian Bohemians, Fog on the Tyne and Mercy Flush snatching victory on Monday Night Football. Kirk and Uhura division still don’t have a champion, but we do know who’ll be in the playoffs. The Bohemians, Earlston Earthquakes and Flush join the Kelso 187s and last years champions Nitten Pickaxe.

The Uhura division and last playoff spot will be decided in the winner takes all clash between Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars and Dodgy Touchdown.

and in other news it was time for some of us to let it go!

Divisional Games


(8-4) Earlstonian Bohemians 86.52 – 83.5 Earlston Earthquakes (7-5)

Top Scorers: L McCoy 19.1 (EE), R Mathews 17.3 (EB), A Luck 15.02 (EB)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (6.1), Earthquakes (19.44)

It was a nail biter with a bit of an undercurrent, but thankfully cool heads prevailed in the end. The Bohemians snuck a victory at the end of Monday Night Football thanks to 6.30 points from Eric Decker during the Jets/Bills thrashing. The Bohemians control their own destiny next week, a win or Earthquakes loss will hand them the Kirk division title. The Earthquakes can still win the division despite this loss, but they’ll need to preserve a 3.02 point scoring lead and a Bohemian loss.

For the first time this season the Bohemians had an RB lead their scoring and it was a welcome relief with Andrew Luck producing his lowest score of the season (his second lowest was also against the Earthquakes). S Hauschka (15) was the only other starter to make it into double figures and despite A Blue and J Bell totaling 11.2 points between them there was enough to see them to the 3 point victory.

The Earthquakes pulled a masterstroke on trade deadline day and it was nearly enough to give them the victory. New boy S McCoy added some much needed punch to the Earhquake RBs and produced his best game of the season. He was supported by the Colts (15), R Jennings (12), and G Tate (11). However it was ultimately the decision to leave J Landry (17) and J McCown (12.84) on the bench while starters J Cutler (7.2) and B Marshall (3.2) sputtered that ultimately cost the Earthquakes victory.

Earlstonian Bohemians face the Oakbank Oddities (5-7, 1,058.12) next week. Earlston Earthquakes takes on Mercy Flush (7-5, 1,122.36).


(3-9) Tranent International Tornadoes 90.68 – 113.68 Pilton Panthers (5-7)

Top Scorers: P Manning 28.08 (TT), C Anderson 25.5 (PP), T Hilton 19.7 (TT)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (5), Panthers (6.84)

It was the sweep for the Panthers as they easily disposed of the Tornadoes. On the back of their biggest score of the season the Panthers can take satisfaction that last years wooden spoon cannot be repeated. As for the Tornadoes the most controversial trade of the season saw them lose their best RB, fail to use their new purchases and lose their 6th game in a row.

With 5 starters producing double figures it was an easy victory for the Panthers and cemented second place within Shatner division. In addition to C Anderson’s team leading output, J Charles (18.2), the Eagles (17), D Walker (15.5) and M Sanchez (12.68) were the driving force behind the Panthers largest score of the season. The Panthers have finally come on to a little bit of form lately and this should bode well for the Consolation Bowl.

It’s all gone wrong in a hurry for the Tornadoes as they drop to their 6 straight defeat. Despite 4 players producing double digit games it was yet again the Tornadoes weakness at RB that left them short of victory. With pickings on waivers slim and the trade deadline passed its going to be tough for the Tornadoes to find 1 let alone 2 acceptable RB starters for the Consolation Playoffs.

Next week, Pilton Panthers faces Fog on the Tyne (4-8, 996.60). Tranent International Tornados gets Nitten Pickaxe (7-5, 1,113.62).

TJ Hooker

(5-7) SanFran-Gordon 69ers 76.66 – 50.34 Oakbank Oddities (5-7)

Top Scorers: A Rodgers 19.76 (SF), J Graham 16.7 (SF), C Kaepernick 13.64 (OO)

Points left on bench: 69ers (5), Oddities (8.42)

It was another division clean sweep with the SanFran-Gordon 69ers thumping the Oddities as they tried to keep their slim playoff chances alive. Unfortunately that chance evaporated and both teams are now sitting at 5-7 on the year. It wasn’t the highest scoring game of the week, but Coach Richie will be happy with the win and a chance at building momentum for the Consolation Playoff.

After scoring 28.8 points last week and 36.6 the week before, Rodgers has now led SanFran-Gordon 69ers in scoring in three straight weeks, and for four of the last five. Despite being bracketed well by the Raven DST, J Graham managed to catch 2 TDs and produced a very healthy 16.7 points. The 49ers (11 points) were the 69ers only other starter to produce over 9 points.

It was yet another game to forget for the Oddities as they barely scraped over 50 points. Only Kaepernick and S Gostkowski (10) made it to double figures and it wasn’t enough to carry J Amaro’s injury and zero point output. Every other starter failed to make it over 6 points. The Oddities have the opportunity to pull out of their nose dive against a team they’ve never lost against.

Next week, SanFran-Gordon 69ers faces Kelso 187’s (7-5, 1,130.96). Oakbank Oddities will square off against first-place Earlstonian Bohemians (8-4, 1,140.02).


(7-5) Dodgy Touchdown 96.62 – 101.2 Fog on the Tyne (4-8)

Top Scorers: D Brees 28.3 (FT), D Thomas 26.7 (FT), M Forte 23.2 (DT)

Points left on bench: Touchdown (0), Fog (28.1)

It was the game the Fog have been searching for all season, but for Dodgy Touchdown is was exactly the game they didn’t need as they conceded the Uhura division lead to the Jaguars.

It was D Brees who led the Fog for the 4th time in 5 weeks and with D Thomas they accounted for over 50% of their final score. The Fog still have problems but when your stars are scoring well it’s enough to paper over even the largest cracks.

It was a typically solid game for Touchdown with M Forte leading the way with support from A Morris (19), M Ryan (15.52), and J Tucker (12). Although one of their most consistent player J Nelson had a down week it was the problems with Z  Ertz  (injury) and A Johnson (QB play) that will be concerning Coach Russell and with one of the thinnest benches in the league the options are limited for an upgrade.

Fog on the Tyne goes up against Pilton Panthers (5-7, 1,034.86) next week. Dodgy Touchdown plays Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (7-5, 1,231.12), who has averaged a league-leading 102.59 points this season in a winner takes all finale. The pressure has been building for Touchdown with just 1 victory in the last 4 games. It’s time to release that pressure!

Non -Divisional Games

(7-5) Nitten Pickaxe 87.46 – 132.4  Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (7-5)

Top Scorers: O Beckham 26.4 (JJJ), T Romo 24.8 (JJJ), Bills 22 (JJJ)

Points left on bench: Pickaxe (10.78), Jaguars (24.5)

It was a rematch of the last years final, but unlike last year this game was never close. The Jaguars are in dominant form scoring 102.59 points per game and in the middle of a 4 game win streak. The Pickaxe on the other hand have been muted since clinching their division 2 weeks ago and will look to get back to winning ways before the playoffs begin.

The Jaguars were clutch under the lights of prime time with 65.50 points on Sunday Night Football (49% of their total score). The Jaguars were led by Odell Beckham this week (146 Rec Yds, 2 TD) who scored two touchdowns and contributed 26.40 points in the blowout. Tony Romo also chipped in 24.80 points on four passing touchdowns (275 Pas Yds, 4 TD). In addition to that, with 132.40 points, Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars had the fifth-best total in the league this season. The TE spot is still a gaping wound for the Jaguars with this weeks starter M Lewis scoring -0.5 points.

The Pickaxe had a solid outing, but against the Jaguar juggernaut solid was never going to be enough. Six starters produced double digit days, but it was only J Hill and A Gates who won their head to head matchups. The biggest problem for the Pickaxe at the moment is the reduced performance from their most reliable early season performers like P Rivers, A Gates and A Ellington. The Pickaxe will need them to recapture that form if they’re to repeat last year’s championship.

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars faces dodgy touchdown (7-5, 1,109.36) next week in an Uhura Division showdown. Nitten Pickaxe plays Tranent International Tornadoes (3-9, 1,119.54), who sit in last place.


(7-5) Kelso 187s  96.12 – 126.16 Mercy Flush (7-5)

Top Scorers: J Forsett 31 (MF), R Tannehill 26.62 (K), E Lacy 25.8 (MF)

Points left on bench: 187s (8.7), Flush (4.6)

Mercy Flush (second place, 7-5, 1,122.36 points) drops Kelso 187’s (7-5, 1,130.96 points) out of the top spot after beating them 126.16 to 96.12. They overcame a 0.26-point deficit on Monday night, and put up the second-highest point total in the league this week. This matchup saw three lead changes, with the largest lead being 31.56 points after Sunday afternoon.

Mercy Flush was on a different level at RB this week, as they started two of the league’s top-10 overall RBs this week and with QB T Brady (19.96) and J Jones (12.8) recapturing form the Flush could be a very awkward opponent in the playoffs.

It was a strong game from the 187’s, but they just couldn’t keep up with the Flush with two of their strongest starters on bye. New QB R Tannehill rewarded Coach Euan’s patience on waivers and with 3 other starters producing double digits it will be a welcome return for Steeler duo L Bell and A Brown next week.

In Week 13, Mercy Flush faces Earlston Earthquakes (7-5, 1,143.04), who puts up an impressive 95.25 points per game. Kelso 187’s takes on SanFran-Gordon 69ers (5-7, 1,023.82).


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