View from the Pit week 13 – the final frontier

The final week of the EFFL regular season is upon us and things look a lot clearer – but there is still one division up for grabs and the perhaps crucial bye week. Of course its possible that not everyone wants that bye – if your lineup has favourable match ups in week 14, maybe you’d be better off eliminating someone else from the knockouts… will anyone be trying that strategy? Its a triple Thursday game in the states as its thanksgiving – so dont forget to set your lineups early – Bears v Lions is a 5.30 Thursday kickoff for us.
Lets start with Uhura where its still up for grabs
Jimmy’s Jerman JaguarsUhura 1 (5) Coach Jimmy
dodgy touchdown – Uhura 2 (7) Coach Russell
dodgy jaguar
Its Jimmy’s game to lose, with the highest average score and the powerhouse Murray and Lynch at RB. Matt Forte and Jordy Nelson are no slouches though so it could still go Russell’s way if the dream team have an off weekend. Forte should get the first scores on the doors in this matchup, in the early Thursday game. Russell has to wait all the way to Tuesday morning to find out if Mike Wallace has caught his way to a playoff berth. Neither QB has the best week – both of them playing divisional leaders, but of course even a QB doesn’t have to win in the real world to score big in fantasy, but it sure does help.  getting more time on the field and possibly getting some frantic defence in the final quarter can boost a score no end. This game will be hard fought – but the reality is there’s no way to see past the Jags – that’s the Pit prediction, a win for Jimmy.
Mercy Flush  – Kirk 2 (2) Coach Paul
Earlston Earthquakes – Kirk  3 (6) Coach Chris
This game is interesting as it will decide the wildcard order and thus who plays who in the playoffs. Flush are in front but Quakes have the better scoring average. There’s not much to call it in most positions but Chris’ extra depth at RB could be decisive with his last minute pickup of Le’sean Mccoy meaning that he has more choice at flex and the ability to play the slightly safer bet of a 3rd string RB rather than WR. Paul has strength across the team though with Lacey and Floyd more than capable of scoring well into the 20’s. Tom Brady looks like having a good week against the Packers and Paul will need every point there. Chris gets started with 3 players in the bears lions game whilst paul bides his time till Sunday. The question is, can Paul hit the ‘turbo flush’ or will the quakes still be floating on tuesday morning? The Pit predition is scientifically proven this week; a search pulled up this fascinating article – apparently flush end plate steel joints are earthquake resistant – so that’s a win for Flush then

Oakbank OdditiesTJ Hooker 3 (10) Coach Harry

Earlstonian BohemiansKirk 1 (1) Coach Ally

Coach Ally’s Bohemians have hit their form at just the right time, he’s polished off his 2 divisional games and now faces Harry, who cannot qualify. However, this could be Harry’s last game in EFFL so maybe he can cause an update with his last throw of the dice? Harry really missed Calvin “Megatron” Johnson for much of the season, but now he’s back and poses  a serious threat to anyone, however with just over 5 points in the last 2 weeks he’s not given Harry much to celebrate. Harry is struggling at QB a little this week and may want to look to our commisioner’s waiver wire post where there is some choice, unlike RB, RB and TE. Coach Ally could regret posting that advice with a loss here, as it could affect his playoff berth (maybe he’s going for that gamble i mentioned earlier?) in any case Luck and the Gronk 9sounds like a Dr Suess book?)should see their way to getting the Bohemians going in this game, and if they cannot win it for Ally, who can? The Pit prediction is a soft touch last gasp win for Harry and the Oddities. I’m not the only one who think that – here’s a very odd(ities) sculpture of 2 blokes pissing on Bohemia
Kelso 187’sTJ Hooker 1 (3) Coach Euan

SanFran-Gordon 69ersTJ Hooker 2(8) Coach Rich

Euan is through, but with one of the Uhura pair above going to 8-5 he could still do with a win here to get a more favourable playoff berth. Rich’s season never really got started and in fact the 69ers are bottom of the ‘breakdown standings’ on 45-87. Aaron rogers and Jimmy Graham are top of anyone’s list at QB and TE but unfortunatley they are the only 69ers in the top 50 scorers this season, apart from andy Dalton. like many other coaches this year, Rich has had 2 good QBs to choose from. anyway no action in any of the three Thursday games here, we wait till Sunday where Rich will be done with his season by midnight. Euan waits till Tuesday to see where he will place in the playoffs. Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown should see Euan into the high 30’s by bedtime Sunday – giving him a little less of a sleepless night – and although Rich has a chance to go out with a bang the Pit prediction is for 187s

unfortunatley googling for images of 69ers, and indeed 187s is frowned upon – so here’s a picture of a cat in a chiefs helmet


Nitten Pickaxe – Shatner 1 (4) Coach Gav
Tranent International Tornados  – Shatner 3 (12) Coach Nicky
Gav’s Pickaxe have been on a bit of a go slow for the 2 weeks since qualifying, they’ll need to pick up the pace a bit if they want to get through the playoffs. however that pales in comparison to Nicky’ disastrous Rookie year, looking at it from outside, there really dont seem to be any mistakes, it’s just bad luck. As we know Tornado still have the top score this year at an awesome 150. Nicky frustration reached its limit and he traded away the seemingly cursed Lesean McCoy, only for him to inevitably fulfil his potential straight away. There’s not much to say for Nicky, apart form the slim consolation of that top score and the fact that the Tornados ‘breakdown’ would put them at 8th – with Flush and Quakes only just in front – with a bit better luck Nicky could have been going for a playoff space. Oh well, I’m afraid there is no mercy as Pickaxe need this win to boost their playoff chances and with five players facing bottom 8 opponents, it’s Gav’s to lose – the Pit prediction is a win for Pickaxe
that’s  a Tornado in pieces for those of you a bit slow on the uptake
Pilton Panthers – Shatner 2 (9)  Coach Robert
Fog on the Tyne – Uhura 3 (11) Coach Stuart
Oh dear, neither of these seasons have come up to scratch. Brees and Thomas have been great for the Fog and Charles and Anderson are a formidable pairing for Panthers, but that’s been about the end of it. In this game there is action right form 5.30 Thursday when Alshon Jeffrey ho-pes to catch a break and more for the bears, and in Monday night football, chaotic livewire Percy Harvin will hope to match those catches and more in the Jets Dophins game. Theres’ nothing more these 2 teams can do this year, playing for pride alone – but with waiver action this morning it looks like at least 1 team is still playing to win, and they have the backing of the Pit prediction, a win for Fog.
that’s your lot – playoff predictions may look different if i have the time next week!

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