Week 13- Free Agents and Waivers

Pickings are thin on waivers and amongst free agents in the Earlston league at the moment. Week 13 is really the time you should be stocking your roster with handcuffs (just in case). Any advantage at this stage could win you that championship! So here are my picks for the week…..


Eli Manning – He has great matchups against Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Washington up next. Yes, he’s not consistent, and yes he could have another 5 int day, but look at those opponents surely he’s a better option than Jay Cutler?

Colt McCoy – He was decent against Dallas and has a reasonable stretch run to come. With Griffin on a short leash he may be worth a pickup…..but only if you’re desperate!

Teddy Bridgewater- He hasn’t been good since his first start against Atlanta, but he does have the Jets in Week 14.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Mallett may have an injury, so it’s back to Shitzpatrick for Houston. We might see Tom Savage if the Texans fall out of playoff contention, but Week 13 brings a good matchup against Tennessee.


Daniel Herron – The bad news is he’s no Ahmad Bradshaw and fumbled. The good news? He play’s with Andrew Luck and he’s not T-Rich!

Andre Williams – It looks like Williams will be splitting time with Jennings for the present. He converted a score, and with some easy matchups against Jacksonville and Tennessee up next, he may have flex value with some injury upside if Jennings gets hurt again.

KaDeem Carey- Carey is set up as one of the more valuable RB handcuffs to own as a potential everydown back behind Matt Forte.

Christine Michael- Michael would share with Robert Turbin if Marshawn Lynch were injured. They’re both rosterable as handcuffs, but Michael is probably has more value.

Marcel Reece- Reece is wasted in Oakland and could do much more than he’s asked to do. In fact he may even provide a spark to their running game! If you pick him up it’ll be more in hope than reality that he’ll get carries or can help.

Theo Riddick – Riddick did very little until garbage time. He’s part of a group of RB handcuffs that should be rostered for the fantasy playoffs.

Robert Turbin – While Turbin would split with Christine Michael if Marshawn Lynch were to go down, he would get passing down work and may have some fantasy relevance.


Timothy Wright- It’s not been the greatest year for TEs. The problem with Wright is he could go from 0 snaps to a full game workload. If you can figure out the Patriots game plans then he could be worth rostering. He’s not a direct replacement for Gronk if he was injured, but he’d have value.

Brent Celek- This is more of a pre-emptive pickup as Celek would take the full TE role in Philadelphia that he’s currently splitting with Zach Ertz.

Dion Sims- Filled in for Charles Clay. If Clay can’t come back in time for Monday night’s game against the Jets, he may be worth a pick up..


Donte Moncrief- Reggie Wayne is slowing down, and Moncrief is speeding up. Perhaps he won’t overtake him this year, but the chance of owning a receiver coming into a big role in an Andrew Luck offense is one worth taking on your bench for the fantasy playoffs.

Andre Holmes- Most Raiders aren’t worth rostering, but Holmes is finding a bit of consistency and trash time work.

Justin Hunter- He’s not good, too inconsistent and has Mettenberger throwing to him.

Tavon Austin – Austin is wasted in St Louis and Brian Schottenheimer is not a coordinator you want to bank on to give him work. He’s another emergency option though.

Stedman Bailey- See above.

Charles Johnson – Two decent weeks in a row, a breakout? Let’s not get carried away it’s still the Vikings offense.

James Jones- The “go-to receiver” in the Oakland offense if that counts for anything.

Robert Woods- Had a big game for the Detroit Bills last night. He’s not a consistent scorer, but if you get the correct game he can be a useful pickup.



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