Week 11 Review- The First Cut is the Deepest

Well it wasn’t as exciting as we hoped, but the resumption of the divisional games did give us our first cut. We lost the Tranent Tornadoes, Pilton Panthers and the Fog on the Tyne who only have pride and the Consolation playoffs to play for.

Next week should decide even more with at least 3 teams hopes hanging by a thread. Shatner division is still the only division with a crowned champion, but the teams listed below can guarantee victory next week with the following results:

  • The Earthquakes can take Kirk with a win over the Bohemians and a Flush loss.
  • The 187s need a win or an Oddities loss for the TJ Hooker crown.
  • The Touchdown need a win and a Jaguars loss to win Uhura.

Divisional Games


(7-4) Earlstonian Bohemians 98.42 – 71.08 Mercy Flush (6-5)

Top Scorers: E Lacy 23.4 (MF), A Luck 19.62 (EB), A Blue 15.6 (EB)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (8.9), Flush (21.42)

A return match for the Week 1 clash between these teams ended in a second win for the Bohemians. The Bohemians took advantage of a bye week that robbed Flush of their 2 most consistent RBs and despite a mini comeback late on Sunday Evening the Bohemians eventually pulled away to a comfortable victory.

The Bohemians made do with a number of consistent outputs rather than any dominant performances. Four players produced double digit performances whereas four other starters produced at least 7 points. Their lowest scorer was the Vikings DST with 4 points. Next week the Bohemians face the Earthquakes (7-4, 1,059.54) in a winner takes all clash for the Kirk division.

The Flush struggled to replace their bye week absentees and despite E Lacy’s terrific performance it was the dismal outputs of T Kelce, P Garcon and B McManus (1.7, 0.6 and 1 point) that stopped them challenging the Bohemians. In fact despite those performances it meant Coach Paul’s decision to leave M Floyd (17.4) and C Newton (18.68) on the bench would have had no effect to the result. Next week the Flush face the 187s (7-4, 1,034.84) in a non-divisional game. A win for the Flush and the Earthquakes will give them a shot at the divisional title in Week 13.


(5-6) Pilton Panthers 91.34 – 81.22 Nitten Pickaxe (7-4)

Top Scorers: J Charles 27.8 (PP), A Green 18.7 (NP), J Hill 16.5 (NP)

Points left on bench: Panthers (7.4), Pickaxe(8.7)

The Panthers gained revenge for their week 1 pummelling at the hands of the Pickaxe with a 10 point victory. Unfortunately the victory was not enough to prevent the Panthers from being knocked out of play-off contention.

The Panthers were led by their star player J Charles and 4 other double digit performances (M Sanchez (13.84), R Cobb (12.9), C Anderson (11.5) and R Randle (11.2)). Next week they have the opportunity to complete the sweep over divisional rival Tornadoes (3-8, 1,028.86) before ending the season against Fog on the Tyne.

The Pickaxe struggled without star man D Bryant and muted performances from P Rivers (11.62) and A Ellington (6.6) left them short of the Panthers good score. On a brighter note J Hill continued to get starter reps and Coach Gav will be hoping this continues into the play-offs whereas A Green benefited from better play from QB A Dalton. Pickaxe continue their walk-through to the play-offs with a game against Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (6-5, 1,098.72), who has averaged a league-leading 99.88 points this season.

TJ Hooker

(5-6) Oakbank Oddities 53.72 – 108.78 Kelso 187s (7-4)

Top Scorers: L Bell 28.2 (K), E Sanders 16.2 (K), A Brown 15.1 (K)

Points left on bench: Oddities (13.2), 187s (5.7)

It was the game that could have seen the Oddities take pole position in TJ Hooker division instead it was an insipid performance that all but awarded the division to the 187s. Oddities still have a chance, but they’ll need 2 dominant performances and an Earthquake victory or two 187 slip-ups to make it.

It was a return to form for the 187s as they followed their lowest score of the year with a thumping of division rival Oddities. QB continues to be an issue for the 187s and they continue to sift through trash to find a consistent performer for the playoffs. At the moment R Griffin doesn’t look to be the man. L Bell returned to his dominant ways, but it was the trio of WRs who again drove the team to success with over 45 points between them. The 187s currently have the most productive WR corps in the league producing on average almost 7 point more than the league average. Next week, Kelso 187’s faces Mercy Flush (6-5, 996.20).

The Oddities had one of their dominant performances last week, but as typical this season they followed it up with an insipid output. In their worst performance of the season only 2 players made it to double figures- C Kaepernick (14.12) and Chargers DST (11). Every other starter failed to produce more than 6 points as the Oddities all but handed the title to the 187s. Next week they have the chance to recover against the equally flaccid 69ers (4-7, 947.16), but with injuries mounting it looks like the Oddities season will go out with a whimper rather than a roar .


(3-8) Fog on the Tyne 76.8 – 92.32 Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (6-5)

Top Scorers:R Wilson 22.22 (JJJ), A Jeffrey 19.5 (FT), K Benjamin 16.9 (JJJ)

Points left on bench: Fog (0.9), Jaguars (2.2)

A 3rd straight win for the Jaguars continues to give them hope in either a divisional crown or wildcard spot. For the Tyne it was finally the end to a miserable season as they prepare themselves for the consolation playoffs.

It was a straightforward and in the end easy victory for the Jaguars. Four players made it into double figures whereas three other starters produced over 8 points. In fact it was a game when for the first time the Jaguar RBs produced less points than their receivers and this looks to be a positive sign for their playoff chasing run. The one continuing open sore is the TE position where yet again they produced a 0 point outing.Next week, Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars matches up against Nitten Pickaxe (7-4, 1,026.16). If they want to make the playoffs or have a chance of the division title they’ll need to match or surpass Dodgy Touchdown’s result.

After a promising mid-season resurgence it was a return to the poor form of early season for the Tyne. They’re a team that went into the season relying heavily on the QB and WR positions. They currently have the 2nd best WR output in the league, but it’s been at QB where D Brees’ slump in form has led to them struggling throughout the season. As with many of their other games 4 starters produced good scores, but the rest of the starting lineup failed to live up to expectation. It will be back to the drawing board for the Fog next year, but first they square off against Dodgy Touchdown (7-4, 1,012.74).

Non -Divisional Games

(4-7) SanFran-Gordon 69ers 77.44 – 102.62 Score Earlston Earthquakes (7-4)

Top Scorers: A Rodgers 28.84 (SF), B Marshall 21 (EE), J McNown 20.32 (EE)

Points left on bench: 69ers (17.5), Earthquakes (4.38)

The result wasn’t a surprise,but the fact that the 69ers still have a (slim) hope of the playoffs is remarkable. The Earthquakes continue to produce playoff calibre games and their progress is almost guaranteed. There is just the small matter of a division crown to settle first.

With 6 starters produced 9 points or more the result was never really in doubt in this match. B Marshall continued to power the Earthquakes offense and with R White (13.5) and L Donnell (11.4) finding some late season form the outlook looks good for the Earthquakes. In Week 12, Earlston Earthquakes will face Earlstonian Bohemians (7-4, 1,053.50).

More woe and more frustration for the 69ers. It was a tale of A Rodgers, a kicker and E Manning throwing 5 INT’s and really no one else for the 69ers. The 69ers have only had 2 performances of note this season and perhaps their over reliance on players from just 1 team has been telling. They have 1 more week to prove their relevance in the season, but they’ll need an awful lot of results to go their way. The 69ers take on the equally disappointing Oakbank Oddities (5-6, 1,007.78).

(3-8) Tranent International Tornadoes 80.56 – 86.78 Dodgy Touchdown (7-4)

Top Scorers: M Evans 32.9 (TT), M Forte 17.5 (DT),  J Nelson 16.9 (DT)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (46), Touchdown (4.64)

It was one of those games for Coach Nicky, but in the end the spoils went to the ultra-consistent Touchdown, but has it given them enough breathing space?

It went down to the wire for the Touchdown, but it was one of their most important wins of the season and may be just enough to put some pressure back on the resurgent Jaguars. As typical for the Touchdowns season they had a number of solid performers, but no real standouts with 4 players reaching double figures and 3 others scoring over 6 points. In Week 12, dodgy touchdown will meet the last-place team in the league, Fog on the Tyne (3-8, 895.40).

For Coach Nicky it will go down has the mistake of the season as J Gray’s 43.9 points were left languishing on the bench despite being brought in as RB support in a trade for WR Branden Cooks. In fact Gray’s day was the largest score of the season, would have guaranteed victory and kept the Tornadoes slim playoff hopes alive. Unfortunately M Ball (0 pts) started instead and despite 2 double digit performers and M Evans massive receiving day it was a tale of “if only” for Coach Nicky. Next week the Tornadoes face the Pilton Panthers (4-7, 921.18) for pride.


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