Week 12 preview – View from the pit


Week 11 did not see anyone else seal their divisions, but week 12 should see at least another 2 teams safely through. Unfortunately a few teams are now confirmed as not making the playoffs and now playing for pride. Of course there will be a couple of other guys hoping that they don’t just leave it, so a wee reminder that there are all the individual prizes still to claim, total  points scored, positional etc etc.
Kirk Division still remains the only division where all 3 teams could potentially go through – but and even this week may not decide it – a nailbiter for coaches Ally, Chris and Paul, The Quakes have a slight advantage overall, but are second through a worse divisional record. So who’s the real Kirk and who is ‘mr red shirt’?
Earlston Earthquakes Kirk 2 (3)

Earlstonian Bohemians Kirk 1 (5)

Chris wants the earth to move for ally this weekend in what could be the match up of the season, Will it live up to expectations?  Andrew Luck will lead out the bohemians and coach ally will need a massive game against jacksonville to get his team on the move. No one else is predicted a 20 pt game in either team but there’s possibilities for earthquakes at WR , where any one of three could get to that magical 20 with the wind behind  them. It will be done by Monday morning and this time the pit is going with the quakes. If that happens Chris will focus his attention to the next game in our countdown:
In TJ Hooker Euan has is nearly sewn up – but Paul is still in with a shout for his flush in Kirk so its no easy match up
Kelso 187’s TJ Hooker 1 (1)

Mercy Flush  Kirk 3 (6)

187s are without star  Le’veon Bell and that could be their downfall, flush have a paper advantage at almost every position. There’s action right through the 5 day weekend and it could be a bit all over the place until later on Sunday when the result should become more clear. if flush are within touching distance by Monday morning Justin Forsett should see them through, and  that’s the pit prediction, a win for Flush. and if that happens, it makes our next game a whole load more important:


Harrys Oddities have a must win game against Rich’s 69ers who are all but out. Who will be TJ himself – who will be Heather Locklear and who will be…Adrian Zmed? hey if nothing else this has helped me find the time sink http://www.tj-hooker.com which has the awesome:


I’ll leave it to you to go and find the answer to life the universe and everything.

TJ Hooker
SanFran-Gordon 69ers TJ hooker 3 (9)

Oakbank Oddities TJ hooker 2 (8)

Harry needs the 187s to lose as well, but as we’ve just seen,that’s the pit prediction, so there’s still a chance of Harry’s dream ending, or will it be the end to Harrys dream. Rich will look to Aaron Rogers to burst the Oddities bubble and along with QB he has an advantage at RB. However Harry has a massive paper advantage at WR , with double the points predicted there – Megatron is back to fitness and fresh off a pretty dull week last week – so if Matt Stafford can see him through the snow he’ll be wanting some catches. It could be close but the pit prediction is a win for the 69ers

In Uhura, divisional leader Russell’s touchdown may have lucked out against last Place Fog. Jimmy may need to promise a favour to keep Stuart on the ball and lose Russell his chance for a playoff spot, but then Jimmy plays Pickaxe who are already through…. who’ll be singing, and who will be playing the….space harp?

dodgy touchdown Uhura 1 (4)

Fog on the Tyne Uhura 3 (12)



It could be close,and should be pretty much done by Monday morning but this game could throw in some surprises, particularly if Jordy Nelson and Demaryus Thomas get some action on either side ranked 1 and 2 WR this week by fantasypros. Its the Chiefs DST that could see some pride restored for Stuart though, last years top scoring DST faces off against a struggling raiders team and could see a big game. Brees and Ryan are no slouches either, but their scores should be reasonably close, and with stars on both teams it could come down to that lucky game for the kickers or DST on either team – the pit gives it to fog along with pride for sticking it out after a tough season. that would leave a wee window for Jimmy in our next game;

Nitten Pickaxe Shatner 1 (2)
Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars Uhura 2 (7)
Coach Gav may have taken his eye off the ball last week after sealing the first and so far only playoff spot, and Jimmy will be hoping that continues. Jimmy’s overall results put him slightly ahead of his  6-5 actual placing – and of course he has the highest average score in the league. Those big scores have to happen on the right weeks however, and so far that’s not been the case. Pickaxe doesn’t really have any obvious standout stars this week – the WR pair of Bryant and Green have never hit form together this season, maybe this is the week? along with his merciless RB trio, who show no signs of slowing down, Jimmy has the intriguing Buffalo DST, in a week when the Bills stadium is overwhelmed by snow – the game could be delayed by even a few days. having snow is a blessing and a curse for the DST, perhaps a few more fumbles, but less chance of a big throwing game from the Jets would mean grinding the clock with the run . That could be the last score in this match up if the game is delayed, so Gav better hope to be in front with his other stars. The Pit prediction is, surprisingly, a win for Pickaxe
Oh dear, the rest of Shatner have really let old Bill Down. but there’s still pride to play for and of course Nicky has this years highest score so far – can it be beaten? Well Like Bill himself, lets ponder the mystery
Tranent International Tornados Shatner 3 (11)
Pilton Panthers Shatner 2 (10)
A close game for the Shatner teams could see Nicky confined to the bottom in his rookie year, so he’ll be wanting to overhaul the Panthers into second place. Theres not much to choose between the teams, Jamaal charles should continue his run of 15-20 pt games for Panthers. Lesean McCoy has been a bit more erratic, but he’s more than capable of a big game this week. At WR both teams have 3 players predicted respectable scores, and with WR scores being as erratic as they are – a coupld of scores for  one team and a miss for another could seal this match up. The Pit Prediction is a win for Nicky and the TiT
that’s yer lot for this week,

One thought on “Week 12 preview – View from the pit

  1. TJ Hooker Oracle- the greatest time sink known to man. I posed some matchup questions for this week Q1 Earthquakes blow it? A1 “That’s wrong just wrong” Q2 187s flushed? A2 “These are $100 words you are slinging around here…give me something i can bank on” Q3 Will the Panthers give out a beat down?” A3 “You haven’t got a chance!” Q4 “Will the Fog beat the Touchdown?” A4 “Sometimes friends hurt each other” Q5 Can the Jaguars beat the pickaxe? A5 “I’m the guy who’s gonna bury you” Q6 Oddities freak out the 69ers? “No No No …This is a Teddy Bear. I ordered a clock radio!”. So TJ Hookers predictions are Earthquakes, 187s, Tornadoes, Fog, Pickaxe and a tie!

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