Week 11 – Free Agents and Players you may have missed

Every week there are players who get overlooked or are so far down the free agent list you might not notice them. We’re gearing up for the playoffs so now is exactly the time when you should be putting in some extra hours to get your team there. Remember no one is out of it yet! You’re the GM and Chief Scout it’s your responsibility to get the players your Coach needs to win that match-up.

Therefore in the spirit of the season here’s who I think you might want to check out before you shove Eddie Royal, Andy Dalton and Antone Smith into your starting lineup.


Ryan Tannehill- He’s only a free agent because someone is struggling for roster space. He’s a starter in a 12 team league. If your QB play is rotten he should be on your roster!

Drew Stanton- He’s a decent starter and with the benefit of being on a good team with targets and a running game. If you’re in a bye week bind he might be worth a shout. His upcoming schedule also includes Week 13 at Atlanta, and at St. Louis in Week 15.

Michael Vick- Vick will be the starter for the Jets until further notice. He’s not the most reliable passer, but you get the added bonus of his rushing total to keep is score in the mid to high teens. He is at least emergency depth, and if he holds onto the job through the fantasy playoffs, a good matchup at Tennessee is up in Week 15.

Ryan Mallet- will get his first NFL start against the Browns. If he’s good you’ll miss out on him in waivers next week. He’s not replacing the most dynamic starter in the league, but there is a good chance he’ll be an upgrade on Fitzpatrick.

Zach Mettenberger- If you ever watched a LSU Tiger game you’ll know why Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry are so good (and it’s not because of Mettenberger!)


Joseph Randle- He’s Murray’s handcuff that’s all you need to know.

Christine Michael-  Lynch’s handcuff

Benny Cunningham- He’s not great, but he’s a decent play and can usually guarantee you 4 points. If you need 8, he’ll get you 4.

Roy Helu- He’s not great, but he’s a decent play and can usually guarantee you 4 points. If you need 8, he’ll get you 4, yes I know 😉


Cecil Shorts- The Jaguars WRs are difficult to figure out as you never now who’s going to see the targets in the gameplan. Allen Robinson just went on IR, so it may be a little bit easier to figure out now.

Chris Hogan- A bit late for Thursday Night. He’s playing because Watkins is injured and put out a decent 7 points last night.

Jarvis Landry- Again a bit late for Thursday Night. It’s strange he’s still a free agent considering some of the WR bums on our rosters. He picked up another TD last night and has averaged 8 points over the last 3 games. Can you say that about your starter?

Jermaine Kearse- Boom or Bust. Only use if you can absorb the bust.

Marqise Lee- He’s struggled a bit in his rookie year, but was one of the most dynamic players in the country at USC. He’ll get more of a chance now that Robinson is out.

Cody Latimer- A rookie WR we haven’t talked about. He’s amazing, but Welker is stopping him making the field.


Brent Celek- Zach Ertz isn’t getting the targets anymore probably because Celek is doing just that little bit better blocking. Last week was game plan numbers for Celek, but remember he used to be a TE1. Great bye week cover.

Mychal Rivera- had a blinder for the Bohemians last week (in garbage time). He’s getting targets because the Raider offense is sinking and he’s the only player Carr can find at times. He’s another great bye week cover kinda player.

Jared Cook- I hate Cook, not personally just fantasy-lly (sic) as he’s too inconsistent and also plays in a poor offense. Denver can’t defend TEs, so he’ll be worth a look this week.


3 thoughts on “Week 11 – Free Agents and Players you may have missed

    • Trades are tough. I’ll probably write a little piece on them soon. Just to explain my thinking and why they’ve went ahead. Looking at your team a couple of weeks ago i would have tried to trade one of your WRs for one of Jimmy’s RB stable. It’s always a risk, i lost my game last week because of my trade…..but its not just about 1 week….or is it?


  1. I was high on Latimer at the start of the season but Welker has blocked him, John Fox- say no more. I weep for Cody and my man ladarius green. I want these guys to play so badly.


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