Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 10

Well, that was awful. Week 10 will go down as a low point in my campaign. Readers of my blog will know that I went into this week expecting defeat and it was handed to me most royally by Coach Harry of the Oakbank Oddities. The final tally of 110.5 for Oddities to my 70.28 looks better for me than you would think due to the fact that when I stirred from my slumber on Monday morning I was sitting at 48pts with one quarter left to play. Fortunately Ally got tanked but Paul won so now the entire Kirk division sits at 6-4 with 3 games left to go. All that leaves me to say is well done to Harry who takes his record to 5-5. On the flip side I will never be beaten by him again(unless we meet in the play-offs!?!) as he has decided that this will be his last year in the league so everyone may just give up now as anyone who watches any kind of reality TV will realise he is now firm favourite to go on to become the champion. Good luck H.

Where did it go wrong then, well you have to go back to the draft for that. I’m always very particular in my mock drafts to avoid massive bye week clashes but I must have taken my eye off the ball in the heat of a very tense draft room this year because in week 9 I had no receivers to speak of and in week 10 I had no runners. To make matters worse I was waiting for my RB1 to come back from injury but mid week it was confirmed he was looking unlikely and a rookie back I had picked up who was designated to return in week 9 was going to start in week 10 but was going to be limited. This meant burning roster spots on picking up backs whose only upside was either TD carries or a back up who can do a bit on limited carries and would get a serious bump if the starter went off injured and that, I can tell you, is no way to run your team.

To make a bit more sense of this here was my problem from the outset. 15 player roster. Starting line up is 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s, 1 TE, 1 Flex(RB/WR), K and D.

Players out on bye week: Arian Foster(RB), Jerick McKinnon(RB), Keenan Allen(WR) and Texans(D)

Players injured: Rashad Jennings(RB)

Players coming back from long term injury: Charles Sims(RB)

In week 9 I had to loose some backs to cover my receivers and I decided to go with rookies with high ceilings mainly because they are expendable, they filled the spots but s with week 10 you need them to do something when they are there so after picking up John Brown in week 9(0.7pts) and dropping him in week10(13.3pts) and the same for Donte Moncrief, week 9 only 0.2pts but on a bye in week 10 you can see my plan turned out bust instead of boom.

This was repeated with this weeks pick ups, and before I get laughed at for them please note there is nobody out there in our league worth anything at running back. When Jennings was inactive I picked up Chris Johnson, Harry had Ivory and in week 9 Johnson had outscored Ivory by 8pts and with Vick coming in at QB full on style I thought Johnson may get a bit of a better look in, fact is they both scored low with Ivory getting a little bit more of a lead role. Next up was my choice of rolling the dice on rookie Sims, who still hadn’t set foot on a regular season game or pick up someone else. I picked up James Starks who was 2nd to Eddie Lacey but still getting a few carries and Lacey is having difficulty proving himself this year…..up to now that is Starks 1pt, Lacey 17.8pts. Like I said, roll the dice.

There were other let downs, Cutler is going to a very bad place just now and I’m hoping he can turn it round, picked up the Jags D for a bit of interest in the Wembley game(they’re not stopping) and Larry Donnell is becoming a typical mid range TE who needs a TD to make 7pts.

Thankfully it’s all over now and barring niggling injuries I should have my full strength team back in action to take on the 69ers and Coach Richie. Time to turn this shit around and get back to taking names, wish me luck.

From Behind the Purple Door.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 10

  1. It was a crappy couple of weeks for byes, for lots of folk. Not sure whether we can set the league up so that our divisional games fall on those tough bye weeks, that would make things real interesting.


  2. Divisional games will NEVER be on the 6 team bye weeks. I can assure you of that 🙂 It’s been a great season so far and no matter how the next 3 weeks turn out whoever emerges from Kirk will be getting my backing in the playoffs!


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