Week 10 Review- First Division Title Clinched

With 3 games to spare we have our first division winner! The Nitten Pickaxe picked up a comfortable win over Dodgy Touchdown and with losses by divisional rivals Tornadoes and Panthers it hands them their first Shatner divisional title. Only one other divisional leader tasted victory in Week 10 and it was the 187s who maintained the gap between themselves and the Oddities in TJ Hooker.

Meanwhile in the Kirk it was all even entering the divisional rounds as losses by the Earthquakes and Bohemians allowed the Flush to catch-up. Finally in Uhura the pressure is beginning to mount on Touchdown as divisional rival Jaguars pulled within 1 game.

Non -Divisional Games

(7-3) Nitten Pickaxe 102.9 – 84.02 Dodgy Touchdown (6-4)

Top Scorers: D Bryant 27.8 (NP), J Nelson 27.2 (DT), M Stafford 17.1 (NP)

Points left on bench: Pickaxe (3.6) Touchdown (1.94)

A rally on Sunday Night Football wasn’t enough for dodgy touchdown, as Nitten Pickaxe got the 102.90 to 84.02 victory. Nitten Pickaxe was led by Dez Bryant (158 Rec Yds, 2 TD) who contributed 27.80 points. Dodgy touchdown (6-4, 925.96 points) drops to fifth place, while Nitten Pickaxe (7-3, 944.94 points) remains in first place.

It was the best performance by the Pickaxe since Week 6 and 5 starters managed to post double figure score. In addition to Bryant’s 27 point haul, M Stafford added 17 points and S Jackson (15.5) added his best score of the season. A Green was Pickaxe’s most disappointing performer producing just 2.3 points, but given the historically poor play at QB the Bengals are suffering just now it’s no surprise to see the stars numbers muted.

For Touchdown is was a rather worrying 3rd loss in 4 games. This was another game where they struggled to produce enough good performances to win the game; Pickaxe won every positional match-up except the WR2 spot. With the Jaguars breathing down their neck the Touchdown can’t afford another slip up especially with their biggest rivals owning a commanding 2-0 divisional record.

In Week 11, Nitten Pickaxe meets Pilton Panthers (3-7, 829.84). dodgy touchdown gets Tranent International Tornados (3-7, 948.30)

(3-7) Tranent International Tornadoes 96.1 – 125.1 SanFran-Gordon 69ers (4-6)

Top Scorers: A Rodgers 36.6 (SF), P Manning 29.6 (TT), M Bryant 20.3 (SF)

Points left on bench: Tornadoes (43.7) 69ers (7.8)

SanFran-Gordon 69ers got the fourth-highest score by a player this season from Aaron Rodgers with 36.60 points (315 Pas Yds, 6 TD) to take down Tranent International Tornados 125.10 to 96.10. SanFran-Gordon 69ers took a 13.40-point lead on Thursday and remained in front for the rest of the matchup. After dropping their last four matchups, Tranent International Tornados is starting to unravel. SanFran-Gordon 69ers (4-6, 869.72 points) climbs into ninth place and Tranent International Tornados (3-7, 948.30 points) drops to 11th place.

The frustration continued for the Tornadoes as again they scored well, bumped into a team who produced their biggest scores of the season and then also left almost 44 points on their bench. The Tornadoes are only behind the Bohemians and Jaguars over the last 4 weeks in scoring output. Where the Jaguars and Bohemians have won 5 games between them the Tornadoes have lost their last 4 games. P Manning continues to score at an elite level and with L Fitgerald, M Evans and M Sanu all contributing the Tornadoes good scoring form looks likely to continue.

For the 69ers it was their best game since Week 4, but in all likelihood comes too late to save their season. They will have the opportunity to play the role of party poopers and it’s one they’ll most likely relish. A Rodgers produced one of the best halves of football from a QB this season and he was supported by ex Clemson star M Bryant (20.3), J Graham (19.6), T West (15.4) and F Gore (14.3). Coach Richie continues to struggle at WR where invariably a dud shows up on the lineup, this week that honour fell to B Hartline (0.1).

In Week 11, SanFran-Gordon 69ers battles Earlston Earthquakes (6-4, 956.92), who puts up an impressive 95.69 points per game. Tranent International Tornados squares off against dodgy touchdown (6-4, 925.96).

(5-5) Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars 132.18 – 81.58 Pilton Panthers (3-7)

Top Scorers: M Lynch 40.3 (JJJ), M Sanchez 21.18 (PP), R Wilson 19.58(JJJ)

Points left on bench: Jaguars (4.4) Panthers (1.5)

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars put up the fifth-highest score this season to thrash Pilton Panthers 132.18 to 81.58. The Jaguars returned to being the highest-scoring team in the league this season with 100.64 per game. It was a welcome win for the Jaguars who finally managed to gain ground on Touchdown and will now see their opportunity to strike for the Uhura division title. As for the Panthers it was another decent day but with opponents averaging 105 pts against them it’s no surprise it’s been a long difficult season.

The Jaguars backs continued to drive the team towards a playoff spot with Lynch entering beast mode and picking up a staggering 40 points. New boy K Benjamin chipped in 19 pts and 6 other starters all produced over 7 points. Again it was the TE spot that was the Jaguar’s Achilles heel with V Davis producing a paltry 0.8.

Yet again Coach Rab produced a well set lineup, but yet again they just couldn’t match up to their opponents. This week it was an injury to R Hillman (2.2) that stopped the team. Like many of the Panthers starters this season he’ll be missing for a couple of weeks and have them scrabbling for a replacement. On a more positive note new QB M Sanchez produced a solid outing and with J Charles (17.8), R Cobb (11.2) and the Ravens DST (13) they produced a solid scoring base.

Next week, Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars faces the last-place team in the league, Fog on the Tyne (3-7, 818.60). Pilton Panthers gets top-ranked Nitten Pickaxe (7-3, 944.94).

(6-4) Earlstonian Bohemians 57.08 – 65.44 Kelso 187s (6-4)

Top Scorers:E Sanders 19.2 (K), M Vick 17.18 (EB), M Bryant 13 (K)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (0) 187s (13.42)

After an excellent three week run the Earlstonian Bohemians labored to score points this week as they failed to replace starters A Luck and R Gronkowksi and lost to Kelso 187’s 65.44 to 57.08 in the season’s worst game of the year. Kelso 187’s took a 9.22-point lead on Sunday afternoon and never looked back winning their third straight. Kelso 187’s (6-4, 926.06 points) climbs into second place and Earlstonian Bohemians (6-4, 955.08 points) drops to sixth place.

On a day when both teams produced only 4 double digit scorers,E Sanders, M Vick, M Bryant and M Rivera (12.4) and 9 starters produced 2 points or less, both teams will want to put this game FAR behind them. It was a loss that didn’t damage the Bohemians aspirations too much. However, the win was more important for the 187’s will be glad they did just enough to keep their 1 game gap between themselves and the resurgent Oddities.

Kelso 187’s will face Oakbank Oddities (5-5, 954.06) next week in a likely TJ Hooker title decider. Earlstonian Bohemians takes on Mercy Flush (6-4, 925.12) in an important divisional match-up

(5-5) Oakbank Oddities 110.5 – 70.28 Earlston Earthquakes (6-4)

Top Scorers: J Matthews 25.8 (OO), J Thomas 18.3 (OO), C Johnson 17.3 (OO)

Points left on bench: Oddities (2.78) Earthquakes (1)

It was the week that Megatron returned and what a difference it made as the Oddities crushed the Earthquakes to re-invigorate their TJ Hooker title challenge. The Earthquakes fell into a 3 way tie in Kirk and lead the division by 1.84 points.

Oddities had 6 players reach double figures, but it was week 09 free agent J Matthews who led the game with almost 26 points. He has an excellent chemistry with new Eagles QB M Sanchez so it could be an excellent end of season pickup for Coach Harry. The only 2 disappointing performances were by R Bush (2.5) and S Watkins (2.7) but both players were hampered by injury.

For Coach Cozy it was the end of a rough couple of bye weeks that saw all of his divisional rivals gain ground on the Earthquakes. Three starters were able to make double figures, but with J Starks (1), L Donnell (2.6), C Johnson (3.5) and the Jaguars (4) all failing to make an impact it was always going to be a struggle for them to match the Oddities output.

Next week, Oakbank Oddities meets Kelso 187’s (6-4, 926.06). Earlston Earthquakes gets SanFran-Gordon 69ers (4-6, 869.72).

(6-4) Mercy Flush 130.74 – 88.78 Fog on the Tyne (3-7)

Top Scorers: Cardinals 25 (MF), J Forsett 23.2 (MF), T Romo 21.64 (MF)

Points left on bench:Flush (6.9) Tyne (21.2)

Mercy Flush logged the second-highest score this week, to  crush the Fog on the Tyne 130.74 to 88.78. Mercy Flush took a 24.96-point lead on Sunday afternoon and maintained that advantage for the rest of the matchup. Justin Forsett (acquired via free agency in Week 2) has been a key addition for Mercy Flush, ranking 15th among running backs over the last four weeks. Mercy Flush (6-4, 925.12 points) climbs into third place and Fog on the Tyne (3-7, 818.60 points) stays mired in last place.

Flush had a number of star performers this week with 7 starters making double figures 3 of those surpassing the 20pt mark. It was the Flush’s best RB1 + 2 output of the season and Coach Paul will be looking for more of the same against divisional rivals next week. WR M Floyd and TE T Kelce continue to frustrate for different reasons. For Kelce it’s usage for Floyd, who knows? The Flush will be hoping he strikes up an immediate partnership with new Cardinals QB D Stanton.

The story of the season continued for Fog as again they failed to produce enough points to compete. Every starter produced over 6 points and although 10 points were left on the bench it was never going to be enough to stop the Flush. Coach Stuart gets a number of starters back from bye next week, but he may need to trade or produce some waiver wire gems to get back into contention.

Next week, Mercy Flush will match up against Earlstonian Bohemians (6-4, 955.08). Fog on the Tyne takes on Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (5-5, 1,006.40), who has averaged a league-leading 100.64 points this season.


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