View From the Pit -week 11

Week 11 is upon us and with it the start of a 3 week divisional final fling. This is where it counts, mathematically everyone can still make it to the playoffs, but for some the door is wide open, whilst others face just a wee crack to scramble their way in.

Week 10 saw some upsets and some big change, particularly in Kirk where all 3 teams now sit uncomfortably on 6-4. There’s only going to room for one at the top, so lets start right there. Will coaches Ally, Chris and Paul be suave Kirks or angry Kirks? We’ll have to wait and see but the match ups might give something away.

kirk1kirk 2

Kirk: [divisonal standing (overall standing)]
Earlstonian Bohemians 2 (6)

Mercy Flush 3 (3)

The Bohemians v Flush Game is likely to be a close fought match and could be game of the week, expect some fireworks on Facebook!  teams have been shoring up their teams, not just for this week, but also with one eye on the big prize, lets hope they’ve not taken their eye off the ball this week. Paul has no options in his team this week with an amazing 6 players on a bye, not great for the divisionals coach Paul, but the 9 ready players look capable. It’s a battle of QBs that should seal this game, Alastair hopes to ride Luck all the way to the Earlston Bowl I’m sure, but he’s up against the Pats led by Paul’s Tom Brady. that’s the Sunday late game, so they may be tempted to stay up  to see it through to the end, as neither of them have players in action on Monday night. has no idea on this one – but it does look like both coaches are still looking for a WR with a trade for Brandin Cooks and Vincent Jackson  going though on Friday/Saturday. Even if that does happen, still think that the Flush will take it. I’m not so sure, but I suspect that whoever wins in the Colts Pats game will decide it – on that basis the pit prediction is bohemians by a couple of points.

Kirk/TJ Hooker SanFran-Gordon 69ers 3(9)

Earlston Earthquakes 1 (4)

The Quakes may have lucked out with their non divisional game taking place first, whilst ally and Paul slug it out, Chris will be hoping that he can build up some steam against Rich’s 69ers. However if Rich is still ‘in the zone’ he’ll have something to say about that, as the 69ers can(?) still qualify on their own terms if they can win these last 3 games. Neither team is in action on Thursday and currently both are nearly done by midnight Sunday, one of them will be left with more work to do than the other on Monday, but it could come down to a yard or 2 for Bryant or an extra PAT for Suisham. Aaron Rogers looks to be set for a monster game against the Eagles, so Chris will need to hope for some fails elsewhere in Rich’s team. Chris has his own star in Arian Rogers, has his fortnight been enough to recover? we’ll see in this thriller.The Pit predcition is a win for 69ers – which would leave bohemians in the Driving seat for Kirk.
These match ups could not have worked out better, because TJ Hooker is also the second most closely fought division so far. So who is going to be kick ass hooker and who is going to be the crappy plastic hooker of this bunch?
not 77hooker1
TJ Hooker
Oakbank Oddities 2(7)
Kelso 187’s 1(2)
Harry’s Oddities are hoping to go out with a bang, but Euan has his sights firmly set on stopping him. Harry needs a defence, but there should be someone in the waivers who can help with that problem. 187’s are looking at maybe the gift of Eli Manning, who has been back up for a couple of folks bye weeks this year. He’s been a bit boom or bust, but Euan probably could not resist the temptation when Robert came a calling. If its a boom week for Manning, that could end Harrys Hollywood ending – but he’s up against a strong 49ers who’ve not given up the points to QBs so far. Megatron is back in action for Harry, and even a bad week tops many wideout scores. The Pit has to go with the Oddities for this one whihc would send harry straight to the top of the division.
In Uhura, Russellls Dodgy Touchdown are looking to seal the deal this week, aiming high to emulate their ground breaking namesake, hoping to leave the rest of the division to be being the slightly crappy cartoon Uhura, who seems to have a headache
Uhura Fog on the Tyne 3(12)
Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars 2(8)
Can Stuarts Fog get off the ground in the final 3 weeks, Drew Brees and Demaryius Thomas make a superb pair to get the ball rolling ( or perhaps Stuarts hoping that ball will fly) in the Sunday early game, so at least there should be some points on the board by bedtime. Unfortunately Jimmy’s juggernaut RB team is still going – even with a bye and a suspension. Lynch and Ingram both kick off Sunday early too, Ingram could be limited if Brees gets going vin the air, but he’s not going to come home with nothing – either he’ll be the star of the show or he’ll be grinding the clock down and scoring a few Trash time points. Unfortunately for Stuart, the Pit prediction is for the Jags.


Tranent International Tornados 3(11)

dodgy touchdown 1(5)


The Tornados are amongst the unluckiest of our teams, though they are not alone in that – but their ‘breakdown’ puts them way closer to 5-5 than the 3-7 where they actually find themselves, conversely touchdown are very slightly ahead of their breakdown. Its a close game that means pride for Nicky in his Rookie year but a playoff berth for Russell. There’s play from Thursday till Monday with probably a bit of tooing and froing in the scores. Mike Wallace for Touchdown needs an outstanding game to get Russell some breathing space on Thursday – he’s been pretty consistent at 6-12 and that means we should expect him to stay in that range, Fred Jackson for the TiTs is a bit of a longshot for big points, as he may be limited, but if he’s limited to goal line snaps, that could still prove costly for Touchdown. Roethlisberger is the last gasp for Russell, and he’s had a good season, so Monday night could see the Touchdown seal their playoff berth. The pit prediction is for Touchdown.

Bringing us to last but not least Shatner Division, where coach Gav has already sealed the deal, leaving the Panthers and the Tornados with work to do to catch a wildcard spot.

shatner1shatner 2


Nitten Pickaxe 1(1)

Pilton Panthers 2 (10) has this absolutely neck and neck – Is coach Gave past caring now that he’s through the playoff door? Robert might be hoping for that as he could get that wildcard spot, but unfortunately i can confirm that there will be no quarter given from the Pickaxe dugout. Robert has a good chance though, particularly from Jamaal Charles in the Sunday early game, and if he can lay his hands on a DST that can get inot positive points that will swing the predictions in his favour. In addition coach Gav has to pick between closely matched QBs and TEs, and so far this season that’s not gone well, Pickaxe rank 11th in coaching ability this year. Looking at the predicted scores throughout the teams, the difference is that Robert has a few more players predicted touchdowns, making the difference between a 7 and 12 point prediction, well we all know how that goes down, so expect this one to jump all over the graph till Monday – The Pit Prediction is a win for Pickaxe.

that’s yer lot this week


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