Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 9

So it has began, the 2 weeks I have feared the most, weeks 9 and 10. Monday night offered some small glimmer of hope but with Fog’s Reggie Wayne back in action for the Colts my thoughts of another stellar performance from Donte Moncrief seemed very unlikely. As with all in fantasy, reality can be more painful so after another exceptional outing from Big Ben and company my fate was sealed and my current standing of 6-3 is now in the books. That means I now have to congratulate Mr Guthrie in his fine victory that now sets him atop of T J Hooker, well done my son.

Week 9 saw the bye weeks hit me hard and if some of you can recall in week 6 I said it was important for me to go into week 9 having won the 2 previous games. Having done that I had given myself a bit of a cushion to play about a bit. My first issue was my main core of wide receivers were all on bye but I had Keenan Allen, granted hasn’t done much, so I only needed one more wide receiver. Having discussed some rookies to pick up in another article on the site and having no-one move on them I rolled the dice on John Brown. Some may say that with 10yds receiving and -3 rushing on the night that it backfired on me but I disagree. I picked him up for the rest of the season and I believe he will be of some use down the stretch. My main issue came from 2 other areas, firstly the Chargers got humped, really humped, and Allen never even got any garbage time action due to Pip Rivers departing in the 3rd quarter which put Clemens on the field shaking like a shitting dog and scared to throw the ball, dick.

My next issue was that I was expecting Rashad Jennings to return this week. I found out around Wednesday that this wasn’t happening so went after another back, thin on the ground may I add. I risked a bit for one Charles Sims or the poor man’s Matt Forte as he is known. This guy had been on the IR designated to return and the Bucs were going to activate him for the weekend. Activate they did, start him they did not. That only left me Moncrief to play but with the Fountains of Wayne he just sank deeper into the depths of the Colts but take it from me he is talented and may just be a name for the future.

I now head off to play Coach Harry and his Oddities and with the Boo-hoo’s adding pressure in the Kirk division with the Flushed just one game behind I have to ask myself this one question, is this my must win game of the season? Part of me says yes, going 7-3 with a depleted team with my full squad itching to come back strong in week 11 is a mouth watering thought. There is also a part of me that says no, this week I could play a team with a low floor but with a ceiling so high that you would think your walking into the great hall at Hogwarts and regardless of the outcome come back in week 11 and back to business.

I was told a tale at the weekend about a pool player who played the local league, for him it was a night out, one he enjoyed greatly, until, that is, he came to a straightforward match winning shot. As he positioned himself for the shot all he heard was mumblings from his team mates and at that moment the fun disappeared from his Thursday night. After that he stopped playing pool in the league and doesn’t play much anymore. This weekend I will go with bold choices, boom or bust, because I still want this to be fun and I want my enjoyment of this fantasy to stay in the game. Did the pool player make the shot? Truthfully, I can’t remember if he did or not because I was a bit drunk. I tell you what, come back next week and we will see if I can make the shot. If you’ve witnessed me at pool then you will now I’m hitting hard and fast cos I’ve got physics on my side.

From Behind the Purple Door.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Fantasy: Week 9

  1. rivers, rivers rivers…. as I’ve said, I quite often watch the sunday night graph whilst doing the ironing. Week 9 was no exception and it took longer than usual waiting for pip to pop into at least positive numbers (refresh? refresh? refresh? maybe the feed from the match is broken? maybe they are only getting the bad stuff? Oh, he’s gone)- of course the misery is compounded by the auto pop up videos, which appear maybe 20 mins after the actual event – so not only have you seen the graph tumble, half an hour later you get a wee reminder. My shirts have super crisp sleeve folds though…

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