Week 10 preview – it’s the view from the pit

Week 10 sees a few crunch ties just before the start of the divisional games. There’s plenty to play for for most of the league with either a divisional title or at least a wildcard playoff place up for grabs. Less injuries last week might mean a bit more team stability.

Earlston in Bohemians (4) vs Kelso 187s (5)
This tie could decide the leaders for Kirk and TJ Hooker divisions and give a real boost to the winning team, possibly even guaranteeing a wildcard place. Coach ally is sitting exactly on his overall wlt ratio at 66-33 wheras Euan is slightly on the lucky side at 51-48. Ally’s star qb Luck is on a bye so he’ll be looking elsewhere for points, so it could be a good week for Euan to strike. Ally will be hoping for some early fireworks from Cleveland qb Hoyer, where Euan takes it easy and waits till Sunday where he crams in all his players. Euan’s star wide out team should be done and dusted by midnight Sunday. Bohemians have their last chance on Monday with WR maclin, he’s been on fire the last 2 weeks so there could be a chance of a big upset. However without luck, the pit prediction is 187s by 10.

Nitten Pickaxe(1) vs dodgy touchdown (3)
League leaders, and of course current champions, Pickaxe are very slightly on the plus side of the overall wlt with Russell’s Touchdown icing their luck just a tiny bit more on 52-47. This clash, like boho v 187s, will set the leader in either Shatner or Uhura. Pickaxe have a week to get over last week disaster from rivers, whilst touchdown have the choice of 2 20 pt QBs. Euan relies not only on either qb but also on a formidable pairing of Matt Forte and jordy nelson, they both play in the Sunday late game, Russell might be tempted to stay up, as the rest of the team are not predicted to score that high. Gav will be safe in bed and we’ll have to see if it’s a champagne or bitter breakfast, though he still has a chance to turn it around with Greg Olsen on Monday night. It’s a close one, but the pit prediction is a win for Pickaxe.

Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars (8) vs Pilton Panthers (10)
This clash will possibly consign the loser to the diddy league at the end of the season, but the winner still has a decent chance of a playoff place so expect jimmy and Robert to contest this one to the end. Jimmy has certainly not had much luck, with a better overall record than at least one team on 6-3.jimmy relies heavily on his triple threat rb team, unfortunately they’ve been let down by some of the other jags so far. It should be a good week for the panthers to strike, with Jimmy having several players out of action, but unfortunately the stars have not aligned for the panthers, with nearly half the team facing top 8 opponents. Both teams are in action on Monday night but Jimmy is hedging his bets with players on both sides. Robert could get lucky with Jamaal Charles and Ronnie Hillman, but unless someone else on the team has a stand out game too, the pit prediction is for this catfight to go to the Jaguars.

Tranent International Tornados (9) vs San Fran Gordon 69ers (11)
A bottom of the table tussle here, with coach nicky hoping that he’ll get closer to where his overall record of 47-52 puts him. Rich is unfortunately pretty much on the money in relation to the overall record, but that’s just an incentive to ensure he doesn’t finish dead last in the league this year. Tornados look to be in the lead fom the start, and unless there’s some surprises, there’s very little rich can do about it. Aaron Rogers is a lone star for the 69ers with very few others predicted double digits, someone else is sure to get more then predicted. as mentioned in another blog, with so many low predictions, there’s less chance of a way under performance, so unles Rogers has a disaster it’s possible for a shake up. Nicky just has to hope for 10s across the board and he’ll be right. The pit prediction is for the tornados, but there is room for a surprise here.

Oakbank Oddities (7) vs Earlston Earthquakes (2)
Harry has his work cut out to overcome Chris’s quakes. Though the oddities are slightly under their suggested place from the overall stats, quakes are on the money and will be itching for a win after last weeks loss that allowed Pickaxe to take top spot from their grasp. A win for oddities will leave TJ hooker wide open for the divisionals, and may gift Kirk to coach ally. As usual, oddities leave it late to set their lineup, trying to make the pit prediction harder I’m sure. Neither team is in action on Thursday, and it should be just about done on Monday morning. There’s a wee last chance for oddities on Monday with Jordan Matthews, but the result will probably be beyond doubt by then ganyway. Earthquakes are decimated by bye week woes and it won’t be surprising if they make some changes on Friday. However, assuming they get a kicker, the pit prediction is a win for oddities

Mercy Flush (6) vs Fog on the Tyne (12)
Flush could have the perfect week to play last place fog, but coach stuart will have something to say about that, wanting to get off the floor of the league. Flush are riding their luck a little as their overall puts them on the edge of being 4-5 rather than 5-4. It’s a must win game for both teams, flush will be left behind with a loss, and the fog will struggle to move up from 12th without a boost this week. Flush need to find a kicker this week,but even without one, nfl.com have them to win. It’s not as clear as that for sure, but stuart will need his stars to fire on all cylinders. It’s those tricky wideouts that will decide it. paul is likely to win at rb, and wideout scores are a little more erratic than their predictions suggest, but there’s certainly a good chance for either of these teams to take home a morale boosting victory before the divisionals. The Pit prediction is going with fog this time, but it may be too close to call.


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