Week 09 Review- Symmetry

The standings have taken a symmetrical look this week with 4 teams clogging the top of the standings at 6-3 whereas the bottom 4 all made it to 3-6. In the middle we have 2 teams on 5-4 and another 2 on 4-5. We embark on our last inter-divisional games next week before the crunch divisional ties take place.

Non -Divisional Games

(6-3) Dodgy Touchdown 81.60 – 85.32 Mercy Flush (5-4)

Top Scorers: B Roethlisberger 35.70 (DT), T Brady 27.72 (MF), A Morris 22.9 (DT)

Points left on bench: Touchdown (24.7) Flush (1.2)

Battle of the Brothers, Wheatley Bowl III or Kirk Vs Uhura. Call it what you want, but at the final count the Mercy Flush outlasted Dodgy Touchdown to post a winning record and keep touch with the rest of the Kirk division high fliers. For Dodgy Touchdown it was a case of what might of been as they left almost 25 points on their bench, a number that would have guaranteed victory.

For the Flush QB T Brady led their scoring, but it was the production from RBs J Forsett (10.5) and D Robinson (16.4) in losses that was crucial. Mini-Gronk TE T Kelce pitched in with 12.7 points and the Cardinals DST added another 9 points. That was it for the Flush starters as a mixture of bye week stand-ins and regulars produced a paltry 9 points from 4 positions. Thankfully for Coach Paul that was all he needed.

Coach Russell will be kicking himself as he had more than enough firepower to see of the Flush. Top scorer B Roethlisberger led the way and was supported by A Morris. Unfortunately this pair contributed over 70% of the Touchdown score and with A Hurns (23.2) D Brown (2.9) and H Miller (1.40) marooned on the bench it was left to the other 7 starters to total just 23 points. With the playoffs approaching Coach Russell may need to work on his lineup choices with almost 170 points lost to his bench already this season. Only Coach Gav has been making worse decisions.

(4-5) Jimmy’s Jerman Jaguars 109.86 – 100.12 Tranent International Tornadoes  (3-6)

Top Scorers: M Lynch 26.3 (JJJ), M Ingram 23 (JJJ), P Manning 21.82 (TT)

Points left on bench: Jaguars (11.8) Tornadoes (26.5)

In an epic battle between the second and third highest scoring teams of the week, the Jaguars took down Tranent International Tornados 109.86 to 100.12. Only one team has scored more points than the Tornados in a game this season and lost.

The Jaguars had a number of key performers in this game and finally gained from an opponent’s lineup mishaps. Again it was all about the running game for the Jaguars with both starters producing 20 point games. Two other players reached double figures including the inconsistent R Wilson (10.26) and exciting D Jackson (18). Again it was the TE position that let them down, but with their opponent leaving nearly 30 points in the bench J Reed’s 1.7 points was enough to see them to the W. The Jaguars face the consistent but injury wracked Panthers next week.

For Coach Nicky and the Tornadoes it was their 3 successive defeat as they fell 3 games behind the Pickaxe. It’s yet another difficult defeat to take for the Tornadoes as they’re the highest scorer over the last 4 weeks but have just 1 victory to show for it.  Part of the problem in those defeats has been the 50pts left on their bench and it was particularly important in this tie with M Evans (24.4) and B Rainey (12.1) scoring enough points that would have ensured a Tornadoes win. Next week the Tornadoes face the 69ers and should have an excellent opportunity to end their losing streak.


(3-6) SanFran-Gordon 69ers 70.64 – 84.72 Nitten Pickaxe (6-3)

Top Scorers: J Hill 28.3 (NP), A Ellington 19.4 (NP), M Bryant 16.7 (SF)

Points left on bench: 69ers (30.2) Pickaxe (8.7)

It was a 3rd straight defeat for the 69ers as their opponents took advantage of results elsewhere to boast an imposing 3 game lead over the rest of their division.

Yet again the Pickaxe made some astute pickups on waivers. This time it was injury fill-in J Hill producing the top score of the game. Three other starters made double figures and that was enough to see of the fading 69ers who threw the game away. Coach G will be hoping P Rivers (-2.18) performance was just a blip, but will at least have bye returnee M Stafford back to challenge him. The Pickaxe next face Dodgy Touchdown in the game of the week.

The woes continue for the 69ers who let this game slip away. From the bench S Vereen (12.7), J Edelman (14.9) and D Williams (5) would have changed this game, but unfortunately Coach Richie was saddled with K Davis (0.9), E Royal (0) and P Garcon (1.5). Waiver wire pickup M Bryant was an excellent selection and top scorer for the 69ers, but it remains to be seen if he can sustain this level of productivity. The 69ers face another team on a losing streak in the Tornadoes. At least one of them will face a 4 game slump and almost certain elimination from the playoffs.

(5-4) Kelso 187’s 93.86 – 73.22 Earlston Earthquakes (6-3)

Top Scorers: A Brown 20.4 (K), C Palmer 19.76 (K), A Foster 17.9 (EE)

Points left on bench: 187s (22.3) Earthquakes (0)

The battle of Roberston’s Garage ended with a convincing victory for the resurgent 187s and left the Earthquakes being caught by the chasing pack. It was actually the worst scoring game of the season for the Earthquakes, but with 4 players on byes and another 4 next week this could be a long fortnight for the league leaders.

The 187s will be happy with the final score, but a number of lineup decision left them sweating more than they needed to on Sunday evening. Although the decision to leave M Asiata on the bench was sensible not many teams can afford to leave 25.7 points languishing there. The 187s had 6 starters make double figures, but these good performances were offset by the Chargers losing 4 points and contributing to a 21 point DST swing. The 187s take a 1 game lead in TJ Hooker division and 2 game win streak to face the Bohemians.

It was always going to be a tough fortnight for the Earthquakes and they unfortunately didn’t catch any breaks from the high scoring 187s. Only 3 starters made any significant contribution to their final score and Coach Cozy will need a better performance from his squad as they face the inconsistent Oddities with another 4 players missing.

(3-6) Pilton Panthers 84.06 – 80.68 Oakbank Oddities (4-5)

Top Scorers: R Hillman 18.3 (PP), D hopkins 17.5 (OO), J Charles 14.8 (PP)

Points left on bench: Panthers (0), Oddities (5.08)

A second in win in 3 weeks allowed the Panthers to leapfrog the slumping Tornadoes whereas the listless Oddities again lost ground on the 187s.

The Panthers were another team suffering from a number of players on byes and this led to a very straightforward lineup choice for Coach Rab. Four players produced double figures games and despite losing N Foles (7.06) for the season in the 1st quarter the Panthers finally got the rub of the green by holding off the Oddities on Monday Night with R Randle (4.9) doing enough to ensure the 4 point margin of victory. Next week the Panthers face the Jaguars.

With 4 players on byes the Oddities were hoping for strong performances from returnees C Kaepernick (10.88) and C Ivory (2.2). Unfortunately both failed to produce and with C Patterson failing to score a point in relief of superstar S Watkins this was always going to be a tough game for the Oddities. Thankfully the next few weeks look rosy as they welcome back C Johnson, R Bush and F Jackson. The Oddities face the Earthquakes next week.

(6-3) Earlstonian Bohemians 118.06 – 72.38 Fog on the Tyne (3-6)

Top Scorers: A Luck 30.66 (EB), J Maclin 27.8 (EB), D Brees 18.08 (FT)

Points left on bench: Bohemians (0), Tyne (22.84)

The Bohemians extended their win streak to 3 games and took advantage of the Earthquakes slip at the 187s. For the Tyne their win streak was ended by the highest scoring team in the league and to add insult to injury the also lost ground within their division.

The Bohemians continued to surge and yet again it was the brilliance of A Luck that led the way. J Maclin produced the highest WR score of the weekend and with a fit again R Gronkowski (16.5) and 2 other double digit scorers they had more than enough firepower to see off the Tyne. Next week may be a return to earth for the Bohemians with Luck and Gronkowski on byes. They’ll need strong performances from Maclin, Decker and new face L Miller to defeat a strong 187s squad.

After 4 strong weeks it was a return to the Fogs early season (disappointing) form. D Brees scored better than expected on grass and outside, but again he was outscored by R Tannehill (28.22) on the bench. He also couldn’t mask 6 other starters who failed to make double figures. R Wayne (13)and D Thomas (12.7) produced good scores, but both were also outscored by A Boldin (15.3) on the bench. In the end these lineup decision would have played no part in the matchup, but next week against the  Flush should be a much closer affair. The next few weeks look rosy for the Tyne with Drew Brees playing 5 of his next 7 games at home. Expect fireworks.

Be safe people and enjoy burning Mr Fawkes!


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