Pick um and Stick um.

Here are your week 9 picks.

Coach Euan:

187s, Panthers, Pickaxe, Fog, JJJ, Flush.

Coach Ally:

JJJ, Earthquakes, Bohemians, Flush, Oddities, Pickaxe.

Coach Nicky:

TiT, Flush, Earthquakes, Bohemians, Panthers, Pickaxe.

Coach Paul: 

Flush, Oddities, Earthquakes, 69ers, Bohemians, JJJ.

Coach Stuart:

TiT, Flush, Panthers, 187s, Pickaxe, Fog.

Coach Russell:

Touchdowns, Oddities, Earthquakes, Pickaxe, Fog, JJJ.

Coach Gav:

JJJ, Touchdowns, 187s, Bohemians, Oddities, Pickaxe.

Coach Richie:

Oddities, Earthquakes, Fog, JJJ, Flush, 69ers.

Coach Cozy:

Earthquakes, Oddities, Bohemians, Pickaxe, Tit, Flush.

Coach Jimmy:

JJJ, Panthers, 187s, Pickaxe, Bohemians, Touchdowns.

Coach Harry:

No entry submitted

Coach Rab:

No entry submitted

So here is how the voting went.

Bohemians 6 picks

Pickaxe 8 picks

JJJ 7 picks

Flush 7 picks

Touchdown 3 picks

187s 4 picks

TiTs 3 picks

Panthers 4 picks

Oddities 6 picks

Earthquakes 6 picks

Fog 4 picks

69ers 2 picks

So there you have it this weeks Pick um is Pickaxe with 9 votes and this weeks stick um is again the 69ers with 2 votes. (Chin up Richie).

I will put together a proper graph that I can copy over for next week with the standings but at the moment this is what we have.


Pickaxe 10      1  x 100%
187s. 8
Earthquakes 7
Bohemians 6
Flush 6
Touchdowns 5
69ers 5
Fog 3
TiT 3
Oddities 3
Panthers 0


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